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Dont panic Is your laptop shutting off by itself or slowing down during use 8

Hi everybody.If you're in a pinch, i'm hopeful that this tutorial will get you out of it! a very common reason for laptops shutting off by themselves is dust buildup on internal parts.I'm going to show you how to fix this in about 5 minutes without taking anything apart! all you'll need is a straw, the tip of a pen, some tape, and finally, some bread! heat, is the enemy of all laptops! every laptop that has an internal fan, will grab dust from its environment just like a vacuum cleaner.Whether you use a laptop cooling pad or not,.

There's no way to stop dust build up! your laptop hard drive and motherboard components all create heat.But nothing will make more heat than the processor.Your laptop processor has a heat sink clamped to it with cooling fins to get rid of heat.The fins of this heat sink are positioned directly in front of the fan.The fan grabs air from various intake ports located around the underside of your laptop, and blows it directly through the heat sink and out of the laptop through the exhaust vent.You can find the location.

Of this vent by slowly moving your hand around the sides and back of your laptop until you will feel a steady stream of warm air.The dust build up will be deep in that vent hiding on the inside of the heat sink, on the cooling fins, and on the fan itself.If there's enough of a build up, your laptop will attempt to protect itself from damage by triggering an automatic shut down.To clean this, you'll need a straw and some tape.Take your straw, and pinch the end to.

Flatten it.Take a small piece of tape and tape off two thirds of the pinched area leaving one third open.Open it up a bit, by sticking a pen or pencil into the hole to make it round so that air can come out of it.Now, remember where you felt the warm air coming out power off your laptop, close the lid, grab a slice of bread and your straw, and take your laptop out to an open area like a hallway away from where you spend your time.Turn your laptop upsidedown.You'll be blowing.

Dust out, so to avoid a sneezy night you'll want to do this elsewhere, maybe as a payback over the pillow of somebody you don't like very much! once you're ready, chew on a piece of bread and swallow it.This you are doing in an attempt to dry out your mouth.You don't want to blow spit into your laptop.Pointing the taped off end towards and into the warm air exhaust vent, blow reasonably hard but not too hard into and across that vent.Blow into the vent near the fan as well.Dust will probably shoot.

Out of your laptop into the air, so move away when inhaling again.Blow several times into this vent and fan area reasonably hard to get the dust out until no more comes out.Remember, your spit will end up in that straw rather quickly, so, chew more bread once in a while to keep your mouth dry.You can take your time and blow out any other vents you see around your laptop as well until there's no more dust, and you are satisfied that the job is done.Hopefully, this simple fix works for you!.

Control Fan Speeds With SpeedFan Tutorial

What is speedfan speedfan is freeware.Speedfan monitors voltages, fan speeds, and temperatures.Speedfan can dynamically adjust fan speeds based on changing computer temperatures.Speedfan runs on windows 9x, me, nt, 2000, 2003, xp, vista, and 7.Speedfan also has 64bit support.Let's download and install speedfan.Open a web browser like internet explorer.In the address bar, enter almicospeedfan, and press enter.On the download tab.Under the download section, click the speedfan 4.45 link.On the download information bar, click the run button.This will download the file, and then automatically.

Start the installer.On the speedfan setup license agreement window, read the license agreement, and then click the i agree button.On the components screen, leave all options selected, and click the next button.On the install directory screen, click the install button.Once the installation finishes, click the close button.You can start speedfan in one of two ways.Option one.Doubleclick the speedfan icon on the desktop.Option two.The windows start button, all programs, speedfan, and then select the speedfan option.On the hint window, click to select.

Do not show again, and click the close button.By default speedfan uses celsius and not fahrenheit like we use in the united states.Let's change this to fahrenheit before we start looking at setting up speedfan.On the readings tab, click the configure button.On the configure window that opens, click the options tab.The radio button to select fahrenheit, and then click the ok button.We can now see that all temperatures are in fahrenheit.Let's review the reading tab.In the top of the screen, you will have the output window that will show a log of the items scanned.

