How To Improve My Speed On My Computer

Improving Your Computers Performance From the Desktop with Kevin Randy

Kevin come on.This game is so slow.Get over here.Go this direction.Come on.Randy what the heck is up kevin well i'm trying to play this game but it's all slow.See look at this.Everywhere i try to get him to move, he goes slow, the thing moves wrong.Randy aren't games supposed to be fun kevin when they're working right.That's the idea.Randy yeah, that's pretty bad.Kevin so.I don't know.What do i do with it randy well.I mean is it just your game have other things been acting up or going slow.

Kevin well i got the pc about a year ago, and over time it's gotten a little slower i guess.Especially when i'm online and doing things like playing a game, it's gotten a lot slower.Randy well that's pretty choppy.I imagine you've got some some stuff going on behind the scenes.Things building up, files building up.I think it's time to clean your computer up a little bit.Kevin so like while i'm in the game, clean it what do you mean randy no, clean it up on the inside.

You probably have a lot of files that have built up over time.There could be other things running in the background.The more things you install.Kevin so you're saying it could be my fault.Randy no, i'm not trying to lay blame here.Kevin okay well lets look and see.I'll close this game.Lets find out.I'm just going to close down these things then, get them out of the way so you can show me what i need to do next.Randy well you said it was getting slower when you were connecting to the internet kevin right.

Kevin okay, well that to me, you want to be very cautious because there might be a virus on your computer.Viruses are very bad.Do you have virus protection installed kevin i'm pretty sure i do.I have a thing here.I think it's called microsoft security essentials.So lets open it.Randy that's good because if you had a virus you could potentially be infecting other people's pc's, because if you have a virus it'll want to copy itself to others on the internet.So when you go to connect to the internet, if your internet gets really.

Slow, it's because it's sending itself out trying to look for other computers to infect.But it looks like your computer's protected, uptodate, you've scanned recently.Kevin well i just let this thing go.It just runs on its own.I never really scan any stuff.It just does it, so hopefully i'm up to date.That's the idea i think.Randy well that's good.That's what you want.Kevin well that's one thing i've always wondered, is i've heared of like adware, spyware, and you go online you see all these people.I'm afraid they're.

Probably giving me some kind of virus if i went to their site but what are those things adware, spyware.Randy adware is just software that is paying for itself through advertising, meaning that when you connect to the internet it downloads some advertisement and that's what takes a little longer when you connect because it's downloading stuff.Spyware though is one you want to be concerned about because it's software that could potentially be sending other people your information.Kevin oh, that's not good.So does this catch it or do i have to download some other utilities.

Randy yeah microsoft security essentials is pretty good at catching stuff like that.Kevin so i'm scanned.It's not this that's causing my problem.This is green.I have green.Randy yes you have green so go ahead and close that down.Kevin all right so i'm getting rid of that.Randy right and i noticed you said you closed the programs earlier you didn't actually close them.You minimized them.Go ahead and bring them back up again.Kevin yeah i guess that i was just trying to get them out of the way.

Randy yeah well they're not really out of the way because if they're still open they're still taking up your system resources.Your system resources are valuable because every little bit of memory that is being used by something else can't be used by that game you were playing.That's why you were getting so frustrated, right so go ahead, to close them down click the x.You acutally have to close them down.Kevin i guess i didn't close any of them.All right i think i'm closed now.Randy yeah but you still have a lot of stuff open.

Kevin so these things count too all this stuff counts randy yes, every little bit counts.Everything that you see on the screen is taking up memory.I notice one in particular here, down in your systems tray.It looks like you have peer to peer sharing software.File sharing software.Kevin yeah well, i like to download mp3's what can i say i like music.Randy that one in particular, when you have peer to peer sharing software installed, if it's just sitting in the background running and you don't know about it,.

It's probably using up your internet to support other people's connections.Kevin even when i'm not just downloading my own files randy that's correct.That's the default status for most peer to peer sharing software.Kevin so if it's on is it on right now if it's down here does that mean that it's running right now randy yes.Kevin well i guess that's not a good thing.Randy well if you're not using it, then just uninstall it or shut it down.Kevin shut it off just rightclick and close or something randy well it depends on the software.If you can shut it down.

