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CSGO Your view is a lie

You know those games of csgo where whatever you do is wrong round after round you try different tactics but seem to die instantly, as though your opponents have a half second headstart in gunfights this was one of those games, so i got my own recording and compared it with the source tv to see how they compared.The first thing i noticed was how similar they are.I was hoping for a clearcut difference with these clips but csgo obviously employs lag compensation and time travel stuff to make it as fair as possible.I'll play the.

Rest of the clips at 25 speed, matching up my character's movements between recordings.Now before i go any further i have a confession to make, i'm from england and this was most likely an american server.Despite all this, there were complaints all around about the server, even from the other team who were dominating us.The average rank on this server was about silver elite, though there was a master guardian elite on the other team because matchmaking.As i go plummeting through the air towards this guy the master guardian elite the difference is noticeable.The moment i die on my screen.

I suddenly teleport up in the air again to where i actually was according to the server when i died.This reminds me of all those times where i reach cover, only to die and to teleport out into the open area again.This is about as frustrating as it gets, apart from those awp shots that obviously hit but somehow don't.I can understand if you're disappointed with my findings.It looks as though, even with the server and lag i was experiencing, the difference is still only in the last two shots.

You fire off with an automatic weapon.With a ping of 100, about one tenth of a second, this seems to make sense.It still means that, all other things being equal, you're two shots behind in a firefight, which is definitely enough to make a difference.Now this is an interesting one.I was off to the side, admittedly, but if things were where they were on my screen, i may still have stood a chance against the second person.On my screen i'm still getting a couple of hits on him, while on the sourcetv.

Recording i'm missing by a mile.Let me sync this up to the gunshots.There are definitely some differences between these.Here are stills of the moment the bullet fires.In the first shot my bullet could have hit both of them but according to source tv, i was closer to hitting the person in the distance.On my screen i was hitting the person in front, but source tv shows it actually hit the man behind.The third shot is acceptable.Both clips seem to show a headshot of some kind here and the ragdoll has replaced the.

Model in the source tv view.With the fifth, the death has been confirmed on sourcetv.Oh look, the sixth shows a beautiful headshot on my screen, as opposed to a total miss on the other one.With the seventh shot, the first kill is finally confirmed on my screen.Took two whole shots! the next two shots are misses, fair and square.As usual, i get the perfect headshot on the final shot which doesn't even count since i'm already dead according to the source tv view.It felt like that for most of the game.I.

Know what 100 ping feels like but this was a lot worse and i can't help but think it was the server that was at fault as well.But i have no proof of that.So how does this one look in slow motion this is with my character's movements lined up, which seem to operate in a different reality to the gunshots.Now again, but with lined up gunshots.Now that looked fine to me, whatever lag compensation was in place there seemed to work quite well.Let's view another shot later on, with gunshots.

Lined up once more.Now in this case, sourcetv shows me as having better reflexes than my screen does! i guess the real problem with lag compensation is that the ping isn't constant.Fluctuations with the connection will cause it to always over or under compensate to some degree, which is even worse than, say, always being slightly behind the action, since you can never compensate for random delay.I was hoping to find an example where i could line up one gunshot timing perfectly and for it not to coincide with the next shot to show that there are random amounts of delay, but.

I couldn't find an example in this match.While we're on the limitations of the sourcetv vs the actual gameplay, take a look at this.Who knows how many people have looked suspicious in sourcetv through no fault of their own in my opinion, if you're having a proper match you must still record your own demo, since you can't rely on sourcetv to always show you in the best possible light.Your own recording should at least give you some more protection should people suspect you of cheating.And that concludes this tutorial.I don't quite.

Know what i set out to achieve and i understand that having lag doesn't exactly give my findings the most weight.The moral of this story is to stick to servers with the lowest ping possible.But even in this worstcase scenario, remember that other people on my team, and perhaps even the enemies i was facing, were suffering from the same problems.Does this balance it out does this mean that i just happened to suck massively for this entire game, when the games played either side were okay who knows.Annoyingly, i don't know if i'll ever.

Registrar Registry Manager VS Windows Registry Editor

Registrar registry manager vs windows registry editor,My channel schanneluc8k6pc4fnxrzcgx2jtpqqgw email 12riderz21gmail same email for twittergoogle and paypal. How to monitorize changes on drive c and registry using batch files,This is useful if you want to find out what files or registry entries did an installed program created how to do it 1 run c drive beforebat to create list of all files.

Monca mthis visit stem cell registry,In order to increase awareness of the stem cell registry in quebec and highlight key differences in registration mthi and montamil have put together a tutorial. Windows 10 and 81 registry backup restore import and export,Windows 10 and 81 registry backup restore import and export the registry is very important for windows and if it becomes corrupted or incorrectly changed. Baby registry picks target buy buy baby,Hey guys i thought id share these last few things we got off of our registry we were registered at target buy buy baby and myregistry most of our.

Interop tools for windows 10 mobile registry editor for phones,A new tool just released by gustave m gus33000 allows noninterop unlocked devices to edit their registries which allows you to maniplulate around with.

Registry cleaner reviews my unbiased registry cleaner review,Sregisterycleanerreviews my registry cleaner review i had trouble with my computer running slow and found it very frustrating so i found registry.

Registry Cleaners How To Clean Your PC

Registry cleaners how to clean your pc,Visittopregfix to find out about the best rated registry cleaners and free scan avoid scams some free registry cleaners are actually spyware. How a cpu works,Go inside the computer to uncover the inner workings of the cpu including the control unit the alu registers and much more see the book. The biggest national registry test mistake,There are many opportunities to make some mistakes on a big test like the national registry test but theres one big mistake that just about every student.

Gunmageddon and the tyrants registry 2a update,We go over some more gun news that will affect your rights from the threat trump made regarding the second amendment to the limey piers morgan. Csgo your view is a lie,I played on a laggy and dodgy server in competitive csgo matchmaking and decided to compare what i saw with what the server thought happened courtesy.

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How To Optimize Windows 10 For GAMING Power Users

How to optimize windows 10 for gaming power users,Here is the guide of how to optimize windows 10 for gamers and also just speed up windows 10 in general also since privacy is a big concern going in with. How to balance your checkbook,You already love spotify but do you know how to get the most out of it here to learn all the spotify tips and tricks you never knew existed.

Pampers review swaddlers vs baby dry diapers,Open read for info and discounts what brand of diapers do or have youve used on your children in this tutorial im reviewing papmpers swaddlers and. Travel stroller comparison mountain buggy nano vs gb qbit vs babyzen yoyo,Hollie schultz of baby gizmo does a sidebyside comparison of three popular travel strollers mountain buggy nano vs gb qbit vs babyzen yoyo subscribe. Deploying registry keys to multiple computers batchpatch tutorial,In this tutorial we demonstrate how to use batchpatch to push deploy registry values to multiple computers its a quick and painless process that can be used to.

Target baby registry gift bag,When you register at target you receive a free gift this is the free gift bag i received in april 2016 thank you for watching and check out my channel for more. Citrix xenapp datastore migration step by step part 1,Citrix xenapp datastore migration step by step part 1prohut in this tutorial we followed step by step approach of migrating citrix datastore. Intro to alkalineacid balance,Get ph or litmus paper here amznto10cb6de alkalinize your life im sure most of you have heard about the acid alkaline diet or lifestyle in this tutorial i.

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