And found.Below this you will see bar graphs representing each core in the cpu.There are three graphs showing because i have three cores in the amd phenom 2 x3 720 processor running in this computer.To the right, you have a two buttons.The minimize button will minimize speedfan to the system tray, but will remain running.By clicking this button we can see that the icon for speedfan in the taskbar will disappear when we click on minimize.You can open speedfan back up by clicking the speedfan icon in the system.

Tray.By default windows only shows a small portion of the items running in the system tray.If you don't see the speedfan icon, then click the show hidden icons button.Then doubleclick on the speedfan icon, which will be showing the temperature for temp1.If you want this to show in the system tray at all times, you can click on the customize.Button.Scroll down and select the speedfan option.Change the drop down to select show icon and notifications.Then click the ok button.We can now see speedfan in.

The system tray.To open speedfan back up, doubleclick on the speedfan icon in the system tray.Below the minimize button we have the configure button, that has all of the settings for the application.We will go over this more later.In the middle of the screen, we have all of the fan speeds in the left pane, and the temperatures in the right pane.Below the speed and temperature information we have the controllable fans in the system listed.This will typically be the fan connections on the motherboard.

My motherboard supports 6 fans, but i am only running 3.By default the speed for all fans is set to 100.At the bottom of the screen, we have information on the voltages of various components.The clock tab is used to overclock you processor.There are much better programs for overclocking so i would recommend avoiding this option with speedfan.The exotics tab is rather interesting.If you don't see anything showing, click the show the magic button.You will get a nice view of all the different settings being monitored.

The s.M.A.R.T.Tab, allows you to view the smart information of your disk drives.Selecting any drive will show information like the error rate spin up time seek error, and so on.The charts tab will allow you to graph temperatures, fan speeds, and voltages.Ing any of the options will start to graph them with their own unique color.This is really useful to fine tune the fan speed control to the exact temperature patterns of your system.Now that we have reviewed the available information in speedfan, let's get into using it to control the speed of our fans.Back on the readings tab,.

You can adjust the speed of your fans just by reducing the settings manually here.If you use a static setting for the fans here, you will want to set this to graph the temperatures on the charts tab, then run a game or other application that will stress your system.After running it for at least 15 minutes, take a look at your readings.If any of the temperatures get higher than you would like, then adjust the fan speed higher.In addition to being able to manually set a static speed, you can also set the fans to increase and.

Decrease in speed based on varying temperature readings.Let's click on the configure button.The configure window will open.You can select which temperatures, fans,and voltages to monitor with the first three tabs.The options tab has settings you might want to adjust to your liking.If you have trouble with anything you might want to come to the log tab, click to select this enabled option, and then see if you get additional information on your problem.The only thing we are going to go into detail about is the fan control tab.To select advanced fan control.Here.

We setup thresholds for temperature and fan speed.Typically you will want to create a separate rule for each fan in your system.This system has 3 fans as we saw before.We will create a rule for each of the three fans.For this system temp2 is the ambient temperature inside the computer case.The add button.I'll create three controllers.Enter a name for the rule.We'll call them fan4, fan5, and fan6.After creating the 3 controllers.We'll select fan4.We now get additional settings for each controller.To select controlled speed.The drop down to show the.

Available fans, and select the first fan to control.We'll select the fan for speed04.Now we need to tell this controller for fan 4 what speed it needs to run at for each temperature setting.Under temperatures, click the add button.The select temperature window will open.Select the temperature to use to control the fan.Temp2 is the temperature of my computer chassis.We'll select temp2, and click the ok button.We'll go and setup the other two fan controllers the same way.If you click on the entry under temperatures, you will see a graph with the temperature and the corresponding.

Fan speeds.You can adjust these by clicking on the graph.Once complete we'll click the ok button.Before the automatic control settings take control, you need to click to select automatic fan speed.We can see that as soon as we click this button the fan speeds change from 100.Ok, so at this point we should have speedfan installed and configured correctly.As it is now, we would have to start speedfan each time we restart windows.Here we will create a shortcut for speedfan and place it in the windows startup directory.The windows start.

Button, all programs, and the rightclick on the startup folder and select open all users.A windows explorer window will open.Any shortcuts placed in this folder will run after the windows desktop loads.Rightclick and select new, then shortcut.On the create shortcut window that opens, click the browse.Button.Unless you changed the install location, browse to cprogram filesspeedfan and then select speedfan.Exe.Then click the ok button.The next button.Change the name to just speedfan, and click the finish button.There is now a new shortcut in the.

