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MacBook Pro Retina 13 2014 Performance Speed Test

Hey everyone this is chad from gadgetguruhd and in this tutorial we're going to be doing a speed and performance test with the all new 13 mid 2014 macbook pro with retina display but before we get into this tutorial i was wondering if anyone is interested in a full fledged comparison between this 13 inch pro and the 15 pro i've also done a couple tutorials with.If that's something you're interested in then let me know by clicking the click to tweet link in the description and leaving a comment down below, anyway let's.

Get into it.Now this specific model is the base 13 inch variant which means it includes a 2.6ghz dualcore intel core i5 processor, 8gbs of ram, 128 gbs of flash storage, and intel iris graphics.The first thing we'll be doing is testing the boot up time, then we'll be running geekbench 3, cinebench, and the black magic disk speed test.Starting off with the boot up time you can see we score just under 12 seconds which is actually slighty faster than the 15 model.Next up is geekbench 3 which is just about the king of benchmarking tests.Now geekbench.

Usually takes several minutes or so to compile a final score, so i'm gonna go ahead and speed this up.Now this 13 macbook pro scored 3137 single core and 6661 multi core.These numbers are essentially a compilation of a bunch of different categories geekbench uses to test which ranges from stream performance, floating point performance, and integer performance.Our next test is cinebench which will test both the cpu and gpu.We receive an open gl score of 23.78 frames per second and we receive a cpu score of 3.11 points.

The final test we'll be doing is a disk speed test which tests the read and write speeds of the machine.Here we see the macbook pro scored 316.5 mb s write speed and 716.4 mb s read speed.To be honest the results of these tests have really really impressed me.Before i wouldn't have considered the base 13 retina macbook pro capable of any serious editing or graphic intensive work.Anyway, if you're interested in purchasing one of these guys i'll have a link down in the description, and don't forget to give this tutorial a like if you enjoyed.

2012 MacBook Air 11 Gaming and Speed Test

Hey guys, this is austin and today i'm here with a test of the 2012 macbook air.For starters we'll be doing a boot test and here the air is extremely fast, only taking just over 13 seconds to boot.This is mostly due to the faster ssd that makes opening apps very quick.Next up we have novabench which is a general test of performance.With 8gb of ram, the core i5 and 128gb toshiba ssd here the macbook air notched a score of 633 which is a decent improvement over the 542 score of the last gen air.

Moving right along we have the blackmagic disk speed test to see exactly how fast the ssd is.Write speeds generally hovered around 350mb a second and topped 460mb a second for reads which isn't far off from the fastest full size ssds on the market today.For graphics i used cinebench which runs through a scene of a car chase and records the frames per second.While the intel hd 4000 graphics are much better than the last macbook air the benchmark is only able to wrap up with 15 fps which is far off from a laptop.

With a high end dedicated graphics.Next we have a gaming demo with minecraft.As you can see the air handles the game no problem and although i did turn the render distance down a bit everything else works maxed out.Of course if you're on a crazy server you may need to turn a few things down but overall i had no problems.Moving on we've got portal 2.Surprisingly this runs on the macbook at native resolution with all settings turned up except for antialiasing.From time to time the framerate did dip below 30 fps.

But overall i was quite impressed and it became perfectly smooth by bumping the settings down very slightly.Lastly we have a test of the tutorial editing chops.This is a one minute 1080p clip dropped into screenflow and exported at 720p.The air did respectably well here taking just over 3 minutes and you can cut that down a good bit by moving to 720p.I'll also shut up for a minute so you can hear the fan noise.Overall while it can't compete with the new retina macbook pro the 11 air is a very fast portable machine that can.

12 Macbook 2016 VS 12 Macbook 2015 Speed Tests Comparison

12 macbook 2016 vs 12 macbook 2015 speed tests comparison,Imovie boot up blackmagic pixelmator speed tests on the new macbook 12 2016ayegear. 2015 macbook pro retina vs 2014 macbook pro retina speed test,More info on the 2015 macbook pro amznto1dvv4zg help support us by using our links below when getting something on amazon amazon us. Mac mini late 2014 26 ghz overview,Amazon links mac mini amznto19o02e7 apple wireless keyboard amznto1l4bjzg apple magic trackpad amznto1zif3ef mac mini late.

Brenneke black magic magnum 12 ga slug test,Review and four penetration tests of the brenneke black magic magnum 12 ga 3 slug test gun is the mossberg 590a1 special purpose this is clearly an. Performance ssd benchmark showdown 2014 ft intel 730 and plextor m6e,We took the best performing ssds from each brand and put them to the test this features newcomers intel 730 and plextor m6e we let set them loose on atto. Imac 32gb ram 256gb ssd samsung 840 pro i5 quadcore speed test tutorial tutorial editing computer,Watch in 720p for hd quality this is a benchmark test for imac this 27inch imac has 256 gb samsung ssd 840 pro 32gb of ram intel i5 quadcore.

Daves monster computer speed tests and computer recommedations for dslr editing,Learningdslrtutorialspeedtestsmonster there is a ton more info located over on my blog post follow me on facebook.

Upgrade your macbook pro ssd ram upgrade for better daw performance,In this tutorial i upgrade a 2011 macbook pro with a 500gb ssd and 16gb of ram to improve performance with music and audio production software however. Blackmagic cinema camera kingston hyperx 3k ssd,The blackmagic cinema 25k camera is our newest piece of equipment if you liked the hdness of the latest wan show then i guess you already like it.

Production Camera 4K First Grade 2 100 Mbps 1080P

Production camera 4k first grade 2 100 mbps 1080p,Film shot by grant petty ceo blackmagic design prores 422 hq edited and colour graded by nigel rumble grant kindly made these available on the. Blackmagic tutorial assist review 1080p60 prores capture completely portable,And now for something a little different for gamers and tutorialgraphers looking for the best quality tutorial capture this entirely portable 350499 box offers.

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Ssd vs hard drive torture test,Ssds and hard drives hdds always get compared to each other the same way a fresh operating system with the latest drivers running in an ideal environment. Apple fusion drive speedtest demo its fast,Apple fusion drive speedtest demo its fast ipad mini review watchvijotjbjgw8 use the promo code sgptld11 to save 10. Ibc 2015 aputure dec speedbooster sony a7s ii black magic ursa,Ibc is one of the worlds biggest camera exhibitions and i was there this year to check out some new cameras and camera gear a lot of people have been. New apple mac pro unboxing impressions late 2013,Thumbs up if you enjoyed my 2013 mac pro unboxing hulu plus free for 2 weekshuluplustld a detailed unboxing setup and demo of the new. Blackmagic production camera 4k first grade 40 mbps 1080p,Film shot by grant petty ceo blackmagic design prores 422 hq edited and colour graded by nigel rumble 1080p 40mbps upload use this as a benchmark.

80211ac speed test,Here i do a quick test between 80211n and the new standard 80211 ac tested with a 2013 macbook air base model 13inch with a 2tb apple time capsule. Blackmagic pocket cinema camera super review digidirect tv ep 059,This week on ddtv the blackmagic pocket cinema camera review supercut.

Tutorial make blackmagic proresraw look good for beginners bmpccbmcc,This is a quick and easy way of fixing your blackmagic pocket cinema or bmcc footage without a super computer with a huge storage space or davinci. Blackmagic design intensity extreme thunderbolt review works with google hangouts,Buy it on amazon 8cbsz affiliate link the blackmagic design intensity extreme takes any hdmi tutorial and outputs it over thunderbolt it works.

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