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How to Build a Gaming PC 2016

Time to build a gaming pc.When it comes to building your own computer it's surprisingly easy and you still get all the benefits of getting the exact pc you want.Get yourself a decent sized workplace and a phillips screwdriver and we're good to go.Start by pulling the case out of the box, unscrew the side panel and pop it off so we have some room to work.Inside you'll find the accessories like the hardware along with the power supply.This case comes with it preinstalled but it's easy enough to do yourself, just make sure.

The fan is pointed in a direction where it can pull in air, in this case it's mounted on top but some pcs have it on the bottom.There are guides to slide it in and then it's as simple as using the four included screws to tighten it down.While we're here grab the bag of hardware that came in the case and pull out the small brass standoffs, sometimes these are preinstalled but it's as simple as screwing them in for whatever motherboard you have, in this case it's microatx.If you have any doubts you can use test fit the.

Motherboard to measure where the screws need to go, here we need six standoffs.For now set the case aside and pull out the motherboard.It's wrapped in an anti static bag so be careful to pull it out by grabbing it by the plastic pieces and set it down on the cardboard box.There are also a few accessories included that you'll need like the sata cables and io shield.This is installed in the rear of the case, it can be a little fiddly but just pop it into place with the audio ports on bottom.Before we continue let's take.

A quick look around the motherboard.Basically everything in the build connects here, for example this gray socket in the middle is where the processor is installed.To the right of that are the ram slots for memory and on the bottom are the pcie slots which is where we'll be installing the graphics card a bit later on.On the bottom corner you'll find two of the four sata ports to connect hard drives and ssds.Most of your ports are on the back side which will be where you'll plug stuff in at the rear of the case.Right.

Beside the ram slots is the 204 pin connector which delivers the main power for the board, there's also a smaller four pin connector near the cpu socket which provides power for the processor.Speaking of let's crack open our cpu.Inside you should find the processor itself along with a heatsink and fan, this is essentially the heart of the build and it's fairly fragile.This amd chip has lots of delicate pins on the back which you want to be careful with, if any of these get bent you're in trouble.If you look at the bottom.

Of the heatsink you'll see a thin layer of thermal paste, this is fine to use as is for this build but try not to touch it before applying.Pull the lever by the socket back and find the tiny gold triangle on the corner of the cpu, this matches a corresponding triangle on the socket so gently set the processor down and pull the lever to lock it into place.Now it's time to install the heatsink, set it down square on the processor and for amd there's a latch to press down that locks everything in place.Grab the four pin fan.

Connector and connect it to the cpu power on the motherboard and that's it, the cpu is installed and we're ready to move on.Now grab the memory, this is super easy to install.You'll see a notch about two thirds down, this is what you'll want to line up on the slot on the motherboard and firmly press it into place until it clicks, that's all there is to it.Now it's time to grab the case and drop the motherboard in on the brass standoffs we installed earlier, just make sure all of the ports are properly lined.

Up with the io shield around back.Grab the small screws out of the bag of hardware that came with the case and screw the board into place, starting at the corners and making sure you tighten the board down nicely.Flip the computer back upright and we're well on our way to having a working gaming pc.Next up let's install our ssd.Since this is smaller than a normal hard drive you'll want to mount it to the bottom of the case instead of using one of the drive cages but you've got plenty of room to install multiple.

Drives in this case.Now it's time to start cabling, first up grab the cable running from the rear fan and plug it into the system fan header on the motherboard.Next you should find the four pin cpu connector from the power supply, hook it up to the motherboard on the top left.Next grab the long 204 pin cable and plug that into the corresponding connector on the board.While we're here let's power the ssd which has two connectors on the end, grab a sata cable from the power supply and hook it up using the larger of the two ports.

On the drive.Next there's the sata data cable that came with the motherboard, you'll see it has a notch on one end so it only goes in one way.Hook one end of the cable into the motherboard sata port and the other into the ssd, it's as simple as that.Going back to the cables inside the case you should see an ac97 and hd audio connector, grab the hd audio and plug it into the matching plug on the board.You'll also see a usb cable for the front ports on the case, it's the same story here and as before it only goes in one.

Way thanks to a knocked out pin.Along the bottom you'll also find the front panel connectors, these are a bit fiddly but they're marked on the board as well as in the manual.Just plug these in individually making note of which side is positive and negative, it's easy to mix up so if you have any problems turning the pc on later this is a great place to double check.Grab your screwdriver and remove the two pci slots on the back of the case to make room for the graphics card.Like the motherboard this comes in an antistatic.

Bag and while it isn't incredibly sensitive you should still handle it by the plastic instead of the board.This is a fairly small card but they're typically pretty similar, you'll find your tutorial outputs on the rear and the pcie connector on the bottom which connects into the motherboard.Slide it into the top slot on the board until it clicks into place then screw it in to keep things secure.Most power supplies have a six pin pcie power connector but since this doesn't we'll need a molex to pci adapter.Molex.

