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How to addremove options to your right click menu tutorial tutorial by TechyV

This is charlie from techyv and today we are going to learn about how to add some items in the right click menu.So when you click on any particular file, outlets, i am clicking on this folder.These are different actions that you can perform on this file or folder.So you can add some actions and here you can also remove some actions.So first of all, go to registry by typing the command regedit.Now you will navigate to root star and then go to shellex.So first we will learn that.

How to remove the items.So let's say here we can see these zip activity can be done, i can get to archive and to zip compression email and remove all these zip activities.So first i will go to context menu handler, here these are different actions listed out here.If i want to remove the zip activity, i should remove this winrar.Zip file but for safer side, we will just the modified these key.So in the future, if you want to restore the same future and again in that case, you we will not have any trouble.

So just rename this key value by other garbage value.Press ok and then press f5, that is refresh.Now when you right click on this, all the zip features will not be available over here.So let me restore it again.So now i will restore this item.So that is again available over here.Now let's say i want to add something, some program over here.So for that go to shell, right click, then addnew key value and i am using notepad.So i will create this key value with name notepad.

Again create a new key inside that.Give the name as command.And in this value, provide notepad.Exe.You can specify the exe path or any particular program path over here.So that the program will be launched.So when i right click on this file, this notepad, option is available and when i click on that, notepad is launching.So same thing let me delete this first.Similarly you can do the same thing for folder.So in this hkey classes root, you search for folder, so there is folder available over here.

Now in that, go to shell, or shellex and you can similarly key at the same thing we have done for text files.So the process is same for both text files and folders and you can remove this extra items in similar way that i have explained previously.You can add another program also.You can specify the path of the program, that you want to launch.So this is all about adding new items to the right click menu.For more tips, tricks and trouble shooting, visit techyv.

How To Edit Context Menu In Windows

How to edit context menu in windows,This tutorial tutorial is going to show you how to edit context menu in windows 7 dont forget to check out our site howtechtv for more free howto tutorials. How to edit context menu,In this tutorial i will be showing you how to tweak your context menu to your likings remember this is my first tutorial so please bare with me i hope you like it and. Registry hack editing the new context menu,In this registry tutorial i show you how you can edit what appears under the new context menu easily and painlessly.

How to add multiple file selection options to context menu in windows 8 using registry editor,This tutorial will show you how to add various file selection options in the cascade of context menu in windows 8 using regedit please read the article at. Edit the rightclick context menu,How to add the option new batch file into the rightclick menu in windows explorer the same works with every other batch code or executable program. Context menu editor free version,Easy to use contextmenueditor its free download 4sharedarchivenc6boihobacontextmenueditor facebook li ve.

Editing folder context menu,This tutorial is advanced you will require to edit windows registry for it.

Windows 10 tips and tricks add setting to desktop context menu,Add setting to desktop context menu on desktop right and settings we can do it by edit registry setting string vale data for settings is. How to edit right click context menu windows 10,How to edit remove right click context menu windows 10 details merabhejaeditrightclickcontextmenuinwindows10.

Windows 10 Tips Add Settings To Desktop Context Menu With Icon

Windows 10 tips add settings to desktop context menu with icon,We can add any application in to the desktop context menu using registry editor in the same way we can also add settings to the context menu with a icon using. Windows context menu edit change to picasa as default editor,This tutorial shows you how to change the photo editor that comes up when the edit option on the context menu when you rightclick on a picture file. How to disable right context menu in windows 10,You can disable rightclick context menu in windows 10 with the help of group policy editor to read more visit.

How to edit and remove right context menu remove amd right context menus,Dosubscribe thbaf8 its free disclaimer check description more how todos dglxie feedback or report aqdag5. How to edit photos from your right context menu on windows 7,Hope you guys liked the tutorial download linkcooltweak thanks for watching follow me on twitter stwitterthehacker0007. Windows 10 how to clean up messy context menu and delete items with shellmenuview,The most programms set their own context menu entries when we install them and as result the context menu is very messy and we dont find the important items.

Add restart explorer option in a context menu,This tutorial is for education purpose only before editing windows registry its important to backup registry or create a windows restore point in case. How to disable right click context menu option on windows using registry,There are so many option on your context menu and you are getting too much time to load your right click then here is a trick that how to remove unwanted option. How to edit context menu in windows 7,This tutorial teaches you how to edit context menu in windows 7 just follow the following steps when you install applications like winrar some winrar options.

Nexus Player Kodi Remote Fix For Context Menu Button

Nexus player kodi remote fix for context menu button,So by default the nexus player remote does not have a way to access the context menu this is problem for many things including removing addons settings. Exontrol ribbon editcontextmenu,The movie shows the excontextmenu component with a ribbon look that allows you to group items horizontally or vertically and use plenty of builtin editors to.

Como aumentar tu men contextual con context menu editor para windows vista 7 y 8,Ver ms bueno amigosas pues si les gusto el vdeo denle like y suscrbanse comenten compartan etc ya saben si quieren un vdeo en especial pdanlo y. How to remove items from windows context menus,Jhdmaxx as youre installing software you may see that unwanted options appear on your context menus the menu that appears when youve right.

Chapter 12 add an item to the context menu on windows 7 windows 8 and windows 10 edit,Add an item to the context menu on windows 7 windows 8 and windows 10 with a quick registry tweak you can add any application to any windows explorer. How to windows edit the context menu in 2 minutes,In this tutorial i should you how to add shortcuts to the context menu in windows aka when you right click on you will have additional shortcuts available. How to edit the context menu method 2,How to edit the right click menu method 2 after installing several programs on your computer you will realize that the right click menu became cluttered with.

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