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MacBook Pro Retina 13 2014 Performance Speed Test

Hey everyone this is chad from gadgetguruhd and in this tutorial we're going to be doing a speed and performance test with the all new 13 mid 2014 macbook pro with retina display but before we get into this tutorial i was wondering if anyone is interested in a full fledged comparison between this 13 inch pro and the 15 pro i've also done a couple tutorials with.If that's something you're interested in then let me know by clicking the click to tweet link in the description and leaving a comment down below, anyway let's.

Get into it.Now this specific model is the base 13 inch variant which means it includes a 2.6ghz dualcore intel core i5 processor, 8gbs of ram, 128 gbs of flash storage, and intel iris graphics.The first thing we'll be doing is testing the boot up time, then we'll be running geekbench 3, cinebench, and the black magic disk speed test.Starting off with the boot up time you can see we score just under 12 seconds which is actually slighty faster than the 15 model.Next up is geekbench 3 which is just about the king of benchmarking tests.Now geekbench.

Usually takes several minutes or so to compile a final score, so i'm gonna go ahead and speed this up.Now this 13 macbook pro scored 3137 single core and 6661 multi core.These numbers are essentially a compilation of a bunch of different categories geekbench uses to test which ranges from stream performance, floating point performance, and integer performance.Our next test is cinebench which will test both the cpu and gpu.We receive an open gl score of 23.78 frames per second and we receive a cpu score of 3.11 points.

The final test we'll be doing is a disk speed test which tests the read and write speeds of the machine.Here we see the macbook pro scored 316.5 mb s write speed and 716.4 mb s read speed.To be honest the results of these tests have really really impressed me.Before i wouldn't have considered the base 13 retina macbook pro capable of any serious editing or graphic intensive work.Anyway, if you're interested in purchasing one of these guys i'll have a link down in the description, and don't forget to give this tutorial a like if you enjoyed.

iPad mini vs iPad 4 Speed Test

Hey guys, this is austin and today i'm here with a speed test between the brand new ipad mini and full sized ipad 4.With two very different screen sizes and internals let's take a look to see how the new ipads stack up.My first test is geekbench, an app that measures the overall performance of everything from smartphones to pcs.The ipad 4 is rocking a newer and powerful apple a6x chip which is clocked higher and has twice as much ram as the ipad mini which gives it a big advantage here with a final score of 1765.

Compared to 753 on the mini.Next up we have sunspider which will give you a good idea of how each tablet will handle a complicated website using safari.This doesn't take into account the different screen sizes which definitely favors the ipad 4 for giving you more screen real estate to work with but the numbers don't lie.Here again the ipad smokes the mini being nearly twice as fast.To test gaming performance i used glbenchmark which is a great way to test the graphical horsepower.It runs through a complex egypt.

Scene which stress tests even the most powerful of tablets.As you can see here this is really where the ipad 4 shines with its quad core graphics able to punch out awesome results even while pushing all the pixels on that retina display.The ipad mini is no slouch here either with results on par with most tablets out today.To make things a bit fairer i took the screen size out of the equation and ran it again in the off screen mode.The ipad 4 averaged 50 frames per second while the ipad mini pulls in just 14.While on paper the.

The Gadget Show Web TV Episode 6 Sonos And PC Speed

The gadget show web tv episode 6 sonos and pc speed,In this edition of the gadget show web tv jon checks out the latest music streaming system from sonos and dionne shows you how to speed up your pc. Ipad air 2 vs ipad air speed test,Heres my speed test comparison of the ipad air 2 vs the ipad air first gen subscribe for more tech tutorials tysihelp subscribe to my daily. Airtel broadband 16 mbps speed test delhi,Airtel broadband 16 mbps speed test delhi.

13 retina vs 15 retina macbook pro speed tests comparison,Ayegear gadget travel clothing macbook air ipad iphone pockets in this tutorial i will be comparing the new 13 retina macbook pro. Ipad air 2 vs nvidia shield tablet speed test,Speed test comparison of the most powerful ios product vs the most powerful android product. The gadget show samsung galaxy note 122 ces 2014,We check out samsungs latest range of tablets at this years ces.

Jio 4g vs cognizant speed test,Jio 4g vs cognizant speed test.

Asus chromebook flip vs toshiba chromebook 2 with speed test,Toshiba chromebook flip vs toshiba chromebook 2 2014 cut and run electronic hard by kevin macleod is licensed under a creative commons. Ipad air 2 review the gadget show,Is the ipad air 2 apples best tablet yet we take a look in this very review.

XBOX One Speed Test Comparison Using WIRED WiFi And Powerline Adaptors

Xbox one speed test comparison using wired wifi and powerline adaptors,Hi this tutorial shows the difference in broadband speed between a wired ethernet connection wireless wifi connection and a powerline adaptor connection. Ipad mini 3 review the gadget show,How does apples latest mini tablet fair we take a look in our tutorial review for more fantastic gadget reviews future tech previews and all your favourite the. Testing removable media on tv,Uk gadget show tests out the most popular removable media iomegas rev removable hard drive survives everything except being blown up dont forget how.

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Surface 3 performance test can it replace your laptop,Weve admired its beauty but looks can only get you so far after unboxing the surface 3 last week what we really wanted to know was if the device is actually a. Reliance jio 4g vs airtel 4g speed test comparison indoors,Read more phoneradarreliancejio4gvsairtel4gspeedtest phoneradargetreliancejio4gsimwithoutinvite phone finder. Best of ces 2016,The coolest tech and best gadgets ces 2016 edition weirdest tech on the planet syoutubewdsh1krw38 subscribe.

The Gadget Show How To Make Phonecalls From Your PC

The gadget show how to make phonecalls from your pc,In this how to dionne shows you how you to make phonecalls from your pc. Ipad pro durability drop test,The new ipad pro is out its time to see how well it stands in both a side and front facing 4 foot drop test facebook sfacebooktechrax. The gadget show nexus 7 review,Does googles nexus 7 have what it takes to dominate the tablet market find out in our tutorial review right herefor more news and previews head to.

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News round up 230514 the gadget show,We take a look at some of the best tech news stories from the last week including ees new tablet the eagle the surface pro 3 minecraft on next gen. Macbook air 13 2013 haswell vs macbook pro retina 15 speed test imovie rendering,Ayegear gadget travel clothing with ipad macbook pockets apple macbook air 13 haswell specs 13ghz dualcore intel core i5. Ipad pro 97 vs ipad air 2 full comparison,In this tutorial sakitech will do a full and complete comparison between the ipad pro 97 inches vs the ipad air 2 we will look at all the details including.

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