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DIY How To Make EMP Jammer 2015 Tutorial To Hack Any Slot Machine and Vending Machine

So you can see when i did put the emp jammer nearby and jamm it, the led freezes on to all the colours hey what's going on guys its kedar here and here is my new version of emp jammer, as you can see its now portable and you can carry it anywhere and is battery powered now and it has more range than the previous version so.Here's the power button right here so you can quickly turn it on and off and here's the spark gap you can change the spark gap frequency by pushing this button.

By changing the spark gap frequency easily and you can jamm various kinds of devices with this button so.Let me show you what is inside this jammer, on to the top side the top plate right here, i used 5 turns of copper coil and wounded in the rectangular shape! of body i used 32 gauge wire, here is the magnetic wire that you can find in motor's and another kind of electromagnetic stuff and the main part in this jammer is right here, this high voltage converter basically it will converts the ,3.7v from this battery.

Into 400 kilovolts ! that it claims the mysterious part that people have asked me about this is spark gap right here so basically what this spark gap right here is basically two wires and separated by a distance and between them is air so.What will happen when high voltage comes into two contact points the electric arc will jump over these two wires and basically short out this connections i use these spark gap in series with this coil so ,basically this coil will generate high voltage pulses and the device you put next to it will.

Easy to get damage surely i'm telling you these by my practicle experiance ,becouse i jammed my multimeter, my watch my bicycle watch my mobile even! it's not that good if you know if you jamm your mobile phone with this.Ok guy's so let's close this up and let's see how you can operate it it fits good , so you have to push this switch to turn it on and probably you're hearing the spark inside this spark gap right here you can change the jammer frequency by pushing this button.

The led has inbuit controller chip inside it so i just given power supply to it, so as you can see when i put the device jammer nearby and jamm it the led just freezes on to all the colours and its getting quiet hot so its just latched up it's now stuck onto the blink sketch it forgot my orignal arduino voltmeter sketch and its not running voltmeter sketch right now this emp jammer is so pwerful that i jammed my multimeter and now it is not doing anything i also jammed my watch, my bycycle watch.

And my another multimeter i don't recommend to put this device even nearby to your any kind of electronic so please take care the connection of emp jammer very simple you can see we have 3.7v 4.2v battery right here and you just have to put switch between high voltage converter and battery and when you push the switch the current flows through the high voltage converter, and high voltage converter will give very high voltage on to these terminals and you connect one terminal of this coil right here and.

Put spark gap switch that is similar to this switch in between these terminals so that is very simple so what happened you push this switch there's arc between inside of this switch and it will generate decent amount of plusating spark here in coil by doing so it will generate high electromagnetic field which is alternating in nature at this coil so right now i have made an loop of oscilloscope probe as you can see i just shorted this ground clip to the oscilloscope channel 1 and and when i put the emp jammer nearby this loop coil.

Well you can see that it is getting 1 volts it is getting 1 volts induced into the oscilloscope probe so that 1 volts if get induced into all the nodes of circuit then then it can surely damage any kind of circuit very easily so please use this device very carefully!!! this has lot of potential in it keeping these distance also, it is inducing 1 volts peak to peak if i removed the loop if i removed the loop its geeting 200 milivots roughly subscribe to my channel for.


Mouse clicks dramatic chord dramatic chord dramatic chord funky music yes! this is up my alley.In cartoon ha ha! this is gonna end horribly.Tires screech knuckles.Get him, mario.Now listen here, mister.I don't means no trouble.Go back into your since when did knuckles come out of the hood i doesn't even have my own console.We multiplatform, man.I can't even understand what he's saying.Air whistles oh.Oh, gosh! this is some pretty quality animation.

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There's no rules, there's no restrictions at all.It's also so far removed, so they can do crazy, crazy things and it's okay because it's a cartoon.You can also do things in animation that really stretch what the source material is.My most viewed stuff is all animated, so i can very much attest to this.Finebros there's people who say content like this is an issue on youtube because there currently isn't a system that could warn viewers of what type of tutorial they're about to watch.Do you think youtube should change that in the future or no.

They just need to have pg, r.Maybe a little rating system in the front for parents out there.It should be the parent's responsibility to monitor what their kid is doing.Youtube has an age gate, so if people are really offended they can flag it.It's a tough system.Youtube is operating at such a huge scale that it's impossible to moderate on their end.I know there's definitely things i've seen on the internet in general that i wish i hadn't seen.You still can click on whatever you want.The choice is yours.

But i think a ratings system is something that would be beneficial.Kids at a really young age know how to access youtube now and search for a bunch of things.I have a nephew and he plays mario kart, so i can only imagine if he were to watch it like, squeaky voice oh my god! disturbed oh my god! finebros so, finally, what do you think about the world and youtube that this tutorial would be one of the most viral tutorials in the last year that's just upsetting.

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