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How to Connect Two Computers Via LAN Cable in Windows 7

Whazz up guys i am wajahat ahmad and this is our new tutorial on networking, we are going to show you how you can connect two pc's with each other using lan cable let me introduce myself i am waqas ahmad wajahat's youtube partner and today we are working on tutorial and i'm helping out wajahat on his networking tutorial so we have two laptops fujitsu and uh.Ibm, both have win 7 operating system 64bit operating system installed and there's also a networking cable of course we will do the.

Networking sharing via a networking cable now!! we are going to connect the lan cable with one pc like this make sure it is connected properly, and.Now connect the other end with your 2nd pc like this now i'm here at the pc 1 and i want to share my e drive in my computer so just make sure that you disable your wifi at both pcs and uh.To share my drives, what i would need, i would need to enter the ip settings for that so i will access the open network and sharing center.

And that i would go to local area connection that is my lan connection right now as you can see uh.Then i will access the properties and then the internet protocol version 4 properties so here you can see uh.The ip address are automatically set right now here, but for that.For now we need to enter the ip and what i would enter keep in mind that as we are not using internet so that uh.Ip should not uh.It can be valid, but it is actually not necessary.We can enter invalid ip's as well.

For now i'm entering you press the tab button and it will automaticly enter the sub net mask now i just don't think so that i need to fill up the rest of these that is default gateway, preferred dns server, alternate dns server just leave it here like that so now we are at pc 2 and i would do the same here at this pc as well but i would enter different ip but not totally different, but similar uh let me just show you here doing the same exact things.

If you remember uh.At the pc 1 i entered but this would make these both addresses of this pc the same as we know in our daily life the different residentials can't have the same address so.We would try something different.A little different so this is here 21 you press the tab button again and press ok now our pc's are connected to each other so now as you want to share this e drive so i would do i would access the properties of this drive.

And uh.The i will access the sharing tab here and i would then go into the advance settings advance sharing make sure you mark this share this folder and uh.In permissions it is up to you how much control you want to give it to the other pc user right now i'm giving it full control so that when the other guy accesses this disk drive he has a full uh.Heshe has a full control over it.He can delete the data, he can read ir and modify the.

Data whatever he wants.Ok.So if i unmark this full control and if i just mark the read so that you just don't want to let other users ruin your data or other users modify your data so this option is meant for you then but right now i'm using a full control option so i'm applying it here ok uh.Sometimes users get a problem umph with the security when they access it from other user it gives some kind of error make sure that you have added everyone.

To here in security group of users who can access your pc if it is not added what you will do, you will go to advanced settings the you will change permissions and you will add and uh.And again you will access the advance menu and you will find with whom you want to share your data there would be everyone here like this and if the everyone user is not added into your security then you will click the ok button but right now i'm not going to do that as everyone is already added there.So this is it.

Now i'm going back to the other pc so now we are almost done now access the start menu and type double slash and the ip of the pc 1 that is you click this button you will get your e drive shared the drive you have shared i click this and this is my data at the other pc.Now anddd for example i want to copy a movie furious 6.Let's copy this.Ctrl c i can even cut this folder now, as you know i have.

Given a full control to this pc user cross this session and ctrl v and you can see it's 930 mb of data and it is transferring the data at 10 mbps speed now if you share your data via wifi.It would transfer your data at 1 mbps transfer speed so that is a kind of very slow thing so i would suggest you share your data via networking cable so this is how it works thanks for watching our tutorial and uh please subscribe to our channel and leave a comment if you have any problems.

How to Share Files and Folders Between Two Windows 7 Computers Using Windows HomeGroup

Hello, and thanks for watching this tutorial from tutorial techie.Today i am going to show you how to share files and folders between two windows 7 computers using homegroups.Windows homegroups has made fairly easy to share files with other people on your home network, however there are a few pitfalls that you need to watch out for and all try to point those out along the way.All right let's get started.I'm going to come down to my start menu and click on the control panel.In the control panel under network and internet i'm going to click on.

