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CPUZ Detailed PC System Information Hardware Specs Tutorial

Hello and welcome.What is cpuz cpuz is a freeware system profiler application for microsoft windows xpvista7.Cpuz detects and collects information on your systems central processing unitcpu, random access memoryram, graphicstutorial cards, motherboard chipset, and other hardware features common on computers.Windows does have a system information component that provides some of the same information, but it is nowhere near as robust or easy to use.In many cases after using system information you would still need to open your computer case to find out what was on the inside.This is largely eliminated with cpuz.How to download.

And install cpuz.Open a web browser like internet explorer.I have google set as my home page.If you don't have google set as your homepage, enter google in the address bar, and press enter.In the google search field enter cpuz and press enter.The top link should be cpuidsoftwarescpuz this link.On the cpuz page, the downloads are available on the right side of the page.The easiest thing to do is just download the setup file.Some firewalls may block executable files.If this is the case, download the zip.

File, extract the executable, and then run it.1.59 setup, english link.On the downloading cpuz page, click the download now! button.On the download information bar you can save the file to your computer and then run it, but i prefer to just run the file.This means it will download the file and then automatically start the installer for us.The run button.After the download finishes the setup cpuid cpuz window will open.On the welcome to the cpuid cpuz setup wizard screen, click the next button.On the license agreement screen, click the radio button.

To select i accept the agreement, and click the next button.On the select destination location screen, you can change the installation folder if you like, or if not click the next button.On the select start menu folder screen, click the next button.On the install the ask toolbar screen, unselect all options and click the next button.On the select additional tasks screen, leave create a desktop icon checked, and click the next button.On the ready to install screen, review the information, and click the install button.On the completing the cpuid cpuz.

Setup wizard screen, uncheck the option to view cpuzreadme.Txt, and click the finish button.How to use cpuz you can open cpuz in one of two ways.Option 1 doubleclick on the cpuid cpuz icon on the desktop.Option 2 on the windows start button, all programs, cpuid, cpuz, and then the cpuz icon.The cpuz application window will open.Let's look on the cpu tab under processor name.The name is the name of the processorcpu you have installed in your computer.This is typically the name that the cpu is marketed under.You could search for exactly what is.

Listed under name in google or another search engine to find a replacement or reviews.In my case i have an amd phenom 2 x3 720.Code name.This is the name of the processor core architecture.Max tdp.Tdp stands for thermal design power.This is the maximum amount of power that the processor will use.I'm my case the max tdp is 94 watts.Package.Package shows the name of the motherboard socket your computer is designed to fit in.In my case the package is a socket am3 938.This means that.

I use the amd socket am3, which is made up of 938 pins.If you wanted to replace your processor you could now go to the internet and shop for a new socket am3 processor.Any one designed to work in socket am3 could be dropped into the computer.Technology.Technology shows the processing geometry used to create the processor.In this case it is 45 nm.This means the processor was built using a 45 nanometernm process technology.1 nanometer is one billionth of a meter.The smaller the process technology used, the more.

Transistors that can be packed into the available space.This allows processors to become faster and use less energy with every generation.Core voltage the core voltage is the power supply voltage supplied to the cpu.This, along with max tdp, is often important to individuals who are overclocking their computers.In this case the voltage is 1.411 volts.Specification specification shows the processor information, and in many cases is the exact same name as the name field from above.Family and ext.Family this section refers to the stepping information for the processor.This is used to determine.

The revision of the processor.Once a processor goes into production, as time goes on minor updates and bug fixes are made to the processor.Each update is a new revision, or stepping.You could use this to see if your processor revision is the one with or without a bug.Instructions.Instructions refers to the instruction sets that the processor is capable of running.This is the basic set of commands or instructions the processor is capable of understanding.In this case this processor supports mmx, 3dnow, sse versions 1,2,3,4a, x8664, amdv.Under clocks it shows the core information.

Of one of the processor cores.All cores are identical.Core speed.The core speed is the frequency that the processor is running at.In this case it shows 3110.5 mhz.Modern computers are speed rated in gigahertzghz not megahertzmhz.1000 megahertz is equal to 1 gigahertz.So this processor is running at 3.11 gigahertz.The processor speed is determined by taking the speed of the cpu bus, and then multiplying it by the multiplier.Ht link.This processor is an amd processor so it has the ht link, or hypertransport link.

If you had an intel processor it would show qpi link or quickpath interconnect.These links are the system bus that connects the various components of the computer.Under cache it shows information on the cache on the processor.Cpu cache is used to reduce the average time to access the memory.The cache is memory that is faster than main memory, and is directly inside the cpu package.Cache stores copies of the most frequently used data from main memory.Each core has it's own 64 kb level 1 data cache, 512 kb level.

