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Microsoft Windows How to Clean Up Unnecessary Files

Hi, i'm michael burton with michael burton films, located in salt lake city, utah.We're here talking about how to use microsoft windows.What i want to talk to you about now is how to clean up unnecessary files on your computer so that you can save more space.Let me start out by saying that windows xp us a registered trademark of microsoft, and i am in no way affiliated with microsoft.To clean up unnecessary files on your computer, the best way to do this is by opening your start menu.Under your control panel, you'll.

Find this option.You'll see a number of categories here that you can choose from.You've got appearance and themes, networks and internet connections, add or remove programs, sounds, speech devices, and performance and maintenance.Of course, cleaning up your files is a performance and maintenance issue, so we're going to go here.If you scroll up a little ways, you'll notice that there is a link here called free up space on your hard disk.This is what you're going to want to click on.Once the selected drive window pops up, you can actually choose.

Which drive you want to select.Here we've got a number of drives, i've actually got my c and my d hard drives.Each are 250 gigabytes in size, and i only want to, right now, clean up my c drive.So then, we're going to click okay, now we just wait for a minute.Hopefully this won't take too long.Sometimes it does, it depends.What it's doing right now is calculating how much space that we'll be able to free up.It's looking at.If you look here, compressing old files, so not only compressing files, but deleting unnecessary files that you don't.

Need on your computer.So, hopefully this will just take a second, here.Okay, as we can see, it has brought up the disc cleanup for hp pavilion.These are our results.Okay, i'm going to bring this to the center.This is showing up exactly how many files that we technically don't need on our computer.Showing here that we have 416 kb of downloaded program files, 9,000 kb of temporary internet files, and so on.Looks like we also have some stuff right here in the recycle bin that we can check to delete.We have some set up.

Logs, some temporary files, and the compressing files, we have 33,000 kb of files that can be compressed to save us space.So we've gone ahead and highlighted all those.You can click on view files, here , if you want to view the individual files, but i don't need to.I know that windows is pretty good at choosing the files that we don't really need on here.So i'm going to go ahead and click okay.It says are you sure you want to perform these actions yes, we do.Now, if you wait just a moment, it will start to compress these.

Files.When it's done compressing the old files, it will move on to deleting the files from the temporary internet and the other log on files.The reason why disc cleanup is so important to your computer system is that there's a lot of files that get downloaded, especially into your temporary internet, or your temp files, that are stored onto your computer that just take up space, that you don't really need.And what this causes, one is obviously lack of space.But it also causes your system to run a little bit slower, especially.

When you're adding and deleting other files.You're going to leave gaps in between your files, which is where defragmentation comes in handy.But if you don't defragment that often, your computer's going to start to have glitches, it's going to have.Start to run slower.So the disc cleanup utility is a very important tool, and, but simple to use, that will really help your system if you do it on a regular basis.You can even set your disc cleanup to run at certain times, like, basically as a scheduled task.As you can.

See down here in the performance and maintenance window, there's a link called scheduled tasks.You can actually go in and schedule your disc cleanup to come on at certain times.I usually perform the disc cleanup right before the defragmentation.That way you get rid of any unnecessary files before you start defragmenting and getting rid of the gaps.It looks like this is going to take a little while, so we're going to go ahead and cancel this out, but that's basically what it would do is, it would come up and show us that everything's been.

Technology PC Tips How to Clean Windows XP Registry

Hi, my name is dave andrews.Today i'm going to show you how to clean your windows xp registry.What we're going to use to clean our windows xp registry is a program called reg clean that comes from microsoft.If you'll just search the internet for reg clean, you'll find the download for it.When you first scan reg clean, it's going to scan your registry and look for any issues that it might be able to resolve.There could be some registry keys that the program is been uninstalled they're just left hanging an it'll find those and.

It'll clear those.Right now it's scanning my registry for any errors.Depending on how much clutter that might be on your windows registry, it may take this program a little bit of time to run, but it's usually very quick.Now that it said that it's finish checking, it's going to ask you if you want to fix the errors that it found.Just click on fix errors.Exit.Now as you can see here, it's created a registry key file that represents all the changes that it made to my registry.I can right click on it and open up that registry file with.