The link choose homegroup and sharing options.You may notice that i get an error that says the homegroup is not available because you're not connected to the home network.The reason that i'm getting this error is when my computer first connected to this network it asked me what type of network are you connected to public work or home.I chose public, however homegroups cannot be a part of the public network.They can only exist on home networks.You may notice that i also get the link leave the homegroup.The reason this pops up is.

Because this computer was previously a part of another homegroup.Your computer can be a part of multiple homegroups but for demonstration purposes i'm going to show you how to leave a homegroup now.I'm going to click on the link leave the homegroup and click on the leave the home button.I'll give this a second and now the dialog box will pop up saying you have successfully left the homegroup.I'll click on finish and now you'll notice i no longer have the link leave a homegroup.Now i need to deal with this error to create or join a group your computer's network location.

Must be set the home.In order to check where your network location is set to, i am going to come down here and open up the network and sharing center.In the network and sharing center i see that this unidentified network or the network that i'm connected to is currently set to public.You can always tell what type of network you have based upon the little icon.Public networks have a park bench, work networks have a tower and home networks have a home.The reason that windows doesn't allow you to create homegroups on a public network is.

So you don't accidentally share files and folders with people that you don't know.You would hate to go to starbucks and have a stranger access sensitive documents that are found in your my documents library.I am however on a home network, a network that's in my home and one that i don't mind sharing the files that are in my documents library with other people connected to the network.In order to change my network location i'm going to come back to the homegroup settings and click on the link what is a network location.Under this network location i'm going to click.

On the home network button.Now that my network locations properly been set i will be prompted to create a homegroup.On my homegroup i'd like to share everything pictures music tutorials documents and printers someone to make sure that all of those checkmark boxes are checked and i am going to click next.I will now be given a password and be prompted to write it down.The reason i'm given this password is because all other computers on this network will be required to enter this in order to join the homegroup.

This password is a little bit difficult for me to remember though and there is a way to change it some going to discard this password and change it.The way that you can change the password for the homegroup is by clicking the link change the password.I will click on that link and click on the button and change the password.I will be prompted to give a new for my homegroup.I will go ahead and type in a password that's a little bit easier for me to remember pa$$w0rd.I can click on next and now will prompt me.

To write that password down.This password, pa$$w0rd, will now be required for all other computers that want to join the network that i just created.Well that was easy.I just successfully set up a homegroup on computer number one.Let's head on over to another computer, computer number two and try to join the homegroup that i created on computer number one.You can see that computer number two, like computer number one, thinks it's on a public network.I need to change this in order to join a homegroup.

Because homegroups can only be accessed on home networks.In order to change this i can click on the link homegroup in the network and sharing center.When i access the homegroup settings i noticed that this computer was also part of a previous homegroup.Your computer can be a part of multiple homegroups however i don't want this computer to be a part of any other homegroup besides the homegroup that was set up by computer number one.So i am going to leave the previous homegroup by clicking the link leave the homegroup.

And clicking the button leave the homegroup.Perfect i've successfully left the previous homegroup.Now i need to join the homegroup that computer number one set up.I still have to deal with this error to create or join a homegroup your computer's network location must be set to home.So i am going to click on the link what is a network location and click on home network.Just like on computer number one i will be prompted to create a homegroup.However i do not want to create a new homegroup, i want to join the homegroup that already exists.

On this network.So i am going to close out of this dialog box create a homegroup.Right now it says there is no homegroup on this network, but i am going to give this a second to refresh and perfect.Now it says john sterling on vpc1 which is computer number one has created a homegroup on the network.In order to join this homegroup i'm going to click on the button join now.When i click the button join now i'll be prompted to decide what i want to share with other.

Computers running on this homegroup.I want to share everything pictures music tutorials documents and printers so i am going to make sure that everything is checked.I will go ahead and click on next and i'll be prompted for the homegroup password.This is the password that i created when i was setting up the homegroup.For me i changed it to pa$$w0rd so i will type that in and click next.Alright perfect, it says i've successfully join the homegroup.I am going to click on the finish button, give this a second, and i now it shows me all of the things that i.

