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Making the Google Chrome Speed Tests

There's things that happen like in front of own human eyes that we never see that are totally invisible to us.Speeds on the internet are much faster than speeds in real life, most of the time anyway, so we want fast to mean something that's immediate.Most shoots you have a pretty clear picture of what you're going to see and what you're going to get.I think every step along the way we weren't sure what we were going to see.We are truly running experiments.Which is really exciting and.

Potato gun firing and sometimes they fail miserably.Sometimes they surprise and delight us.We need to somehow benchmark what chrome fast was.And we wanted to benchmark it against some things that people knew were going to be fast.Seriesoff ivedistinctsounds 2,700 frames per second.When you capture something, a page downloading at 2,700 frames per second, and trying to get the shot of a page loading at the same time as potatoes are flying across the screen.I mean laughter and the fact that it took 51 different takes to get the.

Potato gun to work just the way we wanted it to.Potato gun firing i think we moved to the idaho potato at this point.They're pretty good for launching through a grater at high speeds.This is our original gun, but it couldn't fit in the frame.We rearranged it.It fires in the other direction.The challenge has been to really measure these things for real and capture that on film.So we have to invent ways to set them off at the right time.The trigger in this one is the boot falling from.

The top of this frame.The doublebass pedal hits the mouse, which clicks chrome and then also hits the keytar key at the same time.Hits the drum, shoots the paint into the ear.That's corn syrup mixed with acrylic paint to get the right consistency to stay together when it's aloft.What's right frequency, what's the right volume, the right kind of speaker, the right viscosity and density of the paint itself.We played around with a lot of things to set it off.I mean, just technically, what could you hit.

Quickly to make a blast.Then along came the keytar, and everything changed from there on.Boot falling we didn't want to keep it polished and like looking clean and pristine.We wanted to feel sort of the inventiveness of the experiment.So it's not so much lab coats.It's more having fun and blowing things up and stuff.Rolling sounds this is the model sg10 rotary spark gap tesla coil.Electricity is lazy.It always wants to go to the nearest grounded object.So we're going to ground the pirate ship.

Pass the ground through this wire to this ground right back here.What we've added is what's called the corona point.That becomes the spout that the electricity's going to flow off of.We want to have a big, thick arc.So i've put two close together so we can kind of have them laid up on top of each other and look thicker on film.So we're going to end up being at about 4.2 million volts per arc, plus you have to take into account that the arc we're.

Looking at isn't only one arc.It's multiple arcs stacked on top of each other very densely that you, with our naked eye, can't see.Before we do anything with the tesla coil we're going to clear the area.Everyone is going to stay behind the human line.I mean, the fact that we have a pyrotechnics expert, a ballistics expert, a tesla coil expert on set, that's exciting.Rather than saying, oh well, we can fix that later, there's not been a lot of you can fix that later about this shoot, which.

Top 10 Fastest Computers in the World 2016 How much faster is a supercomuter than a PC or iPad Pro

Curious droid presents the top 10 fastest computers in the world how do they compare to a pc or ipad pro if you need to model things like the world's weather, nuclear reactions, molecular dynamics or simulate the first few seconds after the big bang you're gonna need some pretty serious computing power but just how much more powerful other top 10 supercomputers compared to the pc on your desktop or an ipad pro for example in this tutorial we'll see just how powerful supercomputers have become but first we need to know how do you measure.

A computer's performance there are lots of ways to do this but the most common highperformance systems and the simplest to understand is to measure how many calculations per second they're capable of the unit of measurement is called the flop or floating point operation a flop is a calculation that would be even adding subtracting multiplying or dividing two numbers with decimal points in them for example 10.545 multiplied by 6.387 would be a single flop modern computers can do with billions of times a second at the time of making this tutorial in february 2016 the latest ipad pro.

With the a9x dual core cpu is capable of around about 1.5 gigaflops that's one and a half thousand million flops per second a typical $1,000 pc with a single intel 5820 6 core cpu is capable of around 100 gigaflops 66 times more than an ipad pro you can measure the performance of your own intel based pc or mac or mobile device with the same type of linpack software as a used to benchmark supercomputers just look for the link in the description of this tutorial because supercomputers are so much more powerful.

They are measured in petaflops one petaflop is equal to 1,000 teraflops and one teraflop is equal to 1000 gigaflops and remember our pc was 100 gigaflops and the ipad pro 1.5 gigaflops.A petaflop is equal to about 1 million billion calculations per second one estimate suggests that it would take a human about 32 million years to complete the same task now we know one everyday computing device that you or i own is capable of let's see how it compares to the top 10 supercomputers in the world.All the figures given were.

Correct as of november 2015 and gathered from the top500 list of supercomputers at number ten we have the stampede supercomputer the texas advanced computing center at the university of texas in united states this supercomputer is made by dell and has a maximum linpack performance of 5.1 petaflops that's equivalent of 51,000 of our $1000 pc's or 3.4 million ipad pros it has 464,462 processing cores and 192tb of ram and consumes approximately 4.5 megawatts of power at maximum performance at number nine we have been shaheen 2 at the king abdullah.

University of science and technology in saudi arabia this supercomputer is made by cray and has a maximum linpack performance of 5.5 petaflops that's equivalent of 55,000 of our pcs or 3.66 million ipad pros it costs approximately $51m to buy and install it has 196,608 processing cores and 790 terabytes of ram consumes a maximum power of 2.8 megawatts at number eight is the hazel hen at the hlrs in stuttgart germany this is another super computer made by cray inc and it has a maximum linpack performance of 5.6 petaflops.