From within the software's menu options and in shutting it down i mean actually preventing it from opening with windows.Kevin oh so you mean like when i start windows it's coming on and loading then randy correct.That's when most of these types of things start.Like i notice here you have looks like an hp.Kevin yeah all this stuff up here just comes in as part of my desktop when i load it.Randy right, and so going into the options and preventing them is the best way.Kevin all right so how do i do that so.

I don't have to just keep closing them every time it opens up, because i could click the x but what do you do to stop it randy well it depends on the software.The best method is to go in into the softwares menu options and if there's an option in there for preventing the software from opening, use it.Kevin okay but what if it's not randy you can also use microsoft configuration utility.Msconfig kevin okay yeah i think that's familiar.I used that a long time ago.I was told by a friend that i could make my pc start faster.

If i removed startup items.Is that what we're talking about it randy that's what you're doing.You're removing startup items.So just type msconfig into the search line.There you go.One thing that i like to do is just go right to diagnostic startup.That will prevent all of your startup items from loading, and then if you click the startup tab.Kevin okay, when i did this i had done selective startup and i went through and i chose what i wanted to start with it or what i.

Didn't want and things like that.Randy right.It depends.You can do it either way.Kevin but i'm trying diagnostic.Okay.Randy diagnostic just prevents everything from starting.Hit your startup tab.There you go.Kevin oh, so there's nothing checked.When i do it there's.Randy yeah so you just go through check the ones that you know and want.Kevin okay.Randy and you can make that a little wider so that you can actually read what it is.Go ahead and i would keep microsoft security essentials.You know you want that because that's your.

Virus.Kevin what about services randy there's a little button down there that says hide all microsoft services.I'd recommend doing that just because if you prevent some of those essential services from starting you might have problems, such as your audio.Kevin yeah well i don't want to shut off the sound.Randy and that's exactly what will happen in this so you need to go through and.Kevin get the right things randy yep.Kevin so right here i proably want my game console because i think that's the game i was playing.

So i'll probably check that.All right so i just click apply and go from there randy well look here there's one called nvidia display driver service.You might want to have that.That's your graphics card.Kevin okay, so if i click apply and i start this all up and it comes back and it's not like the way i want it randy then you can come back in here and then put it back to the way it was.Kevin okay, so i just click here and just do that again,.

Like, go back and change some of the startup items or something.Randy and i noticed that now it's switched over to selective startup.Kevin oh, because i made selections.Randy because you added selections.That's correct.Kevin okay, so whatever i do here it's not going to kill my pc.I can just come back and add some more checkboxes and then do it again to get it how i want.Randy or just put it back to normal startup to bring it back to the way it was.Kevin okay, cool.

All right, i'll just click apply then.Randy and then ok.It's going to restart your computer.Kevin all right.Okay.Randy and then restart.Kevin all right so we're back.It's restarted.Randy you notice a lot of things are missing now.Things that were there there before that aren't there now.Kevin i'm missing my little media center thing here.Randy right so all those programs were once taking up your valuable memory that your game could be using, now they're not they're taking that memory.But while we're here you should.

Go ahead and uninstall the things that you're not using any more to give you more disk space.Kevin okay so like these icons here that come on the desktop, i've never done anything with them.Is that what you mean just remove stuff like programs i don't want randy yeah, if you don't want it, don't use it.Uninstall it.Kevin all right so i'll just put it in the recycle bin.All right, that did something randy um, yeah that did something.It moved it into the recycle bin, but it didn't uninstall the program so.

All the hard drive space is still taken up by that program still being there.So you need to actually go into the windows uninstaller.Kevin so throwing it away isn't getting rid of it.Okay so what do i do then randy you just removed the desktop icon.Start, and then go to control panel.That's where the uninstaller is.And under programs you'll see uninstall a program.There you go.Kevin so i look in here for that program.Randy go through the list, select what you want.Kevin there it is.

