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How To Speed Up Internet Connection Windows 8 7 XP 81

Hello everybody, welcome to everybodyit, and hope you are finding all my tutorials helpful and if you have any queries you can send me a message or comment on ay tutorials, i'll just reply it.So, today we are going to discuss about google dns and how google dns speeds up your internet.Simply, how to speed up internet connection using google dns is our topic and google dns.Is actually a public dns provided by google to make the web a bit faster, that means it allows you, to browse the internet a bit faster, download a bit.

Faster on your current connection using the google dns.What all you gotta do is just go to your current network adapter settings and change the ipv4 settings and enter the dns address provided by google.So, this is a tutorial on how to speed up internet connection using google dns and lets get into the tutorial.First goto control panel and goto network and sharing centre.I'm using windows 8 so i can directly search it.Go to network and sharing centre, clik on change adapter setting and you will get different aadapter that are.

Being used by your conputer.You should know which adapter is being used by your computer , just you should know which is used to connect to the internet that you want to speed up.This is wifi 6 and this is the card i am using to connect to the internet, you should know that.So, another way to go here is right click on your connection and open network and sharing center and change adapter setting, it will take you to the window.After that you should know which adapter you are using to connect to the internet and after you've.

Known just right click on the adapter and click on properties.A small box will popup and just scroll down a bit and goto internet protocol version 4 tcpip v click on that and it should be ticked and click on properties.Donot click on use the following ip address, just goto use the following dns server addresses and just enter as the prefered dns server and as the alternate dnsserver and close it.You have to restart your adapter, so click on disable and enable it back.You can simply plug off the device and plugin.

If you care using a external usb device, it'll be easy to plug out and plug in.Just double click to enable.Yes! and after that you can connect to your wifi network and you'll see a bit change in your network.Your speed will increase a bit it has increased and worked for me and it should work for you as well and just if are using a lan connection or if you are using wired connection isp, like your phone connection to connect to the internet, you can use change adapter settings and properties and you should use the dnssetting as these.

That i have used here.Like preferred dns server and alternate dns server so, if you are using a wireless connection or if you are using a wifi htspot, then you have to alternate the settings a bit, for the settings to work.Just click on tcpip properties and in the preferred dnssever, you have to enter and in the alternate dns server, you have to enter this has not been mentioned by google and is from my personal experience.Thats all that you need to learn to speed up internet connection windows 8 7 xp.

How To Speed Up Windows XP For Free

How to speed up windows xp for free,Spywarepreventionguy this tutorial will show you how to quickly speedup windows xp using builtin windows tools by controlling what programs and. Windows xp how to speed up your slow pc,Welcome to another gimpwiz tutorial this tutorial will be explaining some very basic steps for cleaning and speeding up your slow windows xppc computer. How to speed up windows xp 1000 easy best hd,This is a quick tutorial on how to speed up windows xp a lot nearly 1000 some of these methods are very common while others are more advanced please.

How to make windows xp and windows 7 faster,Hi in this tutorial i will provide you all with 15 steps on how to improve the speed of windows xp if you have any questions or requests feel free to contact me via. Windows xp disk clean up use it to speed up your pc,Onlinepcwizard offering pc support for the home user web design networking file and printer sharing search engine optimization one on. How to speed up windows xp,This tutorial will show you how to speed up your computer running windows xp without paying money or downloading any software thanks for watching.

Speed up any computerlaptop by 200 windows 78vistaxp hd,Visit my personal website for free advice daily blog and tips also click on the links from tab for all the links i speak aboutrainfordit if.

How to speed up xp,Learn how to make a 360 tutorial camera swatchvksrau9mhvvg this tutorial will show you 7 different ways to speed. 11 ways to speed up your slow computer win xp vista 7,In this tutorial i discuss 11 different ways you can speed up your computer when it begins to run slow thank you for watching have a great day.

How To SPEED UP Your COMPUTER Windows XPVista78 In 6 MINUTES 2015

How to speed up your computer windows xpvista78 in 6 minutes 2015,How to speed up your computer window xp vista 7 8 in 6 minutes 1st program. Windows xp sp3 how to speed up your computer by optimizing the configuration in 8 steps,Windows xp sp3 how to speed up your computer by optimizing the setting and configuration in 8 steps in this tutorial i will guide you. How to speed up your internet connection windows xp super easy tweak,In this howto tutorial i show you how easily you can improve the speed of your internet connection by using googles namebench 1 download namebench 2.

How to increase internet speed by 20 in windows xp78 without any software,How to increase internet speed by 20 in windows xp78 without any software 20 keep watching. How to boost performance of windows xp tips,In this tutorial you will learn some tips to improve your computer performance actually we will do some tweaks which will boost performance of your computer and. How to fix your slow windows xp,Quick tweaks to boost your windows xp machine performance most people would be better off using a friendly linux operating system like ubuntu linux from.

Computer cleanup a step by step windows xp tutorial,In this tutorial i provide a tutorial on how to cleanup a computer running windows xp this is a step by step tutorial that covers the cleanup process from start to. How to speed up your ram windows xp,My graphics was good until i edited it with movie maker anways 1 type mystring800000 2save it as ramvbe in desktop 3 open it and notice 5 to 50 change. How to upgrade ram for free windows 87vistaxp,In this tutorial i show you guys how to upgrade your ram on your computer for free people pay over 100 to upgrade their ram to get better performance but.

How To Increase System Ram In Windows Xp And Make Pc Faster

How to increase system ram in windows xp and make pc faster,How to increase speed of your system how to increase you ram how to increase your virtual memory. 6 ultimate ways to make your computer run faster,In this tutorial we will show you the 6 ultimate ways to make your computer run faster and smoother for free all these tricks and tips will boost your computer. How to speed up windows xp internet browsing ep 15,My list of 80 free downloads mmcnxq this tutorial is brought to you bypcmtechhelp the elements that determine internet speed.

Make windows xp run much faster faster,Bitcoin 1nfzcb22yejyvsvjfl6xxrh6dynceivelljimmyrblogjimmyr to request tutorials learn to disable services and. How to increase performance speed of windows xp,Since windows xp is an old operating system it may run slow compared to newer versions such as windows 7 and vista this is a short tutorial telling how to. How to speed up your windows xp computer part 1,This tutorial covers how to download install and use the pagefile defragmenter for windows xp this tutorial series attempts to answer the questions like why is.

How to greatly improve internet browser speed windows xp,Check out the tutorial response for the new video on improving your xp internet speed update download codegooglepnamebench to get the. How to speed up pc or laptop windows xpvista78,Subscribe sa7n4vmetechknoltipstospeeduppcornotebook when we freshly install an windows os we feel relaxed because. How to speed up your windows computer tutorial works with windows xp vista 7 8,Your computer is going slow losing space on your computer in this tutorial i show you how to free up some space make your computer run faster.

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