Microsoft Registry Cleaner Fix Pc Problems Windows Xp Windows 7 Windows Vista Windows 8

Microsoft registry cleaner fix pc problems windows xp windows 7 windows vista windows 8,Scan your pc with 1hsjoap fixes system errors removes malware improves startup defrag memory cleanup your pc free scan and dowload. Windows vista registry cleaner microsoft free,Windows vista registry cleaner microsoft free download regclean pro today and make your computer load faster get rid of most common errors with our. Registry cleaner reviews my unbiased registry cleaner review,Sregisterycleanerreviews my registry cleaner review i had trouble with my computer running slow and found it very frustrating so i found registry.

Free registry cleaner fix windows 8 81 windows 10 registry errors,Note the free registry cleaner being used in this tutorial can be downloaded from the web addressregistryrecycler. Microsoft visual c runtime library runtime error fix,Htmpydownload microsoft visual c runtime error is easy to fix with registry cleaner if you scan your computer it will detect all the errors in. How to clean up registry fix registry errors wise registry cleaner tutorial,This tutorial gives you a quick tutorial of how to clean up the registry and fix registry issues with wise registry cleaner free download of wise registry cleaner.

Best registry cleaner in 2014 pc health boost free download,1r5manq pc health boost is a company that strives to go above and beyond the call of regular registry cleaners this program has been name.

Fix pc errors with best registry cleaner software fix pc problems see how to make pc run fast,Scan your pc with 1hsjoap fixes system errors removes malware improves startup defrag memory cleanup your pc registry cleaner registry. Ccleaner registry cleaner tutorial updated free and easy,Ccleaner registry cleaner tutorial free and easy ccleaner offers registry cleaner with advanced features to remove unused and old registry entries.

Free Registry Cleaner Beast Registry Cleaner Clean Your Pc Make Your Pc Faster As New Pc

Free registry cleaner beast registry cleaner clean your pc make your pc faster as new pc,Link 1hsjoap cleanup your pc fixes system errors regcure pro thoroughly cleans away system errors that cause freezing crashes slowness and. Free registry cleaner free download,Free registry cleaner free download download regclean pro and make your computer load better get rid of most common errors with our advanced registry. Microsoft registry cleaner best microsoft registry cleaner,Here microsoftregistrycleaner for more tips on speeding up your pc and check out the microsoft registry cleaner for windows xp vista.

How to clean your computer registry faster laptop windows 10 free registry cleaner,A quick tutorial that shows you how to clean your computer registry within windows 10 using piriform ccleaner this app contains the best free registry cleaner. How to download a free full service registry cleaner,This is how you get a free full service registry cleaner that will clean up your harddrive and make your comp faster this is safe and free so there is no need to. Wise registry cleaner find and fix incorrect or obsolete registry info download tutorial previews,Downloadcnetwiseregistrycleaner30002086410605508.

Free download aml free registry cleaner 4 25 for windows 2000xp2003vista7download link,Linkadflyoe5o6 safely clean and repair windows registry problems with a few clicks free registry cleaner is registrycleaning software it will safely. Registry optimizer fix your computer problems errors system crashes fix all pc problems,1hsjoap scan repair your pc with 1hsjoap fixes system errors removes malware improves startup defrag memory cleanup your. Free ccleaner registry cleaner tutorial free windows registry tools,Googlesniper22014pchealthboost windows 7 registry cleaner microsoft registry cleaner registery cleaner reviews windows registry cleaner how to. Open source registry cleaner windows 7,Open source registry cleaner windows 7 download regclean pro now and make your computer load better and get rid of most common errors with our. Little registry cleaner windows 7 rtm,Download link hdtutorialsdownloadslittleregistrycleanerexe this tutorial will show you how to use little registry cleaner to clean the.

Regclean pc regcleaner fix pc registry problems fix all pc errors how to fix all errors in windows,Free scan and dowload link 1hsjoap cleanup your pc regcure pro gets rid of temporary items junk files and other clutter that slow you down. Cleanmypc registry cleaner free download working for me,Download zmaxwn most common pc problems pc runs much slower than when you first bought it pc crashes for no apparent reason you keep. How to clean registry vistawindows 7,Eusing free registry cleaner downloadcneteusingfreeregistrycleaner30002094410521691.

Regedit and registry clean software free download part 2,Regedit and registry clean software free download part 2. Avs registry cleaner 232257 full patch,Download link here 1ecblsw avs registry cleaner is a special utility that. Registry cleaner remove malware from your windows pc,Free download gopcpro registry cleaner quick scan browser cleaner duplicate files startup optimizer disk cleaner pc recovery security software data.

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