2 cache, and all cores share a 6 mb level 3 cache.At the bottom it shows that this processor has 3 cores, and can run 3 threads.Some processors have hyperthreading, which allows them to run 2 threads on each core instead of 1.We can skip the caches tab, as its the same information we just covered.The mainboard tab provides information on the motherboard.Manufacturer.Here you will see the maker of the motherboard.In this case it is made by asustek computer inc.Model.The model of the motherboard.

Is listed here, along with a revision number.This is a m4a78te.This is extremely useful in determining what drivers to download.The chipset is an amd 790gx with an amd sb700 southbridge.The chipset controls communication between the processor and other devices on the motherboard.Bios.Bios stands for basic inputoutput system.The bios initializes and controls the devices on the computer at the hardware level.Under the bios section it lists the manufacturer of the bios, along with the version, and the date of the installed bios.If it's old there is probably an update that might.

Improve performance or fix bugs, that could be downloaded at the motherboard manufacturers web site.In this case the bios is manufactured by american megatrends, it's version 2208, and was created on 10282009.You would download this at the page of the motherboard manufacturer, not the bios manufacturer.Under graphic interface it shows that the graphics interface for this computer is a 16x pciexpress slot.The next two tabs memory and spd provide information on the system memoryram.Let's look at memory first.Let's look under the general section type.Here the memory interface type is listed.

In this case the memory is ddr3.Ddr stands for double data rate.Size.Here you will find listed the total amount of memory in the system in megabytes.1024 megabytes is 1 gigabyte, so this system has 4096 megabytes, or 4 gigabytes of memory.Channels.Channels refers to the number of channels available to the memory controller.A dual channel configuration has double the bandwidth of single channel memory, triple channel has three times the data rate, and so on.Dc mode.This will be either be ganged or unganged.With a ganged setup, all cores get access to all sticks of ram,.

While in unganged mode each core gets access to it's own memory.In most cases ganged mode is better for singlethreaded applications, and unganged mode is better for multithreaded applications.Nb frequency.This is the speed of the system bus, or hypertransport link.This is the same as the ht link on the cpu tab.Timings table.Dram frequency is the memory clock speed.Dram stands for dynamic random access memory.In this case it is 533 mhz.This is double data rate memory, so you double that making this memory ddr3 1066, running at 1066 mhz, or just over 1 gigahertz.The rest of the.

Information on this page is related to the cas latency.Cas latency is complicated to understand.Basically it is the measurement of the time between the moment a memory controller tells the memory module to access a particular memory column to the moment the data is available at the ram's output pins.As a general rule, the lower the cas latency the better.The spd tab contains additional information about the memory.Under memory slot selection, if you click the drop down you will get a list of each of the memory slots in the motherboard.

In this case there are 4 slots available for ram.Selecting each one will provide information regarding the memory in that particular slot.Slots 1 and 2 in this system each have a stick of ram in them.Slots 3 and 4 are empty.This means i have 2 slots available for expansion.The memory type is ddr3.Module size.This is the amount of memory on this one ram module not the entire system.This is 2048 megabytes or 2 gigabytes.Max bandwidth.The module name is listed here.In this case it is pc38500f clocked at 533mhz.

If you were upgrading memory, you would want to buy this memory standard to be compatible.Manufacturer.Here, as the name suggests, you will find the name of the memory manufacturer.In this case the memory is made by ocz.Part number.This is the manufacturer part number for the memory installed in the selected slot.We'll skip the timings table.The graphics tab contains information regarding the graphics or tutorial card installed in the system.Name.Here is the retail name for the graphics card.In this case it is a radeon hd 4850.

This is how the product would be listed at say a bestbuy.Code name.This is the codename for the graphics core inside the tutorial card.In this case the core is a rv770.Technology.This is the same as the technology field on the cpu tab.This is the process geometry used in the manufacturing process.In this case it is built on the 55 nanometernm node.Let's look under the memory section.Size.This is the size of the memory, in megabytes, on the graphics card, not the memory in your computer.This.

Check PC RAM Speed In Mhz

Check pc ram speed in mhz,This way u can easily know your ram speed higher ram speed makes ur pc fast try this wmic memorychip get speed. High speed ram is it worth it ddr3 1333mhz vs 2400mhz test,High speed memory has been a staple for enthusiasts who want to get the most out of their systems for years but in this investigation we take a look at how. Ram speed and timings as fast as possible,How do you interpret the speed and timing specs on ram kits and how much does it matter for your pc tunnelbear message tunnelbear is the easytouse.

