How To Improve Your Computer Startup Speed

9 Ways to Make your Computer Run Faster

9 ways to make your computer run faster hello youtube.This is praveen from techempty.Here is the detailed tutorial showing how to make your computer run faster and smoother by doing few tweaks to the settings of operating system.Follow this tutorial carefully to know the 9 ways to speed up the computer or laptop.So,lets get started.Number 1 removing temporary files.Open run by pressing windows r keys and then type temp and hit ok.It will open up a window with all temporary files.Select and delete them all to make your computer run faster.

Number 2 again removing temporary files.There are two locations actually where the temp files will be stored.So, open run by pressing windows r keys and now type just temp then hit ok.Delete all the files and folders which are in opened window.Number 3 deleting prefetched files.Open run again by typing windows r keys then now type prefetch.If it asks for permission, allow it to delete all prefetched files which help to improve the performance of the computer or laptop.Number 4 using disk cleanup.If you are using windows 7, then use the search bar to get the disk.

Clean up wizard or in case of windows 8, go to metro dashboard then here select settings and now search for disk clean up.Open the disk clean up wizard and select c drive to clean.Select ok and wait for few seconds to get clean up dialogue box.Here select all files and select ok.Confirm to delete all files.It will take few seconds to minutes based on the clutter present.This is one of the methods to make your pc or laptop run faster and smoother.Number 5.

Increasing virtual ram.Open my computer properties and then select advanced system properties.Here in the advanced tab, in the performance section, select settings.Now in the performance advanced tab, select change to change virtual memory.Uncheck automatically manage paging option to edit the ram allocation.Here select custom size and enter the ram size.Since i'm having 8 gigs where 4 gb is accessible, im making it to 8 gb.Means multiplying 1024 with 8.So entering 8192 here as minimum and maximum ram.Select set then click ok.It will ask you to restart pc to take effect of new settings.

Do it to increase the performance of the pc or a laptop.Number 6 managing startup applications and processors.Open run by typing windows r keys then type msconfig.Manage the startup apps from startup tab.Disable unwanted programs that starts soon after booting the pc.And in the boot tab select advanced options.Over here select number of processors and set to maximum in my case selecting 6 and check the maximum memory.Confirm all the changes and it will ask you to restart the pc.Do it to make your computer run faster.

And smoother.Number 7 improving system performance by editing registry.Open run by typing windows r keys and type regedit.Here go to hkeylocalmachine then system then current control set then control then session manager then memory management then prefetch parameters.Here find enablesuperfetch and double click on it to change the value.Change the value to 0 then confirm by selecting ok.That's it.Number 8 changing folder settings.This is simple but effective.Go to folder and search options and in view tab select always show icons, never thumbnails and uncheck display.

File icon on thumbnails.Confirm the changes by selecting ok.Number 9 changing the security level to account users.Go to metro dashboard and start searching for user accounts in the settings section.Open the user settings and select change user account control settings.Drag the bar over to the bottom and save the settings by pressing ok.That's it.I never ask you to accept the permissions which improve the performance of the pc.That's it.Hope this tutorial will help you to make your pc run faster and smoother.

How To Make Your Windows 10 Computer Faster Increased Performance Best Settings

How to make your windows 10 computer faster increased performance best settings,A tutorial showing you how get your windows 10 pc running as fast as possible ill be making more windows 10 tutorials so please hit that subscribe button. How to speed up windows 81 and make fast startup boot run max performance increase ram and cpu,How to speed up windows 81 and make fast startup boot run max performance increase ram and cpu another method youtubef3piflfguv8 enable old. Massively speed up pc boot up time,Just following these simple steps will massively speed up your pc or laptop time hope you guys found this useful ross.

How to make your computer faster windows 10 edition 200 performance boost,In this tutorial i show you guys how to make your computer faster although this was made for windows 10 users specifically most of these will work for windows 8. How to speed up your computer windows 8 free easy,Quickly see how to speed up your pc internet too increase your computer speed by doing these 3 things you can see how to speed up your laptop computer. How to speed up windows 8 or 81 free and easy,Brought to you byrasmurtech how to speed up windows 10 swatchvkk6oolahd9y buy techofmind merch to.

Startup speed fix your slow pc,Bestselling learn guitar on android learnguitarandroid in this tutorial mahalo expert sean hewitt describes how you can speed your computers.

100 works how to make windows 7 boot amazingly faster,This tutorial guides you on how to make your windows 7 bootstartbegin fasterquicker by following such simple steps given in the tutorial this will dramatically. 9 ways to make your computer run faster,Here is the detailed tutorial showing how to make your computer run faster and smoother by doing few tweaks to the settings of operating system follow this.

How To Make Your Computer BOOT FASTER The All Black Windows 7 Boot Screen

How to make your computer boot faster the all black windows 7 boot screen,Audio issues fixed welcome back to tech yes city today i will be taking you guys through a quick guide as to how i get fast boots times on windows 7. Windows 7 tip speed up your computers startup time,Boost your windows 7 startup time. How to make your pclaptop run faster 3 simple steps,Make your technology work around you check out the official ramcubed website for more helpful tutorials and much moreramcubed ram on.

Windows loads slow how to speed up windows 7 startup,To speed up windows 7deletecomputerhistoryspeedupwindows7 what to to do when windows loads slow you can use windows 7. Msconfig improve your boot up speed,Hey guys a lot of people sometimes wander how to speed up their computer especially the boot part where people often have to wait 10 minutes before they. How to improve gaming performance on your pclaptop,This tutorial is old i made a new version swatchvmngcvrhcb8 this tutorial has 2 parts in the first one show how to optimize your.

How to make your computer boot faster,Learn how to improve your computers booting speed without upgrading or changing hardwarethecomputermadesimple music by longzijun. Howto speed up your computer startup time boost your computer performance,A trick to show you howto speed up the startup time of your computer simple but efficent after the reboot dont forget to subscribe for more. How to increase your internet speed google chrome speed test,In this tutorial see how to increase internet speed quickly learn how to increase your internet speed and experience a increase in your computer speed so you.

Speed Up Windows 10 Computer By 100 Increase Boot Speeds Make Windows Faster

Speed up windows 10 computer by 100 increase boot speeds make windows faster,How to increase windows 10 performance increase startupboot times any problems let me know in the comment section below subscribe. Computer running slow at startup check out this quick tip,Slow running computer fix use msconfig to improve computers speed at startup you can disable certain programs that autostart at startup and spend less. How to increase speed of your pc and laptopstartup and shutdown,Increase your startup and shutdown speed in seconds follow me oneverythingtechrelated facebook.

How to speed up a slow computer,If you like interesting life stories check out my other channel swatchvykqwlmawcfi hello youtube in this tutorial i. How to speed up my computer windows 7 8 81 speed up to 200,Fix slow running computer boost your computer speed up to 200 here is easy and quick fix for slow running computers these tips are easy to perform even a. Make your windows 10 pc boot and run faster,Subscribe to this channel for more helpful tips subscribewindows10update after a few weeks of using your windows 10 pc you may start to notice.

How to increase your computer boot speed,Hi guys in this tutorial im showing you how to increase the speed of your computer boot plz comment and like also subscribe. How to increasespeed up your computers bootstartup speed vista edition hd,Im going to be showing you a way to slightly increase your computers bootstartup speed but first could you please click the yellow subscribe button to the.

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