Might be a weird looking connector but it'll get the job done, connect two cables into the adapter and then plug it into the six pin on the graphics card and it's powered and ready to go.At this point we're nearly done, especially with a budget build like this cables aren't going to be the neatest thing in the world but don't worry about that just yet.Grab a monitor, mouse and keyboard and plug everything in.If all is good it should come right to life when you hit the power button, if not unplug and run through.

Your cables and connections to make sure everything is right.If it doesn't automatically go to the bios hit delete or f9 on the keyboard to quickly run through to make sure everything is present and working correctly.As long as everything looks good you can turn it off and clean up what cables you can and you'll be ready to throw a copy of whatever operating system you'd like on it.Congrats, you've built yourself a gaming pc! if you need any more info on the parts i used i did a tutorial about that as well as the performance and.

How to pick a CPU Pc Build Ep 2

There's so many processors to choose from, but which should you buy so if you have not seen the first tutorial in this collection, i recommend you take a look at it in order to get a brief overview of what building a pc is all about.When it comes to choosing a processor a.K.A cpu there is many options to choose from.There are two companies you are going to want to choose from, amd and intel.Usually amd is more dominant in a build with a tighter budget.Amd's processors pack a fair punch.

For a cpu around $200 or less.Intel is a bit more expensive, however usually has more power, which is worth it if your budget fits it.Personally, i own an intel i54690k and i love it.I was able to get it on sale for just $198 and it is well worth the buy.When choosing a processor there are multiple things to look at.The amount of cores, l3 cache, hyperthreading and the clock speed.The amount of cores has to do with the processor's multi tasking.Think of each core as a worker.

If you have 2 workers, you can do two things at once, 4 workers 4 things at once, and so on.Your core count is extremely important when it comes to tutorial and photo editing.For anything mid to high end you're going to need a higher core count.For gaming it is currently a waste of money to buy an 8 or even 6 core processor as most games are only able to use around 4 cores currently.Hyperthreading is essentially where your cpu can preform additional tasks during a.

Work load.This can boost a task's speed by around 30 at times.However, hyperthreading can have slight negative effects for gamers.Hyper threading can be turned off in a command prompt if needed.Your clock speed is basically how fast those workers cores are working.Now don't simply pick up the cpu with the fastest clock speed, as you can't compare the clock speeds between two processors that are not in the same family.L3 cache is also very important.This is memory that can easily be accessed quickly straight.

From the cpu its self.This is basically ram on your cpu.If you're trying to decide between two very similar cpus, go with the one with a larger cache.Another important thing to look into is overlclocking.If you don't know what this is, it's pretty much free performance.You pump in more power to the cpu and it works faster.However there are two very important things you need to look for if you're interested in overclocking.One, make sure the processor you want is unlocked.This means you are able to overclock the cpu.

Two, when you put more power into a cpu and it preforms faster, this will also generate a considerable more amount of heat.The cpu you buy will come with a stock fan.These fans are fine for regular usage, however they are not built to handle the heat from overclocking.You must buy an aftermarket cpu cooler.This cooler can either be a more high end air cooler, or a water cooling system.In general, amd tends to overclock a bit more than intel.In fact, the hold the world record.

For this.However some of intel's cpus also overlock quite considerably as well.I recommend looking into the average overclocking abilities of the cpu you are interested in.A very common myth is that if you want high end gaming you must get an intel core i7.This is simply not true.In fact, its a large waste of money in my opinion.You could spend another $100 or so to go from the i5 to the i7 and for gaming you may be able to get an extra few fps or so.For $100 510 fps is simply not worth it.You can argue that it.

Is great for future proofing as it has hyperthreading and a larger core count, but by the time games start using these higher core counts, that i7 will be out of date anyways.That $100 could be spent on a better graphics card for your gaming rig.However, again if you are looking for an editing pc the i7 may be well worth the extra money.So i hope you guys have enjoyed this tutorial on choosing the right cpu for you.Again, leave a comment with any questions you may have and i will do my best to answer them.

How To Build A Gaming PC 2016

How to build a gaming pc 2016,My 2016 tutorial on how to build a gaming computer boson 30 gaming pc swatchvaj2o5xajjoi subscribe. Cpu cores for gaming how many do you need q1 2015 update,Is a quadcore processor still the sweet spot for gaming lets find out cheero link 1fczpkf international shipping is available. Newegg diy garage how to build a gaming pc i76700 850 evo gtx 970,Welcome to our brand new tutorial series newegg diy garage this tutorial is a stepbystep tutorial on how to build a no nonsense gaming computer for your.

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Safe PC Temperatures As Fast As Possible

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How Many CPU Cores Is Enough For Gaming NCIX Tech Tips

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Epic gaming pc unboxing ironside computers,Just got my ironside gaming pc runs really smoothly and plays games very smoothly above the average fps would totally recommend to any beginner or. 450 gaming pc build casual gamer build,Another pc build for an average gamer hope you enjoy english isnt my language so bear with me d all the link are from amazon amd athlon x4 860k. How to pick a cpu pc build ep 2,Thanks for watching make sure to subscribe privateprius google plus privatepriusgoogle.

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