New 32gb ram pc speed test opening program speeds scans and boot time,Hi everyone today ill show you the speed of my new pc full specs cpu intel i7 4770k overclocked to 45 ghz ram corsair dominator 32gb hard. Netbook ram upgrade speed test asus eee pc 1005peb,Asus eee pc 1005pebrred01sfr red intel atom n450166ghz 101 comparing 1gb vs 2gb on identical machines see exactly how much of a. Double your computer ram for free,Also how to instantly charge your phone swatchvgka58yvalfyindex142listplfr3c472vstyzq3wecllyhh7qxohysdzg this.

How to find type and speed of ram memory,If you want to buy more memory for your pc then you need to know the type and speed of the memory in order for it to be compatible with your current pc.

Windows 8 how check ram or system specs of your pc,This tutorial shows how to check your system specs or how much ram on your computer. More ram or faster ram which is best for gaming gameplay tests,Using his ultra compact budget gaming pc lil anvil blunty explores if more ram or faster ram is the best choice for low end gaming pc performance.

How To Speed Up Your Computer Clear More RAM Space Get Better FPS

How to speed up your computer clear more ram space get better fps,Thanks for watching the tutorial dont forget to subscribe if you want to see more call of duty grand theft auto minecraft and indie games check out my. How to check ram speed computer memory test 2016,How to check ram speed computer memory test 2016 do you want to check ram speed please watch this tutorial if you want to buy more memory for. Does system ram speed matter on gaming computers,Visitjayztwocents jayztwocents is currently fundraising for ces coverage this january all proceeds will be used 100 towards coverage.

Ram upgrade guide what you need to know,So you want some more memory in your system what do you need to know so you dont blow up your system first off dont buy explosives buy ram that first. Windows 10 how to check rammemory system specs free easy,A quick tutorial that shows how to find out how much rammemory you have on windows 10 systems this windows tutorial show you how to use the free tools. Asus zenfone 2 4gb ram vs s6 edge the ultimate speed test budget vs flagship,This tutorial is just out of curiosity to find out how the asus zenfone 2 with 4gb ram perform against a beast aka samsung galaxy s6 edge enjoy.

Windows 10 how to check ram and system specs,This tutorial shows how to how to find out how much ram you have on windows 10 pc you will also learn how check the overall specs of your computer on. How to speed up windows 10 for gaming increase ram cpu gpu dedicated tutorial for faster windows 10,Greetings everybody and this how to speed up windows 10 increase ram cpu gpu dedicated tutorial memory for faster pc computer laptop to get max. Huawei p9 4gb ram vs samsung galaxy s7 edge exynos speed test comparison review,Amazing speed test between the two flagship devices for 2016 must watch xiaomi mi5 vs samsung galaxy s7 edge speed test performance test.

RAM Speed And Game Performance DDR3 2400 Vs 2133 Vs 1866 Vs 1600 Vs 1333 MHz

Ram speed and game performance ddr3 2400 vs 2133 vs 1866 vs 1600 vs 1333 mhz,Whats up everyone this is a definitive ram speedlatency and game performance test i tested ddr3 at 1333 mhz then 1600 mhz then 1866 mhz then 2133. How to upgrade ram for free windows 87vistaxp,In this tutorial i show you guys how to upgrade your ram on your computer for free people pay over 100 to upgrade their ram to get better performance but. Ultra cheap pc gaming amd a10 7850k and memory speed performance,Open this description for coupons and discounts get 10 off cooler master products at 1htfmpr by using promo code.

Amd a106800k richland ram speed test adata ram 2400 mhz vs 1600 mhz,Specs and benchmarks steksyndicatetutorialsamda106800krichlandramspeedtestadataram2400mhzvs1600mhz music trk2ik. Battlefield 4 ram speeds 1600 vs 2000mhz ddr3 memory tested,Quick tutorial about ram speeds and for haswell it makes no difference results were virtually identical which means that this game isnt that ram intensive at all. Redmi note 3 vs le 1s speed test comparison,In this tutorial we pit the xiaomi redmi note 3 snapdragon 650 3gb ram variant against the leeco letv le 1s to see which performs better under day to day.

Guide to ram memory channels as fast as possible,Dual channel triple channel quad channel we cover it all here in only a few minutes forum link. 16gb vs 32gb vs 64gb ram how much do you need gaming vs rendering,Ever wondered how much ram system memory you should get when building your rig either for gaming editing or productivity we hope this tutorial helps to.

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