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Hello everyone and welcome to n00bz laboratory.Today i'm just going to be showing you a couple of ways to increase the performance of your pc or maintain the performance of your pc this tutorial was intended for windows seven users and also if you've had your pc for six months to a year or older so i'm just going to be shown you couple ways to maintain the performance first thing the is windows seven comes with something called ready boost so if you have an extra flash drive or jump drive.

You can actually use that as virtual memory to increase the performance.I have here already a flash drive plugged in i highly recommend renaming it to ready boost that way you know not to use it for storage keep in mind if you are using it for ready boost it's best to dedicate it and not use it anymore so what i want you to do is select the flash drive or a jump drive that you would like to use for ready boost and this right click it and hit properties.

And just give that a second pop up okay we are in the options just select ready boost and it's defaulted not to use this device because obviously most people use a flash drive or a jump drive for storage, pictures whatever the case may be i'm going to select dedicated and go as high as possibly can hit apply and okay now my jump drive or flash drive is set to help the performance of my pc so that is one way to increase performance another way to uh.Help your performance is to do what's called disc.

Cleanup if you've never done disk clean up before on any of your computers this is an absolute must to get into disk cleanup i'm just gonna show you the quickest way hit the start key and in the search i want you to type disk as you can see disk cleanup and disk derangement both showed up when i searched disk click on disk cleanup and select drive you want to do.Now normally you would you would pick the c drive because that's the most common what this cleanup is going to do is it's going to get rid of all the.

Temporary internet files all the junk files anytime you surf the web every website you ever go to it logs junk garbage files okay keep in mind it also removes everything in the recycling bin so if you have anything in the recycling bin that you want, to make sure you untick it otherwise just select everything and hit okay and it will delete all that junk.If you've never done that before it may take an hour, or more.Okay and right underneath there was disk defragment that is also an absolute must.

To get to it once again that quickest ways just at the start key type disk and then click disk defragmentor now what disk defragmentor does is it organizes the files on the drive so it can get to it quicker the drive to be more efficient and will actually improve the life span of your hard drive because you have to understand a harddrive is spinning very fast and working very hard to find the files in a timely manner that you were requesting by doing disk defragmentor it will bring it all closer together and will.

Actually find a quicker so select the drive you want and hit defragment disk.Once again it's a process that can take a very longtime if you've never done it before on both this cleanup and disk defrag i would recommend doing once every six months even once a year depending on how heavily the machine is used it is something that does need to be done okay so i've showed you three out of the ten and showed you disk cleanup disk defrag and the ready boost next on my list is spyware scans if you have never scanned your machine.

For spyware chances are you do have quite a bit of it a lot of anti virus do come equipped with things to get rid of spyware me personally i do prefer malwarebytes it's it is free they also have a pro version but the free version is excellent i am going to put a link at the bottom of the page here if you would like to try it as long as it's updated installed doing a quick scan every once in awhile is fine keep in mind it may find things.

It may find quite a bit it may not find anything that obviously if it doesn't find anything that's a good thing for you and well that's just get if you don't have any spyware if you've never done a spyware scan i can almost guarantee it will find something and when it does if you just hit fix, delete whatever the case may be it will get rid of it i also highly recommend always restarting your machine after a spyware scan well after spyware scan that brings us to virus scans you need to have an.

Antivirus on your machine most of the time if you buy a machine from a store it will come with a trial version keep in mind that trial version is not good forever it may be good for six months may be good for a year but you do you need to have an antivirus on your machine now windows seven does have windows defender but you do need to get that through windows update and you do need to keep it up to date a free virus program avg which i will also have a link for.

Is a free antivirus i recommended if you don't want to pay for antivirus.Also keep in mind your internet service provider whether you have comcast att, wow it doesn't matter what you have most isp's will have an antivirus available to you you do need to call them or login through their website for instance comcast i believe has norton antivirus it's a free version for you if you are a paid user so that's one way to get an anti virus as well.As long as you keep it up to date and scan it once every six months.

Or once a year it will help the performance of your pc okay next on our list is registry cleanup every time you uninstall a program or uninstall files or whatever the case may be it will have junk registry files now to clean your registry there are a lot of free registry cleaners i personally prefer ccleaner and it's just a matter of installing it running it go to registry and scan for issues once again if you have never done this it is going to find a lot and once it's done with the scan you can hit.

