Factors Affecting Speed Of A Computer

Speed of Sound Mechanical waves and sound Physics Khan Academy

if we let a speaker make one short burst, we'll create a pulse wave.We can find the speed of sound by looking at the speed of this compressed region as it travels through the medium.In nonhumid air at 20 degrees celsius, the speed of sound is about 343 meters per second or 767 miles per hour.We can also watch the speed of sound of a repeating simple harmonic wave.The speed of the wave can again be determined by the speed of the compressed regions as they travel through the medium.

Note that the speed of sound does not mean the speed of the air molecules as they move back and forth.The air molecules are moving with the speed, but by the speed of sound, we mean the speed of the disturbance as it moves through the air molecules.We call sound a longitudinal wave because the wave is traveling parallel to the line traced out by the oscillations of the medium.The other type of wave is a transverse wave.Transverse waves happen when the wave velocity points perpendicular to the oscillations of the medium.

Waves on a string or waves on the surface of water are examples of transverse waves.If we look at a graph of the air displacement versus position of the air, we can see that as the wave travels the shape of this wave travels to the right.So, the speed of a sound wave can be found by finding the speed of the peaks or the speed of the valleys or the speed of any single point on the wave shape.To figure out a formula for the velocity of a sound wave,.

Let's look closely at what's happening here.Watch one of the air molecules.It takes one period for this molecule to move back and forth through a full cycle.During this time, the wave shape has moved forward one complete wavelength.This is because the wave has to overlap with its initial shape after one period, because the molecule has to be back where it started after one period.Now, since speed is defined to be the distance per time, the speed of a sound wave has to be the wavelength of the wave.

Divided by the period of the wave.Since the wave is traveling forwards one wavelength per period, or since the frequency is defined to be one over the period, we can rewrite this formula as speed equals wavelength times frequency.This formula is accurate for all kinds of waves, not just sound waves, because a wave has to move one wavelength for every period.Be careful.When looking at this equation, you might think that if you adjust the setting on your speaker and increase the frequency you'd also be increasing the speed of the sound wave,.

But that's not what happens.If you increase the frequency, the wavelength will decrease by that same factor, and the speed of the sound wave will remain the same.In fact, there's nothing you can do to the speaker that would increase the speed of sound.So, how can we change the speed of sound well, the only way to change the speed of sound is to change the medium or the properties of the medium that the sound wave is traveling in.So, to change the speed of sound in air,.

You can change things like the temperature of the air or the humidity of the air or the density of the air, or you can swap out the air entirely for another material, like water or helium or a metal.All of these changes to the medium would affect the speed of sound.People often think that changing the amplitude will change the speed of a sound wave, but it won't.If we create a sound pulse with a large amplitude, it won't travel any faster than a sound pulse with a small amplitude in the same medium.

Relative speed of sound in solids liquids and gases Physics Khan Academy

voiceover to change the speed of sound you have to change the properties of the medium that sound wave is traveling through.There's two main factors about a medium that will determine the speed of the sound wave through that medium.One is the stiffness of the medium or how rigid it is.The stiffer the medium the faster the sound waves will travel through it.This is because in a stiff material, each molecule is more interconnected to the other molecules around it.So any disturbance gets transmitted faster down the line.

The other factor that determines the speed of a sound wave is the density of the medium.The more dense the medium, the slower the sound wave will travel through it.This makes sense because if a material is more massive it has more inertia and therefore it's more sluggish to changes in movement or oscillations.These two factors are taken into account with this formula.V is the speed of sound.Capital b is called the bulk modulus of the material.The bulk modulus is the official way physicists measure.

How stiff a material is.The bulk modulus has units of pascals because it's measuring how much pressure is required to compress the material by a certain amount.Stiff, rigid materials like metal would have a large bulk modulus.More compressible materials like marshmallows would have a smaller bulk modulus.Row is the density of the material since density is the mass per volume, the density gives you an idea of how massive a certain portion of the material would be.For example, let's consider a metal like iron.Iron is definitely more rigid and stiff than air.

