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Hi! it's tyrone from tyroneshum and welcome to the dedicated channel where i talk about outsourcing and automation.In today's tutorial, i want to share with you a new tool that i discovered from one of the students that i met at one of my workshops called screencastomatic.So i just want to give a shoutout to jesse forrest for recommending this from jesseforrest and he was just one of the students that attended my outsourcing workshop recently.So thanks very much jesse for this awesome tool and i just want to share this with everyone else.

Out there because it is a great tool and i've started using it within my own business.Previously i've been using jing, jingproject from techsmitch which is also the creator of camtasia and it's a great free tool but it's limited to only recording for 5 minutes.This tool here called screencastomatic is a very, very good tool because it allows you to record up to 15 minutes so you're not restricted to that 5minute time limit.And everytime i ran over 5 minutes, i've got to create a part 2 or part 3 to my virtual assistant or.

Whoever i'm speaking to.So this is a great one.Furthermore, it allows you to store files online just how screencast does, or jingproject does for you.But also too, you don't have to install any software to be able to get this running.You can just run it straight online through any browser such as firefox, opera, explorer, any of the browsers out there so it's a great, great tool.Now to access screencast, and you can sign up for free account it's free to users is screencastomatic so screencastomatic.I've been playing around with it, just using.

A little bit of it and it's great.They do have a pro version and the pro version allows you to record up to an hour so if you do want to pay for pro version which is only 9bucks which you know, if you want to get it it's great for that to for the whole year you'll be able to get up to an hour of recording for any screen capture that you want to do.Plus also extra features just like no watermarks on your stuff when you put onto and.

So forth.But in my opinion i am happy with just the free version because i use my other screen capture software called screenflow to do this.All right so what i want to do is just give you a quick demo on how this whole thing works and how simple and easy it is.And it works very much like jing, the only difference is that you can record up to 15 minutes.So if you've created an account like i have here, all you have to do is just click the.

Button that says start recording up here on the right.And once you click on that, it will allow you and bring up little screen which loads up this little thing here.So you can see right here i can just drag this little box and capture any part or area i want.Alternatively if you want the whole screen like i usually do, i just select the full screen option.I'll just go full screen and bang, it just records full screen.If you want to pause it during a recording, just press option p or you can just come back and.

Just press one of these buttons.And that's pretty much it.All right, so i'm going to do a quick recording right now to show you how it looks like.Just hit this button right here that says record and you'll be able to capture the recording.So you can see it just counts down and straight into it and i'm recording right now.So let's just say for example i'm speaking to the virtual assistant.I might just tell him to change this heading here, copy over here, move that over there, etc.Etc.And.

That's just easy as that.Once you've captured all that, just simply press the button that says ctrl oh sorry option p and what wil happen is that it will say that it's paused and basically you've got up to 15 minutes to record.You got the option to restart it or press done.Usually if we're finished just press done and what will happen is that it will capture everything for you right now and show you the preview of the recording.And, you can double check it to see if it's all okay.If it's all okay for you then you're pretty much.

Ready to go so as you can see it's captured my full screen and you can see how it looks.Now there are three different options you can either upload it to screencastomatic which is for free, and that's their server to store all your tutorial captures there, you can either upload to as well, or export the movie onto your computer.There's usually those three options.It's simple, i usually upload it to screencastomatic server because i don't need to store it on my computer or upload it to so usually i just.

Click on there and it's easy as that.Now, what will happen is that it will start uploading it to screencastomatic server but before it does that, it will ask you to put in your title and description.So tyrone's test okay.And the beautiful thing is that it will ask you as well to put in additional notes if you feel like you need to.I usually just untick all these options because i don't want people search for it or to add comments and then just click upload and that's it.

Now i find that this is a little bit faster to upload onto their server compared to jingproject.Usually for jingproject, if i run mine for about say 5 minutes, go for full 5 minutes depending on the graphics, will take about 510 minutes to upload just one tutorial or one screen capture.Whereas here, because it's on the go, it's on the server and on the computer sorry on the net, it's much faster to upload and as you can see it's uploading pretty quickly right now.So in my opinion, i think like screencastomatic is a much faster software.

To use online and there's no hassle having to download any additional software to use it as well.Okay, that's it.It's all done right there and all you have to do now is just copy the link which is right here and you can either upload, copy it or open it up.So i might just open up a new tab just to show you what it looks like, and just play it back to you so that you can see how it looks.Pretty much it's oh there you go.There you go, that.

Was me.So anyway, you've got the option of jumping that screen out and clicking on here and separating into separate screens so you can move it anywhere that you want to have a look at it.There's also other options down below here like description, info, embedded code, download tutorial, etc.And there's a lot of great things that you can do for it.So in my opinion, screencastomatic is a great software or tool online and it's on the cloud and you won't have to worry about where to store things because it's all done.

Automatically for you.So i think that's pretty much it.If you want to learn more about it, just feel free to ask me any more questions.Just get a free account, it's all free to use.I just want to thank jesse forrest again from jesseforrest for recommending this tool, it's an awesome tool and i've been using it.And, i love to hear your comments on how you go.If you like this tool, just let me know and i like to hear your feedback on it and just if you.

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