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Reading and Writing Binary Files using Visual BasicNET

To demonstrate how to read and write binary files, i've created a visual basic console application.I'm going to create two subroutinesthe first is going to write the current time to a binary file, and the second is going to read it in from the console.First, i'll create the structure for them.Now, i'm going to need to create a filestream object in order to create the binarywriter instance, and doing that requires the system.Io namespace that i'm adding now.Now, i'll create the filestream object by specifying the filename and the parameter that specifying we're going to.

Create the file.Sorry, i typed using instead of imports.Now, i'm going to create a binarywriter object by specifying the filestream i just created as part of the constructor.That provides the filename to the binarywriter.Now, i'm ready to actually write the datetime to the binary file using the binarywriter.Write method.Notice, of all of the different types that i can give to the write method, none of these support the datetime parameter.All i can do is to write the house and minutes separately, and then read them back separately.Those parameters.

Are each integers.Now that i've written the data i am going to close the binarywriter and the filestream objects.Now i'm ready to create the showprevioustime subroutine.I need to create a filestream object exactly as i did when creating the binarywriter.The binaryreader class takes basically the same parameters, a filestream object, except this time i'm going to specify filemode.Open because i'm not going to be creating a filei'm only trying to read the file.Now i'm going to create the binaryreader and specify the filestream object for it.

Now i'm going to read in the objects in exactly the same order as i wrote them.I'm going to use exactly the same types, too.So, i'm going to create a string and use that to concatenate the time in a readable format.I'm reading them in as int32s and adding a colon in between them.Now that i've concatenated those into a readable time, i'm going to send it to the console with console.Writeline.One last thing to docall those subroutines from the main method.Then, i'll call console.Readkey to make the console wait for me so we can see.

Whats In A Registrypol File

Whats in a registrypol file,Sdmsoftware kevin sullivan of sdm software discusses microsoft windows group policy. Edit a registry on nonbooting computer or without booting into windows,Edit a registry on nonbooting computer or without booting into windows hbcd is a live cd based easytouse tool to create delete edit the windows. Windows registry tutorial,Learn how microsoft windows utilizes the registry how the hierarchy is organized into hives the dangers of manipulating the registry edit or create keys.

How to delete software registry keys from system registry on windows,This is a tutorial on how to clean your registry keys from your system registry cleaning registry keys helps avoiding errors like fake serial key invalid keys. Remove easydialsearch from google chrome in 3 mins,Solve easydialsearch issue solve chrome this setting is enforced by your administrator. Microsoft outlook 2013 tutorial sharing calendars and outlook items,Want all of our free outlook tutorials download our free ipad app at itunesappleusapptutorialtrainingcoursesfromid418130423mt8 more details.

Reading and writing binary files using visual basicnet,Shows you how to write to using binarywriter and read from using binaryreader binary streams and files in thenet framework using visual basicnet and.

How to add a website to compatibility view in internet explorer 11,This is a short tutorial of how to add a website to compatibility view in ie 11 this is for when you are having issues with a site that wont load properly in ie 11. How to safely remove registry files,This is using crap cleaner to remove files slowing down your computer and fixing registry errors if you need any help just ask in the comments.

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