So it has a much larger bulk modulus than air.This would tend to make sound waves travel faster through iron than it does through air.But iron also has a much higher density than air, which would tend to make sound waves travel slower through it.So which is it does sound travel faster though iron or slower well it turns out that the higher stiffness of iron more than compensates for the increased density and the speed of sound through iron is about 14 times faster than through air.

This means that if you were to place one ear on a railroad track and someone far away struck the same railroad track with a hammer, you should hear the noise 14 times faster in the ear placed on the track compared to the ear just listening through the air.In fact, the larger bulk modulus of more rigid materials usually compensates for any larger densities.Because of this fact, the speed of sound is almost always faster through solids than it is through liquids and faster through liquids than it is through gases.

Because solids are more rigid than liquids and liquids are more rigid than gases.Density is important in some aspects too though.For instance, if you heat up the air that a sound wave is travelling through, the density of the air decreases.This explains why sound travels faster through hotter air compared to colder air.The speed of sound at 20 degrees celsius is about 343 meters per second, but the speed of sound at zero degrees celsius is only about 331 meters per second.Remember, the only way to change the speed of sound.

What Are The Factors Affecting Computer Speed Or Performance

What are the factors affecting computer speed or performance,Following factors of hardware and software should have a deep impact on performance characteristics for use in speeding up the computer system what are the. A heated discussion about factors that affect computer speed,This movie explains what affects speed and peformance of a computer this tutorial was done for computing in college. Speed of sound mechanical waves and sound physics khan academy,How fast does sound actually travel created by david santopietro watch the next lesson.

Personal computer fundamentals,In this lesson you learned how to identify the factors affecting the speed of the microprocessor explain the facts involved in selecting a microprocessor. Factors affecting movie streaming speeds filmmaking techniques,Subscribe now subscriptioncenteradduserehow watch more ehow a wide variety of different factors. Relative speed of sound in solids liquids and gases physics khan academy,Sounds travels at different speeds in different media created by david santopietro watch the next lesson.

Traffic speed measurement,Final project electric computer engineering at bengurion university bgu background among the main factors affecting road crash injuries speed is.

How do we measure information,How can we quantifymeasure an information source we introduce the ideas of nyquist hartley using a simple game involving yesno questions its important.

Data Packets And Data Transfer Speed

Data packets and data transfer speed,. 40 fuel economy tips factors affecting your cars fuel efficiency improve gas mileage,40 fuel economy tips tip number 1 do not exceed the indicated speed limit tip number 2 do not open your window when travelling especially at high. How to get faster internet factors that affect internet speed,Youtube link for the tutorial i mention is here swatchvmonhi04wcwk test your internet speed here speedtest.

Computer performance part i,First tutorial segment about what factors determine the speed of your windows computer starts with very basic description of computer hardware then discussion. Factors affecting evaporation of liquids 1 and 2,Factors affecting evaporation of liquids 1 and 2 evaporation is a type of vaporization of a liquid that occurs from the surface of a liquid into a gaseous phase. 04 what affects internet speed,Learn about factors that affect internet speed and some tips on how you can boost it subscribe for more 244l2xr visit our websitemelita.

Andy davies speed is essential for a great web experience,Slides available atslideshareandydaviesspeedisessentialforagreatwebexperience42599227 ncc group presentation by andy davies on. Computer memory design factors opengyan,Memory of computers is being discussed in this tutorial the reality of current memory tradeoffs hierarchy of memory factors affecting the design are explained. The best way to orient your 3d prints 3d printing 101,Working out which is the best way to create your parts on your fdm 3d printer can be pretty confusing in this episode i go through the main factors influencing.

How To Increase Your Internet Speed Google Chrome Speed Test

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Understand web development usability websiteoptimization,Why do i need a usable web site web site usability involves enhancing your web site so that the content is understandable and the interface meets your users. Airplane boarding simulation by seat,By seat boading boards passengers in any particular sequence fast sequences mix outsidein with backtofront klm uses smart boarding where a computer.

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