Am sharing on this homegroup pictures documents music printers and tutorials.Now that i've join the homegroup lets go ahead and try to share something.I'm going to open up my documents library by clicking on libraries and doubleclicking on documents library and i'm going to create a new text document by right clicking, going to new and clicking on text document.I will name this text document, this is computer number two.Let me open up this text document and i want to see if computer number one can edit this.

Document, so i will go ahead and ask the question can you edit this doc let me go ahead and save that document by going to file save and i can close out of this.Let's head on over to computer number one to see if we can access that file that was created by computer number two.I see right above computer there's a button called homegroup.You can access other computers that are part of this homegroup via that button.You can also access other computers via the network button.

I have actually had difficulty in the past accessing them via the homegroup button, but i've never had difficulty be of the network button so l'll go ahead and click on network right now and all of the computers that are part of this network will appear.I see vpc1, which is computer number one and vpc2 which is computer number two.I also see media devices.Because both computer number one and computer number two are sharing tutorials and pictures they are considered media devices.If i doubleclick on vpc1 j sterling it would open up in windows media player and i would.

Be able to access all of the tutorials and pictures that computer number one is sharing.Because i want to access a document on computer number two, i'm going to doubleclick on vpc2 which is computer number two.I see a users folder so i will doubleclick on the users folder and the user that sharing the document that i want to access is jsmith, so i will doubleclick on that user, doubleclick on my documents, and there it is! that's the document that i created on computer number two and you can clearly see that i'm.

On computer number one.All right, let see if i can view this document.I can, now let's try to edit this document.I will go ahead and type in this sentence, let me try.I will go to file save and this is interesting, i get a save as dialog box that pops up.That normally doesn't happen when i go to file save but whatever, i will just click save yes and i get the dialog box that pops up that says access denied.The reason that access is because by default homegroups are read only which means that.

Other computers on the home network can access your files but they cannot modify those files.If i would like other computers on the home network to be able to modify my files i need to click on the share with button scroll down to homegroup readwrite and click that.Now all users that are a part of this homegroup will not only be able to access my documents that are in my documents library but they will also be able the modify those document's.It's important that you give readwrite access sparingly because when you do all other computers.

That are part of this homegroup will be able to modify the documents that are in the library do you shared.For demonstration purposes i'm going to change the documents library on computer number one to readwrite and i am going to create a new document by right clicking going to new and clicking on text document.I will call this text document this is computer number one and let me go ahead and open and edit this this document can you edit this i'm going to ask that question to computer number two.

Let me save this document and close out of it.Now let's switch back on over to computer number two to see if we can access that file and edit it.So i am going to click on network, click on vpc1, which is computer number one, click on the users folder as soon as that pops up there it is.I see the user that created the document jsterling so i will doubleclick that.Open up the my documents folder and there is the document that was created on computer number one and.

You can see that i am accessing it via computer number two.Let me go ahead and open this document and it says can you edit this.I will go ahead and say yes, computer number two can edit this.To be able to prove this i will go to file save, and i didn't get a dialog box that said access is denied, it just saved.Let's switch on over to computer number one and when i open that document it says yes computer two can edit this.Something else you should know is that note is that not only can computers modify the.

Contents of the document, they can also edit the name of the document.I will prove this by opening up the document that was on computer number one, this is computer number one, clicking and i can go ahead and rename this.I will go ahead and type then i can even rename documents.Now let's jump back on over to computer number one and you will see the document that was previously called this is computer number one is now called i can even rename documents.All right, now i have successfully.

Shared files between two windows 7 machines using homegroups.If you're having difficulty doing this it might be because your computer names are the same.In order to check this click on the start menu rightclick on computer and go to properties.Under properties you'll see the computer name.The computer name for computer number one is a vpc1.If i wanted to change that i could click on change setting and click on the change button.You see computer name vpc1, right there, i could change it just by entering.