All right now i just click uninstall on it randy yep, and then follow the screens.Kevin all right so just click yes and follow what's in there.So that's going to uninstall as it goes through here.Okay, so then what i've uninstalled some programs.Randy well, you've uninstalled a program.There's a lot more programs on the list.You can just go through here and go shopping.There are some that are more important than others.For example, if you see one in they're called python don't uninstall it.

Because it's a script that hp puts on some of its pc's.Other than that, if you're not using the software program just uninstall it.You'll get a lot of important hard drive space back.Also you have these things called temporary files.You mentioned that your computer was getting slower over time.Kevin right.Randy so if you have your temporary file directly, this is the directory where software programs will temporarily install files while they're installing themselves, but a lot of times those files are left behind.If the files kind of.

Build up over time and get too many, then it takes a lot longer for things to install and for other software programs that use that directory.Kevin so it's like plaque buildup or something.It just keeps building up over time.Randy exactly, so brush your computer's teeth by going in and removing that.Microsoft has a great tool called the disk cleanup utility that gets rid of a lot of temporary files.Kevin all right so let's clean up these disks.What do i do i'm assuming i'm clicking start and going somewhere.

Randy you assume correctly.The disk cleanup utility, you want to click start then go up to accessories.Find accessories from the start menu.There it is.Okay, and then go down to system tools kevin all right.Randy and there you should see disk cleanup.Kevin ah, there it is.And i just select my c drive.That's the drive i'm on.Okay, and it's doing stuff already.It's scanning for something.It's calculating right now.Randy yes, right now it's going through and it's looking at all of the different types of directories and.

What files are in there.Kevin it's trying to find the source of the plaque laughs randy so if you look through here, it's going to do some recommendations.Some of them that are already selected.Off to the right you'll see that it lists the amount of space that you can gain by cleaning them up.And if you look there's 13.9 megabytes by cleaning up the temporary files.There's thumbnails, there's setup files, things like that.This was actually pretty clean but you can get back 14 megabytes of space by leaving that checked.Kevin get rid of that temporary stuff.Okay.

So i just check the things that i want it to clean out.Randy right, and you'll notice recycle bin is one of them.So go ahead and select the ones that you want, and just click ok.Kevin are you sure yes i want to delete the files.All right so looks like the files are all gone we've wiped all that stuff out, the temporary files and all that.Randy yeah, you're getting closer.Kevin i'm not done randy well, you gotta ask yourself, are you a hardcore gamer.

Kevin i want a game to work well.As you saw, i don't do well when they don't.Randy all right, to better blow the brains out of your zombies or whatever it is you're doing you can go and adjust microsoft's visual properties, the visual settings, because i guess there's a lot of things that goes on in windows.The smoothing of fonts, animating menus, things like that.That all takes up processor time and memory as well.So one thing that you can do, windows makes it easy so you can just go in there and turn all those things off before you.

Play a game.Kevin so if you don't like the fancy features, or if you don't want them so much but you want your game to run better and whatever, it just turns off some of this stuff.Randy yeah, you can turn them back on later if you want them back.So to get there click start, rightclick on computer, go to properties, there you go, advanced system settings.Look at all those things.Kevin wow, i guess there's a lot that is running that you don't even think about.Look at all that stuff checked.Randy but if you're just going to play a game, just select where it says.

Adjust for best performance kevin woah, everything goes away.Randy and then say apply.You'll notice things you look a little different.Kevin okay it's changing, changed the gray bar down here, and start button changed.Okay so i click ok, and ok again.Randy that's correct.Kevin all right so, is that it or what anything else are we done randy well, your background also takes up a little.I mean, if you're really hardcore and you want every last ounce of memory, go in there and rightclick on the windows display desktop.

And click personalize and select a blank background.You do that by clicking desktop background.This can give you another megabyte or so in memory.And then where it says picture location click the drop down there, select solid colors, and then click black, because black is the new pink.Kevin hey! the background is changed.It's black and it's looking good.I can already tell by my mouse.I don't think it's ever moved this fast.It's looking good.I'm eager to play my game now.Randy well don't play your game just yet.