And is the fastest supercomputer in the european union that's equipped to 56,000 of our pc's or 3.73 million ipad pros it has 185,088 processing cores and consumes a maximum of 3.2 megawatts of power at number seven we have the piz daint at the swiss national supercomputing center at lugano switzerland the piz daint named after a nearby mountain is yet another cray built supercomputer has a maximum linpack performance of 6.2 petaflops thats equivalence of 62,000 of our pcs or 4.13 million ipad pros it has 115,984 processing cores and 169tb.

Of ram and consumes a maximum of 2.3 megawatts of power at number six is the trinity at the los alamos national laboratory new mexico united states yes this is yet another cray supercomputer and is a maximum linpack performance of 8.1 petaflops 81,000 pcs or 5.4 million ipad pros it has 301,056 processing cores and cost approximately $174m.At number five we have the mira bluegeneq at the us department of energy argonne national laboratory illinois united states this supercomputer was built by ibm and has a maximum linpack performance of 8.5 petaflops that's the equivalent of.

85,000 of our pcs or 5.66 million ipad pro's it has 780,432 processing cores 768 terabytes of ram and consumes a maximum of 3.9 megawatts power no cost has been released by ibm but it was believed to have been around $50m at number four is the k computer at the riken advanced institute for computational science at kobe japan built by fujitsu the k supercomputer has a maximum linpack performance of 10.5 petaflops that the equivalent of 105,000 of our pc's or 7 million ipad pro's it has 705,024 processing.

Cores and 1,410 terabytes of ram and consumes a maximum of 12 megawatts of power to give you an idea of a the perforemance of this machine simulation of the human heart which had taken two years was accomplishing just one day on the k computer at number three is the sequoia bluegeneq at the lawrence livermore national laboratory california united states the number three on the top 10 list is built by ibm and has a maximum linpack performace of 17.1 petaflops that's equivalent of 171,000 of our pc's or 11.4.

Million ipad pros it has 1,572,864 processing cores 1,572 terabytes of ram and consumes a maximum power of seven point eight mega watts the primary use of a sequoia is for nuclear weapons simulation but it would also be used to study of the human genome, climate change and astronomy to name but a few at number two is the titan oak ridge national laboratory tennessee united states another cray built supercomputer is at number two on the list and has a maximum linpack performance of 17.5 petaflops that the equivalent of 175,000.

Thousand of our pcs 11.6 million ipad pro's it has 560,640 processing cores 710 terabytes of ram and consumes a maximum of 7.1 mega watts power at the number one slot on the top 10 list of the world's most powerful supercomputers is the tianhe2 or milky way 2 have a national supercomputer center at guangzhou city guangdong province china this was built by the chinese national university of defense technology and has a maximum linpack performance of 33.8 petaflops thats the equivalent of 338,000 our pcs or 22.53 million ipad pro's it has 3,120,000.

Processing cores and 1024 terabytes of ram and consumed a maximum power of 17.8 megawatts the tianhe2 has been a top supercomputer for the past three years running now in the top 500 list which comes out twice a year so where do we go from here well if anyone can figure out how to build a real quantum computer ibm have previously stated that if one could be made with just 50 quantum bits or qubits that could detect both types of errors and scale to large systems no combination of today's top 500 supercomputers could successfully.

Benchmarking Your Gaming PC

Benchmarking your gaming pc,If you like this tutorial please considering leaving a rating andor sharing it expand for more info links unigine valley. Raspberry pi 3 review speed tests,My raspberry pi 3 review including comparative speed tests with a raspberry pi 2 booting into raspbian loading libre office writer and applying a complex. New retina macbook pro vs 2012 macbook air benchmark and speed tests,This is my speed and benchmark test tutorial for the new 2012 retina macbook pro and macbook air models also discussed in this tutorial is which computer to.

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How to benchmark your computer,Cool and easy way to test the speeds of certain operations on your pc download here 37ei8h.

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High Speed RAM Is It Worth It DDR3 1333MHz Vs 2400MHz Test

High speed ram is it worth it ddr3 1333mhz vs 2400mhz test,High speed memory has been a staple for enthusiasts who want to get the most out of their systems for years but in this investigation we take a look at how. Macbook air early 2014 vs mid 2013 air benchmark comparison and speed test which is better,Watch first for more air updates follow me on twitter twittericrackuridevice macbook air 2014 vs mid 2013 air which is faster and better. Ipad 3 vs ipad 2 vs ipad speed test benchmark speedtest comparison,Speedtest of the ipad 3 the new ipad ipad 2 and ipad our epic 5 year ios comparison watchvomkax3izvwg tutorial by.

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Benchmark speed test z5 premium vs iphone 6s vs note 5 vs lg v10 vs nexus 6p,Speed antutu and geekbench benchmark performance between sony xperia z5 premium and competition z5 premium in chrome available for the best price. Making the google chrome speed tests,These speed tests were filmed at actual web page rendering times if youre interested in the technical details read on equipment used computer macbook. Amd fx 9370 gaming pc build benchmark and gta v game test,Amd fx 9370 gaming pc build 3d mark cinebench benchmark and occt tests gta v game test amd fx 9370 gaming pc system list amd fx9370 44.

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Windows 81 pc benchmark test app review,Pc benchmark app to compare different windows 8 computers performance. Performancetest run benchmarking tests download tutorial previews,Downloadcnetperformancetest30002086410030322 performancetest enables anyone to objectively benchmark their computer by putting it.

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