Something into that dialog box.If i did, a computer restart would be required.If i jump back over to computer number two, i can check this computers name the same way by going to start menu right clicking on computer clicking on properties and i can see computer name right there is vpc2.If two computers on the same network have the same name they will not be able to communicate with one another and you will have all kinds of network conflicts.So if you're having issues, it's very important you check the computer names and make sure.

Windows 7 Access Another Computer Using Remote Desktop

Windows 7 access another computer using remote desktop,From microsoft windows. How to connect two computers via lan cable in windows 7,This tutorial is about networking we will show you how you can connect two computer together via using lan cable and having windows 7 on both pcs. How to share files and folders between two windows 7 computers using windows homegroup,Microsoft homegroup allows users on the same home network to easily view share and even edit files and folders this tutorial from tutorial techie will show you.

How to set up remote desktop connection to access any computer via internet,Suggested tutorial for you swatchvzqq0yimoqg how to remotely connect two computer via internet remote login tutorial in this. How to connect sql server running another computer,In this tutorial we wll user virtual box runing win 7 installed sql server that we wii connect using vbnet using the ip address of the windows 7. Internet connection sharing ics windows 7 to many computers,Internet connection sharing ics windows 7 to many computers here is a link to the gigabit 1000 mbps switch at amazon amznto1kaphdp here is a.

Configure and use your windows 7 remote access remote desktop connection software,Learn how to configure your windows 7 computer to allow remote access plus how to configure and use remote desktop connection rdc to connect to a.

How to share a printer between multiple computers,In this tutorial we will guide you how to share a printer between multiple computers dont forget to check out our site howtechtv for more free howto. Remote desktop windows 7 7,Remote desktop connection windows 7 in hindi by jagvinder thind shows remote desktop connection of two computers over a network or the internet.

How To Connect 2 PCs Directly

How to connect 2 pcs directly,Here in this tutorial we will guide you on how to connect 2 pcs directly by creating a wireless network and connecting the two computers using that network. How to share files between 2 pcs in windows xp78 lan connection,Subscribe subscriptioncenteradduserrakb2 twitter stwitterrakshithbirthi for more cool tutorials. How to enable remote desktop connection to control your computer,Learn more atpctechstream facebookfacebookpagespctechstream241964862537384 linkedin.

How to connect two monitors to one computer,You already love spotify but do you know how to get the most out of it here to learn all the spotify tips and tricks you never knew existed. How to access full control other your home computer through remote desktop connection,In this tutorial i am showing to people how to access other client or home computer or laptop via remote desktop through ip address when you will make internet a. Remote desktop connection to another computer in the same network,How to use microsoft remote desktop connection to connect to another pc in the same network note that in order for this to work the host computer must be a.

How to remote access another computer from yours over internet using team viewer,How to access another computer through internet how to access another computer from yours using team viewer remote controlling your pc using a simple. How to controlaccess other computers on your network remote desktop connection,How to ccontrolaccess other computers on your network remote desktop connection. Windows 7 connect to another computer,How to connect to another computer.

Connecting Your Windows 7 Computer To The Wifi Network

Connecting your windows 7 computer to the wifi network,Learn how to connect to the colleges wifi network. How to remotely control pcs tech tips suggested software,Controlling a computer remotely may seem like it could be difficult but there are a number of free easytouse options available on many different platforms. Access a computer using iplaneducational,Note this tutorial is for educational purpose if you try to access someones computer then youll be responsible for that this tutorial will let you know how to.

How to share filesfolders over wifi,Now you can share files on 2 computers over a wifi connection in this tutorial i shared files on desktop was connected by lan and other laptop connected over a. Connect a network printer between multiple computers on window 7,Network printer install and connect very esay how to install network printer window 7881xp how to share network printerhow to connect network printer.

How to connect your windows 7 computer to wsus server,Tutorial guide will show you how to connect windows 7 or vista computer to your local running wsus server. How to connect two computer via lan wire in windows 7 and share files,In this tutorial i am gonna explain how to connect two computer using lan wire and share datafiles between them i will connect two windows 7 computer using. Windows 7 how to connect to a wireless network,This tutorial will helps you to setup your windows 7 computer to connect to your wireless network.

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