How To Increase Processor Speed Windows 81

How to Install UBUNTU 1404 in Windows 8187xp

Hello friends welcome to the alphapoint i am vishal and today, i am going to show you how to install linux ubuntu 14.04 in your windows machine first thing we need.Iso file of ubuntu.You can check out link in the description below or the link above for 32 bit pc, click here and for 64 bit pc click here next thing we need virtualbox just search virtualbox in google now click here to download virtualbox for windows machine click here as i have already downloaded both the files as you can see virtualbox.

And ubuntu 14.04 so we need to install virtualbox now just install this virtualbox now as you can see the installation is complete here just click on finish now just click on new now name anything that you want you can name anything here, choose the version 64bit or 32bit click on next, now choose the ram how much you want to assign to your virtual machine, as i have 8 gb ram i can assign 2 gb without any problem you need to assign ram depending on your system click on next, next, next.

Choose fixed size now choose how much hard disk space you want to assign to vitual machine 8 gb is enough for the ubuntu installation and basic work click on next now it will take some time here to complete or to make the virtual hard disk of your ubuntu machine now it has been created here as you can see here so before preceding just disable your internet connection so that it will not install any update in between installation and take extra time now select this and click on start.

Click here and choose the.Iso file and click on start now ignore these notifications right now, we will get back but these later so our virtual machine is booting up for the first time ignore these notifications here now it is booting up let's wait fer seconds more now it has booted up we don't need try ubuntu, just click on install ubuntu just click on continue or you can select this to install thirdparty applications.On continue just click on continue and don't bother or think about all these.Just click here.

Continue now installation has started insulation in the background.Just we need to configure our ubuntu installation select location select keyboard layout now name your computer and your name here name anything that you want so, i am going to put thealphapoint.Now choose the password type anything in both the password fields now choose log in automatically or the manual login now click on later here so that we can login later there, so as you can see the installation was already going on in the background, now it has come in the front.

Now it will take three four minutes to complete the installation now as you can see the installation is complete here just click on restart now, or better close this so, i have click on restart now, you may face problem in restarting in my system, the system in not getting restart itself so lets just close this and power it off and click ok so just click on start and boot the ubuntu first so it is going to boot up for the first time after installing ubuntu let's just wait here.

This ubuntu 14.04 is in beta stage.The final version will be released next month so let's just see how does it look so as you can see it has booted up here we cannot make it into full screen right now we will make this, in the next tutorial, lets just see system settings and ubuntu version as you can see ubuntu 14.04 lts you can see the cpu, memory, ram, gpu so these are the default virtual machine's settings let's just see home which resource it is consuming right now.We can see the cpu usage.

Windows 10 Tutorial How To Set Processor Affinity

The modern multicore processors are designed to work well with operating systems, so the operating system distributes their operations as evenly as possible across all the available cores.Processor affinity was introduced in windows 7 operating system.In windows 7 or later versions, you can configure applications to use only one, or several cores of the processor, by using the processor affinity settings.The easiest way to change the processor affinity is to use the task manager.To launch task manager, rightclick on the taskbar, and then click task manager, or you can press control shift escape key combination to open task.

Manager.By default, you will be in process tab, and you will see that applications processes are jumping around.You need to select an application, for which you want to configure process affinity.Then rightclick on the application, and choose go to details, or go to process.Task manager will than switch the tab from processes to, details.Rightclick on the process, and then click set affinity.After you select process affinity command, you will see process affinity dialog box, with all the cores that your processor has, and by default, all processors is checked.

To explain you in brief, let's see an example.I am going to run two processor intensive applications.The first application is camtasia studio, which is going to produce a tutorial.The second application i am going to use is disk defragmenter.When camtasia studio will start rendering your project for creating a tutorial, it is going to eat up all your processor, and ultimately slowing down your computer, and multitasking will be a pain for you at that time.So, i define separate cores for the both process.You can see the results.

Using resource monitor from task manager.Open resource monitor and then click the cpu tab, where each cpu core is showing different usage measurement.As my processor have only 2 cores, so whenever i render a project in camtasia studio, i always change processor affinity to a single core, so i may use my computer for other task at the same time.You can try experimenting with different applications of your choice.Do remember that, restarting your computer will reset the affinities to default for all the applications.If you found this trick useful, then don't forget to hit like, share.