Startup folder for speedfan.Now every time a user logs into the system it will start speedfan automatically.The only other thing we need to change is to set speedfan to start minimized so we don't have to click the minimize button every time.The configure button.On the option menu, click to select start minimized, and click the ok button.We can now see that if we close out speedfan and then click this shortcut again, it will start and then automatically minimize to the system tray.You should have a good understanding of speedfan and it's basic features.You should also.

How To Set Up SpeedFan Free Fan Control Software

How to set up speedfan free fan control software,Start your free trial today atsquarespacejayztwocents and use offer code jayz for 10 off support while shopping at amazon. Control fan speeds with speedfan tutorial,Control the fan speeds of your cpugpu and chassis fans based on varying temperature readings from your system speedfan home page. 12 system fans and nearly silent find out how,Visitjayztwocents i have 2 radiators with 7x120mm fans total find out how i setup my fans for silent pc operateion.

Speedfan tutorial cpu lftergeschwindigkeit einstellen windows 8 tutorial,Wichtig manual wie im tutorial heit nun software controlled hat aber den selben effekt war das tutorial hilfreich dann bewerte bitte das. The best way how cool down your overheating laptop notebook computer without spending a dime,Difficulty very easy cost 0 you need windows operating system recommended for gamers and heavy computer users results while playing a tutorial. How to dramatically cool down your laptop temperature and also speed up your pc,Shockawenow get them here and also see below linkpcspeedupaffaaid5674a776b91ce software criticofgamesblogspot.

How to speed up computer without any software,When ever your computer is slows follow these steps and speed up your computer speed up computer windows 7 speed up computer free speed up computer.

How to speed up your computerpclaptop windows 10 tips tweaks faster gaming free easy,A tutorial on how to speed up windows 10 plus faster gaming faster gamer your faster laptop computer equals faster gaming that equals faster.

Control Multiple HVLS Fans With IFan Software

Control multiple hvls fans with ifan software,Network up to 30 industrial fans wirelessly with our intelligent ifan system you can easily control fan speeds individually by zone or facility in real time which. Dont panic is your laptop shutting off by itself or slowing down during use 8,Hd cc please read this simple fix tutorial is intended especially for students who are in a pinch and have very few tools or resources nearby.

How to measure the temperature inside a computer with software,This is foxglobeblue and today i will be showing you how to measure temperatures of components inside your computer speed fan. How to speed up computer,Online computer education by yaseen shad please subscribe suserprinceyaseen612 facebook. Introducing evga precision x nvidia gpu boost,Introducing the next generation of gpu overclocking software evga precision x designed from the ground up to support the latest gpu technologies evga.

Maximum speed amd fx processor takes guinness world record,On august 31 an amd fx processor achieved a guiness world record with a frequency of 8429ghz a stunning result for a modern multicore processor. How to speed up windows 10 free and easy,Buy techofmind merch to support the channeltechofmind rasim from rasmurtech shows us how to speed up windows 10 rasmurtech. Choosing installing pc cooling fans as fast as possible,It can be tricky to find and install the correct computer fans this episode shows you how pick out and install fans in only a few minutes forum link.

Unbelievably Realistic Microsoft Paint Art Santa Claus Speed Painting Time Lapse

Unbelievably realistic microsoft paint art santa claus speed painting time lapse,Time lapse speed painting of santa claus using microsoft paint nearly 50 hours of drawing compressed into a couple of minutes this is the sequel to the early. Solve laptop fan noise and heat temperature without software fix,How to solve laptop fan noise or sound reduced with out any software or applications fan sound control in laptop with out any device applications. Thermaltake toughpower smart dps app software tutorial overview,The gold rated thermaltake toughpower dps g 850w power supply earns its gold rating by reaching the same high standards as an olympic athlete with up to.

How to 10x fast computer without software,10x fast computer without software please like comment share my tutorial subscribe this channel for more tutorial my facebook fan page. Best game recording software for windows 10 better than game dvr,If you made a transition to windows 10 and youre still searching for your ideal game recording software your search has finally come to an end in this tutorial i.

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