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Kids react to technology! this episode old computers! finebros today you are reacting to this! what is this what is that uh, a computer ooh, it's an old computer.It looks cool! i like pressing buttons.It's.Huge.It's very huge.If you don't a desk, where do you put this it looks very hipster.Question time! finebros so it's an computer yes.Finebros from the late 1970s or early 80s.What do you think of it just from looking at it kinda like those old televisions that are very boxy.

Finebros go ahead! turn it on.Um.Nothing's happening.Finebros so you turn the monitor on, where else might an on switch be uhhhh.Oh! wait.Hello! tapping glass how do i do this finebros it's in the back.Oh, pfff.Oh! i see where it is.Computer beeps and whirs why does it have to make so much noise and there's nothing on the screen.Doesn't look anything like what we have now.Apps! games! websites! everything.But this thing right here has nothing! finebros go ahead and try to do something on the computer.

Nothing's happening.Um.Uh.How do i do this finebros you can't do anything or even type until you hit a reset button that's on the computer ugggggh! reset! computer boops it's very tedious.It's like preflight checks kind of.That is too many steps! finebros how do you do anything maybe press shift.Okay, that didn't do anything.Where's the mouse where's the mouse finebros everything is just done with the keyboard.What! finebros okay, now nah, no, no, no.Finebros okay, okay, okay! i'm gonna write my name.

Giggling wait, it doesn't matter.Blah blah blah.Are there any programs on it finebros you had to type into the keyboard to get it to do anything.So if i type in games.Hit return.Error! ah! error.This computer is an error.Finebros how do you go on the internet you, um.Um.Computer boops what pretty sure timothy berners lee didn't create it yet.Finebros there was no internet back then! what! then how do you look up homework finebros you gotta go to the library!.

Who wants to do that finebros so computers back then could only do limited things.For example, you can do math, type documents and code.But that's about it.Are you serious that's mind blowing.That was the peak of technology.Now it seems kinda worthless.Well, it's kinda good because it was kinda the first technology, but.Computers today are kind of better.Finebros let's do some math.Go ahead, type in a math problem.Two.Plus.Two.Return.I don't see anything.Finebros when you just type numbers out, the computer doesn't know.

What you want it do.It just sees the numbers.You need to give it a command to let it know, hey! i'm about to give you numbers! answer the math problem! that doesn't make any sense! you have to give some sort of command and then type in what you want it to do this would be the hardest thing in the world! finebros so what you need to do is you have to type the world print first.Oh.Math has nothing to do with print! i don't get how you have to put print when nothing prints out.

Now just press print.Oh.Return.Oh! it did it! i feel so proud of myself.Finally! take a thousand years.I don't get it.And i also don't get the 1970s.The person that was using this a long time ago must have a lot of codes right next to them.I don't want to do this anymore! finebros so besides the computer, there is something else next to it.These things.Finebros do you have any idea what those things are oh, it's a paper printer power source external disk drives.

finebros they're actually used for this.Hey! a cd! it's a cd case.A floppy disk.Oh, floppy disk! it was like a flash drive.Finebros they actually call that a floppy disk.Waaaah! laughs oh yeah, it is floppy.Finebros that big computer has no hard drive on it.That's horrible! then why is it so big finebros so floppy disks were used to store data.Floppy disks could also come with programs on them.So the one you're holding has a version of dos.Dots finebros you know what dos is no.

No.No.I think it it can be somebody's last name.Finebros do you want to play a game on the computer uh, yeah! yes! could you grab the floppy disk, please finebros go ahead, put it in.How do i put this in finebros oh, it might.Is the lid shut finebros alright, turn it around.No, other way.Now turn it around.It doesn't suck it in finebros shut it.This isn't working.Do i just press something print.Finebros try it! disk.Return.It said zero.I don't like this computer.Really don't.

Finebros if the computer was already on and you put in the disk, you gotta turn the computer off and turn it back on.Ooh my gosh! you guys are crazy.Computer whirring yes! it worked.Finebros okay, let me help you.No, no, no! don't touch it.Uh, i don't like it.It works at least! finebros no.I think the game broke.I think it messed up.Do i have to pay for it too much pixellation.Game over! it's green, which makes it look ugly.I like this better than flappy bird!.

Finebros so every computer, even today, has something called a processor inside of it and depending on how good your processor is is how powerful the machine is.You would need at least 850 of those computers to equal the single power of this one small phone.What how can they do that technology is awesome! look at how humanity has used their intellect.Pretty awesome! truth! finebros so, finally, would you want one of these today sorta.It's pretty cool.No.It can do really nothing.I have better things, so why would i want this.

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Kids react to old computers,Thanks to our friends at halt and catch fire check it outamctvshowshaltandcatchfire premieres june 1st sundays 109c on amc old. How to speed up your computer windows 8 free easy,Quickly see how to speed up your pc internet too increase your computer speed by doing these 3 things you can see how to speed up your laptop computer. Boost your computer speed quick minute tech,This tutorial quickly describes how to speed up your computer without overclocking follow me on social show more twitter stwitterthiojoe.

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