When you actually launch a game, most games have advanced display settings themselves so you can go in there and tweak the performance of the game.So typically when you use a lower display resolution, the game doesn't look as crisp but it plays a lot better.It's a lot more smooth.So you wanna try to find a comfortable display resolution that you can use for your game.There's also lots of nice visual effects that you can usually play around with like shadows and things like that.You can either turn them off or you can have.

Them on.Just experiment with it.Have fun.Kevin yeah i know my game does have some of those settings so i'll have to play with them, but i'm betting it's going to be much better.I can just tell, i mean this makes me so happy just seeing how fast it's going to right now.Randy well good.Kevin cool, so anything else is that it randy no that's it.You should be able to play your games in record time now and blow up all kinds of zombies.Kevin oh cool.So here we are.We just.

How to Speed Up Your Typing

One of my new year's resolutions was to learn how to type faster, and i realized i was going to need to break my bad habit of the technique that i created.The universally accepted way is the asdf jkl way.It's way more accurate and you don't have to move your fingers as much as the solution that i was doing.What i would do, is i would literally try to find the keys i would use two pointer fingers and my thumb for space, and i would litterally.

Look down and type, and i realized that wasn't going to do it.I needed to learn the asdf jkl technique.And i started about two months ago, and oh my god the improvement is amazing.You really, really should start right now.The sooner you start the better.So i am here to show you great techniques you probably already know the asdf jkl, you sort of probably understand the basics of it.But you don't really know tips.I am here to give you tips.So if you want to learn how to type faster, stick around.Beep.One of the really important.

Things when learning the asdf jkl technique, especially if you haven't done it before, especially if you did what i did and are trying the break that bad habit, because with the technique that i was doing i created it i sort of looked down but i also sort of looked at the monitor, but i was super inaccurate and i was always backspacing and it just was not effective at all.It was really inefficient.And the universally accepted way is the asdf technique.And that is, it can take a while.It took me a few weeks to really get the hang.

Of it.The first couple days you are in this weird stage.You are still trying to do your old technique, but you also realize you sort of realize you are in a transition phase.So it can be weird.But after i would say the two or three week mark, it definitely is worth it.So the website that i found that is excellent at this and it makes the workload, and i did it about twenty minutes a day is called keybr.I am going to show you in.

Just a second just how effective it is.And there is also another thing that i will do afterward.As for how fast i type now, i am at about the two month mark of using the technique, and i have increased my wordsperminute by about twenty.1520.You can get a lot faster.My accuracy before was about 7580 percent, and now i am getting 95100 percent almost every single time.And it's just so much more effective, and if you stick to it, it's possibly going to be one of the greatest things you have ever done.Ok guys, so once you get to.

This website i am in incognito because it saves my progress through this and i want to show you how it looks like once you actually get on the website.So as you remember, and like i just showed you, asdf jkl.You just keep doing this.Now i do this a lot, so i rarely mess up.But you just keep doing this.And what this does actually, you'll see this right here it shows you the speed.Right here is the errors, and right here is.

The score you can pay attention to it if you want or you don't have to if not.So what this actually does, for these keys it calibrates it.It calibrates it for all of them.And what it does emphasizes different letters depending on what you need to work with.So i can actually show you mine.So what this does i'll show you something so that was 74 words per minute.That speed was 74 words per minute.So when i do this, and some days i'm off and others.Actually, here is an example.Let's say i hit space, and i'm about to type.

In t , but for some reason i accidentally type in r , what it's going to do, it's not going to let me type in anything until i type in t.Now what i do is it's red.Remember, perfect practice makes perfect.You don't want to be practicing the wrong thing.So i just backspace and hit t again, and yes it still counts as a mistake as you'll see hold on, let me finish this.Now that counted as two mistakes.So if i do this e, a, e,.

A, l, l, oil, etc.That was one error.So it still counts, and the score you don't really have to pay attention to.But what you'll notice, especially around week two or three like i was talking about earlier.It starts to become second nature.You'll notice that you speeds are going to really start to pick up.When i first started this, i averaged about 2530 words per minute, and that i just horrendous.Before i was doing about 4046, 4047, and now if i go to 10fastfingers this is an actual typing test this is.