Fix selected issues i'd always recommend backing it up just by the default name it found fifty six issues fix all selected issues okay my registry has been cleared registry problems have been cleared now the nice thing about ccleaner is it will also do exactly what disk cleanup does.It does it faster and actually does it a little more efficiently to it also clears your browser history from firefox and google chrome which i do not believe disk cleanup does, i believe disk cleanup just does it for internet explorer.

See even though i did disk cleanup it still found things okay next on our list as msconfig now this one's a little tricky for people because they have to pick and choose what programs they want to start at the very beginning of their computer that's why we're gonna msconfig to get to msconfig just hit the start button and under search type msconfig and then hit enter ok malwarebytes finished and it didn't find anything, i keep my computer pretty clean.Okay back to msconfig click on start up.

These are all the programs that start when you first start your computer looking through a lot of them i would leave certain ones alone but obviously certain things you can tell for instance i don't need quicktime to start up when i first start up the computer i don't need itunes i can leave avg if i want my security to be on automatically if you just want it on when you're doing scans you can even take that off aol instant messenger yeah i do not want that starting up when my computer starts.

When you're done picking and choosing the files you want to start just hit apply click okay keep in mind this will not begin until you restart your computer i'd always recommend restarting but for the sake of the tutorial we're gonna exit without restarting and just so you can see down here these are programs that are running on my computer for starts up okay which brings us to our next one windows updates i know a lot of people that leave it for automatic update and that's great that's fine.

Some people don't update their windows or don't give it time to update their windows if you have it set the update automatically sometimes it defaults to update at 3am in the morning but unless you computers on at 3am in the morning it's not going to get the update so what you can do is hit the start key and it's actually in the main directory under windows update also if you really want you can search for it as well click windows updates unless you have some sort of.

Pirated software or thirdparty software that you really can't update your windows for instance some things will only work in internet explorer eight or nine whatever the case may be you can still pick and choose what you want to update otherwise just install all the updates and give your computer time to actually do all the updates that way they actually go through, i mean there's a lot of security updates that fix security holes, updated drivers that will help your overall performance of your pc so it is quite important that.

You do the windows updates periodically number nine on my list is stress on the tutorial card or the gpu there's a lot of different things you can do in windows that will help the performance and its actually going to help the overall performance of your pc for one i have this beautiful background of the windows logo but that's actually using up memory it's actually taking away resources to display this image so one thing you can do is you can right click on your screen anywhere as long as.

It's not on an iconic and hit personalize and were actually gonna change it to just be whoops didn't want to do that one give me a second here what we are going to do is just change it to a solid color i don't know if you saw what i did there but that's desktop background so click desktop background then goto solid colors and just pick a solid color that you think would look ok its using less resources to display a solid color than it is a full highres picture.

Okay with that said were also got change how it displays everything as you can see i mean it has all these transparencies it has shadows this does take resources and memory to display so what we're going to do is we're going to rightclick computer so hit start rightclick computer go to properties you can also get to this by going to control panel going to system it's the same thing and we're going to go to advanced system settings and performance visual effects processor scheduling memory usage in virtual.

Memory hit settings these are all the effects that are being used now what you can do is adjust for best performance now i always check the bottom one because then it will keep it the same format of your start bar otherwise if you have that unchecked pretty much looks like windows 98 and we don't want that so your desktop display has been optimized for the best performance and that'll help your overall performance last but not least number ten on my list is tool bars if you go into internet explorer or any of your browser's you may have.

An obscene amount of toolbars this they just get in the way a lot of people don't like them.A couple different things some of them will have the x where you can just disable them.I always recommend disabling them, but we want to get rid of them all together so what we're going to do is we're gonna actually uninstall them to uninstall these toolbars you do need to have all your browser's closed so if you're working on something that in firefox internet explorer of google chrome make sure it's closed out.

Okay to do this we're going hit start go to control panel and we're going to go to programs or add or remove programs uninstall a program and now the fun part you actually have to go through all this and find that toolbar aol messaging toolbar that should be it.Select it right click it uninstall slash changed uninstalled get rid of it you don't need it now as you can see the toolbar is gone yup now you actually have more space to see your website keep in mind there are many more ways to improve the performance here pc for.

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