How To Judge Computer Speed

Whats inside a Rubiks Cube

Buzz and chime welcome back to what's inside.I'm lincoln, this is dan, and today we have a very highlyrequested thing that we're going to cut open, a rubik's cube.We really wanted to try some different ones to see which ones we like the most.And after trying some of the different ones, our favorite one is this one by agreatlife.It's called the cube.The reason why we like the cube is because the colors are very vibrant and bright, and the corners are a little bit rounded,.

And it has a mechanism inside that helps you be able to spin it a lot faster than some of the other ones we tried.We have two rubik's cubes that are completely mixed up here, and we're going to have a little competition to see who's faster at this.So, lincoln, who do you think is gonna win who's going to be faster me, for sure.Dan for sure lincoln no chance.No doubt no chance you'll win.Ok laughs, let's see who wins.

let's do this.Let's do it.Ready set.Upbeat music dude, lincoln is fast.That was impressive.I can't believe i just lost to a nine year old.Both laugh we're just totally teasing you.We just actually cut the film and did it in reverse.We really are not good at doing rubik's cube, especially fast.Don't say that.Dan yeah.Lincoln no.Yeah.It's true, we're not going to lie.We're smart, but we're not that smart.Don't say that.Dan this one, we're going to put on this grip,.

This vise, and put it on this saw that we haven't used since the bowling pin tutorial.It's been a while.We're just gonna cut right through it.Some of the other ones, we'll take apart, but it might be fun just to see what it looks like just by cutting right through it.Saw buzzes dan ha ha! lincoln awesome! dan well, that's a start.Laughs lincoln pieces are all over the yard.Dan it just exploded everywhere.Laughs saw buzzes dan and lincoln laugh.

dan where did they go let's see, we got a couple pieces that fell down into there.Dan laughs lincoln here's another one.Dan that's funny.Check it out, look at it.It has.It has a screw.The screw is inside of it, and then those springs.Lincoln that's cool.Dan alright, go big or go home.Saw buzzes pop dan woo hoo! upbeat music lincoln woo hoo! oh, that's so cool! it exploded too! dan that one exploded.Check out all the pieces.

Laughs look at 'em, just all these pieces.We probably could've taken it off with our hands.There we go.There's the inside of it.It has some kind of metal spring, again, in that.There's all the other pieces.Nice.Ok, well, there's some of the pieces coming out.Cubes clatter there's the inside of it.Lincoln smashed it on the ground.Ok, so i've got this one, this nice cube, and we're going to see if we can break this one open.Oh, yeah.There's one piece.Lincoln you've got a couple more to go.

kinda cool how it comes apart like that.There's another one.Look at that, they're just coming apart.Lincoln that's cool.That's really neat.They're just kinda coming out, piece by piece.So there we go, all the way until we got down to the core.And then you've just got the core part that spins it, and all of them go around it.On the cube, check this out, you can see the middle little section, you can pull it off, and then you can just rotate.

And put them in the different sections.I'm just going to smash it with this hammer and see if it breaks open.Loud crack dan oh my gosh.Lincoln it broke open.Ow! one hit me in the finger.Dan laughs it hurt.I came down here, and look what i just found.Dan oh, there's a big chunk.Look at that.Dan nice, that's where the main part went.That's like a ball inside of it.If you're looking for a good christmas present for somebody,.

Understanding The CPU For Beginners

Understanding the cpu for beginners,Im going to try and help explain what a cpu processor is and what the specs associated with it mean transcript cpu also known as processor stands for. Zbrush speed sculpt tutorial judge dredd character hd by jay hill,Zbrush speed sculpt tutorial judge dredd character hd by jay hill check out another awesome zbrush speed sculpt from jay hill again this time he sculpts. How to find high speed usb ports on a computer internet tech tips,Subscribe now subscriptioncenteradduserehowtech watch more ehowtech finding high speed usb.

How to increase internet speed in windows 81 with google dns free easy,In this tutorial see how to increase your internet speed using google open dns service in windows 81 quickly learn how to increase internet speed and even. How to speed up your pc windows 7 disk clean up method,This method is very easy but very efectieve intro songwatchvd1pwab8rdrc. Usb20 vs usb30 vs firewire800 speed test,Here we take a look at 3 of the mainstream computer interfaces usb 20 usb 30 and firewire800 looking at the different connectors and how their speeds.

Gta 5 online pc los santos most wanted 11 judge dead,Welcome back to los santos most wanted a grand theft auto v online pc roleplay starring lanceypooh and redbeard in this episode redbeard got a call.

Spit like busta rhymes the judging begins explicit,Googles cameras were there as busta rhymes sat down to watch some submissions to the spit like busta rhymes contest watch google plays busta rhymes. Lets not play need for speed rivals,Speed not allowed in need for speed the pc version is defective by design it is locked at 30fps any attempt to unlock it results in the games speed increasing.

Play WII U Games Like Super Mario Maker In Your PC

Play wii u games like super mario maker in your pc,Keep in mind not every wii u game works here cemu is still in progress but you can already play games like super mario maker mario kart and mario 3d. Whats inside a rubiks cube,We cut open smashed open and pulled open 4 different rubiks cubes to see what they are made of this was really fun and interesting thank you to our many. Apple pencil vs a real pencil artismia drawing ipad pro paper by 53,Finally got my hands on the new apple pencil and have decided to put it to the test in this first tutorial of artistic art battles of artismia three rounds of traditional.

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Kingston DDR3 RAM Memory Installation Guide Frequency Timings Voltage Settings Linus Tech Tips

Kingston ddr3 ram memory installation guide frequency timings voltage settings linus tech tips,Today i do a quick tutorial on how to install your memory then set it up either manually or by using xmp profiles to ensure its running at optimal speed timings. Speed mesh tutorial,Hey all tutorial time again so thankful for yet another tutorial on this topic and part of this series may god expand it for his glory as he makes his appeal to the. Blizzard art speed sculpting frostmourne,Sartstationartworky8qp6 3d speed sculpting frostmourne with zbrush 4r7.

Runner zbrush speed sculpt,5 hour anatomy study in zbrush. Syndrome zbrush speed sculpt,Roughly 25 hour pixar stylise study.

Iron man bust zbrush speed sculpting,Music justice dance software zbrush duration under 130 hrs. Stop slotting the stupid way use high speed machining widget26,I used to cut slots the stupid way until very recently i decided enough was enough i need to start being a smarter machinist so instead of using one tool and. How to root any android device without a computer one touch root 2016,Tested working as of august 2016 be the cool guy who gives thumbs up to tutorials do subscribe for more subscribe to theandroidguy for.

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