Where you learn, to type out, this is where i always test how fast i am.I do this okay, i can't really do this while i am recording and i hate when people are watching me alright, i'll start.So you just keep doing this and then at the end you just keep doing this and you will notice a lot of results.You will notice results.It's not going to be this this is sort of cool.It really just does work more.Uh, keep doing this.So what i.

Reccomend, is i reccomend about twenty minutes a day of this.And i will actually show you let me just altf4 really quickly.Okay, so this is the one that i always play, i don't know why it says 31 words that's not true.Confidence level is the closer to 1 the better.Your mastery level.I really don't care about this.But one thing that you'll notice is the l s i sort of have a little issue with, the k s, i mean that's what i am on right now.It does actually get harder.So what's really weird and awkward is it.

Will do a lot of p s and when you get to the q s, and the p s, it gets really awkward.Uh, i don't know why it says y s, i don't really have a problem with them.So you just keep doing this for a while, and you will, i tell you, you will see results.If for some reason you heed my advice, and actually start learning this.Uh if you are already doing this technique and are slow, i would just give this a go every once in a while, if you.

Already are using the asdf jkl technique.You will speed up, i'm not going, you will speed up, depending on how fast you are already typing.Some people really do have a limit.I uh, don't honestly know how far or what my limit is or what it is going to be.So i just keep doing this oops, i made a mistake.And that is keybr.The only thing i can do, which i want to make it perfectly clear, if you are wondering that this was not helpful.

At all, i can give you the tools to help you to get better at typing, but the only thing i need from you.Actually don't give it to me, do it for yourself.Do it for yourself.This isn't just for typing but for anything in general you need to be dedicated.The only thing that you can do for yourself is dedication.I can only give you the tools.I have already given you the tools.Now i need you to be dedicated.That is the only way that you will ever, ever, ever become a better typer.If you liked this tutorial, remember.

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Speed up any computerlaptop by 200 windows 78vistaxp hd,Visit my personal website for free advice daily blog and tips also click on the links from tab for all the links i speak aboutrainfordit if. How to speed up your computerlaptop windows 10 windows 81 faster gaminggamer free easy,My tutorial shows quickly how to speed up your pc do these two things to increase your computer speed see how to speed up your laptop performance. How to increase your computers speed and performance,Twittertwitterdeeceness website ssitesgooglesitedeecenesssite ccleaner filehippodownloadccleaner.

How to increase your computer speed without any softwares,Watch this tutorial plz comment this and also rate this tutorial. How to speed up your computer windows 8 free easy,Quickly see how to speed up your pc internet too increase your computer speed by doing these 3 things you can see how to speed up your laptop computer. How to improve your computers performance hd,10 simple steps to speed up your computer see double changes in your pc and gamings performance 100 effective songs used mick gordan.

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How to increase your processor speed,Bringing you how to increase processor speed part 2 in depth all things you need are in your pc please be sure to rate comment and subscribe. How to speed up your computerpclaptop windows 10 tips tweaks faster gaming free easy,A tutorial on how to speed up windows 10 plus faster gaming faster gamer your faster laptop computer equals faster gaming that equals faster.

How To Make Your Windows 10 Computer Faster Increased Performance Best Settings

How to make your windows 10 computer faster increased performance best settings,A tutorial showing you how get your windows 10 pc running as fast as possible ill be making more windows 10 tutorials so please hit that subscribe button. How to speed up windows 7,This tutorial shows you how to speed up windows 7 the methods shown in the tutorial are completely safe and will improve the performance of windows 7. How to speed up your typing,In this tutorial i show you how you can increase your typing speed website used in this tutorialkeybr what did you guys think of this style of tutorial.

How to improve game performance faster game pc free easy,A tutorial on how to speed up your computer and how to improve the gaming performance of your computer a tutorial on how to speed up your pc for gaming. How to speed up your computer hindi,Computer educational video made in pandaveswar. How to speed up windows 8 or 81 free and easy,Brought to you byrasmurtech how to speed up windows 10 swatchvkk6oolahd9y buy techofmind merch to.

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