How To Increase Processor Speed After Rooting

Enhance Android Performance And Save Battery Using CPU Tuner ROOT

Hello everybody and welcome to techsperts channel this is the first tutorial tutorial in the android device tuning series in this tutorial i'm gonna teach you how to tune your processor and performance and battery usage using cpu tuner which is a free app that you can find easily on the google play store just type in cpu tuner and i'll put a link in the description for this tutorial we're gonna need a rooted device as you can see here this device has root permissions then we gonna need to download cpu tuner and open it and grant access for it i've already.

Done that these are the system configurations in the cpu tuner it's aaaaaa basically for performance tuning and so we're gonna choose any of these i'm gonna choose extreme power user and now we're in the application now these profiles is what you gonna need these profiles determine how the cpu tuner application is going to modify your processor performance in other means, if you want better performance you choose performance if you want power saving you choose power save and you can also alter the frequency of your processor from this.

Slider right here and choose the governor of the processor full speed or save battery or whatever.Now what's good about this application is that you can make these triggers these triggers trigger the profiles automatically at certain battery levels.So here we are in triggers i want my mobile phone to always have good performance except under 50 battery.So this is battery level 100 i'll choose good, good i don't want very good performance so i'll just choose good not performance.Screen off i'll choose extreme powersave and on power i choose powersave call in progress, normal.And save this one here now i want.

The performance to degrade under 50 battery level in order to save more battery so i'm gonna choose power save, power save, power save and power save.And save this and you can modify all the triggers you like you can add more triggers whatever you like.And this is the profiles to determine the services if you want it unchanged or you wanna change it i like to leave it unchanged which means that this profile for example if you trigger the phone to switch to extreme powersave under 50 of battery level you can choose the phone.

To automatically turn off wifi but i like to leave it unchanged.And you can also alter the frequency of each profile.I mean alter the frequency of the processor now we're done with this application i'm gonna show you one thing else, if you wanna disable cpu tuner you untick this right here and press yes you can donate to this application by clicking this buy me a beer.Thank for watching if you like this tutorial leave a thumb up and please subscribe to the channel for more, bookmark this playlist to watch the next tutorials and stay tuned for the next tutorial about.

Speed Up Your Android Device Without Installing Any Software

Speed up your android device without installing any software,Yes you heard it rightno 3rd party appsno ram boostersno root requiredyou can speed up your android phone or tablet by using these simple settings. Boost performance battery life on your android device howto,How to optimize your cpu ram with lspeed root required full tutorial. Speed up your android device increase processor speed,Facebook page sf8y3hw google seak5i6 yes as you watched it rightno 3rd party appsno ramboostersno root requiredyou.

How to make android faster increase performance on any android device,Today im going to show you how to make your android device faster there are 3 methods in this tutorial that will dramatically increase the speed i only included. How to increase your android phone cpu speed in hindi,This process requied rooted phonelearn how to increase or decrease cpu speed of your android mobile phone for better and fast performance if we decrease. How to increase ram on your android phone upto 4 gb 2016,Dont forget to be the cool guy who gives a thumbs up to this tutorial do subscribe for more like comment share subscribe to theandroidguy.

How to speed up your ram on your android device without root,Now free and speed up your ram on your android device without root by following 4 stepsit free your device ram upto 5060 image by google search.

Moto g how to improve performance root,Fireflex rom toolbox pro apk 1b3w8o9 min free values foreground 6mb. Top 5 must to do things after rooting your android,Thumbs uplike if it was helpful subscribe for more quality tutorials like this how to root your android device without pc.

How To Increase Android Phone Speed Rooted

How to increase android phone speed rooted,This app helps you in increasing or decreasing the processor speed of your android phone but it require root so make sure you are using a rooted phone. Enhance android performance and save battery using cpu tuner root,Hello everybody and welcome to techsperts this is the first tutorial in the our new series android device tuning so go ahead and bookmark this playlist for more. How to use setcpu for android,Learn more about setcpu atphonebuff201106howtousesetcpuforandroid this is a tutorial on how to use setcpu for android in order to.

Overclock and change your cpu on your android,Easy and quick way on how to over clock and speed up your android phone question we got answers go check out our facebook or instagram and ask your. How to boost speed speed up any android device quick and easy,Show more droidmodderx twitter droidmodderx how to root any android device swatchv8miztzcqu4k lucid. How to increase your wifi speed without root your phone in hindi,Wifi developer.

How to overclock speed of cpu in android,In this tutorial well be telling you how to overclock the speed of cpu in android smartphones cpuzsplaygooglestoreappsdetailsidcomcp. How to get better battery life on android using trickstermod root only,Help support our channel by purchasing from amazon us q9dgb7 uk yn58wi. Can we easily increase ram in android phones in one explained,Namaskaar dosto is tutorial mein maine aapko bataya hai ki kya hum android phones mein ram ko increase kar sakte hai aapne aise bahut se tutorials dekhe.

How To ROOT Any Android Device Without A Computer One Touch Root 2016

How to root any android device without a computer one touch root 2016,Tested working as of august 2016 be the cool guy who gives thumbs up to tutorials do subscribe for more subscribe to theandroidguy for. Tips to speed up any android device without rooting,Tips to speed up any android device without rooting 2015 tutorial gear i use aauvx0 business inquiries thxoxx subscribe. How to increase your android mobile phone cpu speed unlimited in hindi,How to increase your android mobile phone cpu speed unlimited in hindi hello friends welcome to technology sagar this tutorial about for how to increase.

How to boost battery and processing performance of rooted android device,How to increase performance of rooted android device dont forget to reboot your device twice download link. Hindi2016 how to increase ram upto 4gb on rooted android phone,Guysif u enjoyed it watchingdo give a thumbs up n spread this tutorial to ur realtives and friends links 1 memory info and swap file check. How to maximize gaming performance on android works on any device,This is the best way to improve and maximize gaming performance on your android device works especially on slowweak android devices hey guys and in.

How to overclock your android to boost performance root,Thank you for watching if u enjoyed pls leave a like and dont forget to subscribe setcpu. How to save battery increase battery life on most of android devices only for rooted devices,Here is the link to my new thread it is for galaxy s5 but is applicable to all devices running android i have personally tried on 4 different devices. How to increase lg g3s performance without root hidden menu,If you think that your lg g3 is a bit laggy because of that heavy skin then you should use this method thread.

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