How To Speed Up Windows 81 And Make Fast Startup Boot Run Max Performance Increase Ram And Cpu

How to speed up windows 81 and make fast startup boot run max performance increase ram and cpu,How to speed up windows 81 and make fast startup boot run max performance increase ram and cpu another method youtubef3piflfguv8 enable old. How to make windows 81 8 faster increase optimize cpu speed and ram to get max gaming performance,Next part 3 speed up your pc for gaming youtubepbawicwherm watch part 1 if you didnt saw it make your pc faster youtube01qjuk4bwhk. How to speed up windows 8 or 81 free and easy,Brought to you byrasmurtech how to speed up windows 10 swatchvkk6oolahd9y buy techofmind merch to.

How to make windows 81 8 faster increase optimize cpu speed and ram to get max gaming performance,Tinyurlnbnj3ay the link and activate a 20 coupon when you buy from unioptimizer software watch part 1 make your pc faster speed up. How to speed up windows 8 and make it super fast for gaming increase ram cpu work also in windows 7,Watch part 2 how to make your pc more faster swatchvm46zkrvjft8 speed up internet connection reduce ping. How to increase windows 8 81 performance for gaming and speed up internet connection,Download link tinyurlpoamzwb please if you like this tutorial click like and subscribe for more tutorials thanks for watching hope it helps another.

How to speed up your computer windows 8 free easy,Quickly see how to speed up your pc internet too increase your computer speed by doing these 3 things you can see how to speed up your laptop computer.

Windows 10 features gaming performance,Should you upgrade to windows 10 if you want to increase your gaming performance for free intel link. How to speed up your computer windows 81 update 1 speed up your laptop free easy,See how to speed up your computer and get improved internet performance too see how to speed up your pc and how to speed up your laptop just by these.

How To Improve Gaming Performance In Windows 81 8 Update 2015

How to improve gaming performance in windows 81 8 update 2015,Cheaper game here dgfr2c how to reduce ping adflyhxcli this tutorial will help you increase fps in pretty much any game out there. How to optimize or improve windows 81 for gaming,All of the steps are in the tutorial.

How to boost fps in games,How to make your computer run faster how to make your computer better for gaming this tutorial shows you how to boost your frames per second anywhere. Hack how to disable windows cpu core parking ep 18,My list of 80 free downloads mmcnxq this tutorial is brought to you bypcmtechhelp registry key. How to make your internet speed faster in windows 8817 2015 tested on windows 10,For those who want to increase thier internet speed on win 10 check this updated tutorial youtuber8x9m3aezo bonus steam games at lower price.

Windows 10 vs windows 81 gaming performance comparison,Windows 10 full release vs windows 81 on multiple different games genres for a frame rate performance benchmark please watch on a computer or. How to boost your fps on windows 81,Learn how to boost your gameplay performance by upto 10 fps yes 10 fps stalk us on. How to optimize windows 881 for gaming maximum performance,Hey guys hoped you enjoyed this gameplay and clip d if your interested in watching me live stream click the link below to go to my channel and hit the follow.

Windows 7 VS Windows 81 Gaming Performance60Fps

Windows 7 vs windows 81 gaming performance60fps,Is windows 7 really that much inferior to windows 81 when it comes to gaming performance i personally feel that when windows 7 has all its cpu core. How to speed up your internet download speed with 3 realistic tweaks 2015,Speed up internet speed up your internet internet speed up how to increase internet speed make internet faster how to speed up your internet how to make. How to speed up windows 81 pro 10 internet connection by 80,Not sure about having an xtra channel now might just do vlogs on hmb twitter twitterhellomrbrandon my tech blog.

How to make windows 8 even faster updated for windows 81,1 disable unnecessary startup programs 2 set unnecessary services to manual such as application experience computer browser if your computer is not. Windows 81 how to turn off auto brightness,Turning on or off the auto adaptive brightness in windows 8. How to increase the virtual memory on windows 7 8 81 10,Today am gonna show you how to increase your virtual memory making it like ram website pchelperswixhome facebook page.

Warthunder low fps and laggy menus fix for windows 10818,Thanks for watching fellas i apologize in advance for my terrible audio and talking skills d game is all maxed out by the way if anyone is wondering on a 290x. How to change virtual memory in windows 81,Looking for methods to change virtual memory in windows 81 just follow the easy steps shown in this tutorial if you need tech support at any given point in time. Csgo windows 7 vs windows 10 performance benchmark,Pc specs cpu amd fx 8350 400ghz vga ati 7850 8601200mhz ram 4 gb 1600mhz fps benhmark test map v101 windows 7 17513 fps.

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