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Airtel 4G HotSpot Portable WiFi Router Unboxing Review

Hey guys this is praveen for techempty.In this tutorial i will be showing you the unboxing and the speed review of airtel 4g using airtel 4g hotspot portable wifi router.Airtel had recently introduced a portable wifi 4g hotspot router that would let you create your own hotspot anywhere when you require without even using an external power source.This device is surely the right bet for the people who constantly on the move and decided to take the portable 4g hotspot for a spin.Let me just open the boxed package by removing the seal.We will get a portable 4g hotspot.

Device, with usb cable to charge the device.Along with it, we will get few instruction manuals with warranty information.This device is powered up with 1500mah user replaceable battery and it will come along with boxed package.If we frankly speaks about the design part, i was well impressed.It's not like glossy plastic, moreover it's kind of sandstone finish.Of course, we really aren't much bothered about it when comes to router.The airtel 4g hotspot router has a removable back panel just like any other cell phone and once we open that we will find a battery.

Pack again pretty much similar to any smartphone along with a sim card slot.The power button will fire on the top of the device with signal strength and battery status.The battery lasts for 6 hours, on high usage, which is not bad at all.Since it is a 4g hotspot, you can even access 2g, 3g internet via this device.If the signal indicator shows green, you are connected to 4g lte network.If this shows yellow, you are connected to 3g network which is now available everywhere and red is for 2g network.

First things first, this device is not a fully fledged wifi router but just a personalized mobile hotspot.The speeds are excellent and are similar to the ones you get after plugging in the dongle directly to the pc.Range is good and it is good enough if you move to different places for personal meetings or when hanging out with friends.Here are the speeds that we have tested in different areas in hyderabad.If you would like to know more about it, i highly recommend you to watch mega smartphone 4g speedtest.

In hyderabad on airtel 4g by geekyranjit.Check the show notes below for direct tutorial url.To summarize, it's just a router where you can carry it anywhere by just powering it up.10 users can connect to the hotspot at a time without any issues.I can say it is best when you would like to access internet at business meetings in any malls or anywhere having no internet access.To get the device from airtel, go through the link provided here description and fill out the details mentioned there.The process is pretty much simple.

Dialog 4g Wifi Router Review Unboxing And Speed Test Price In Sinhala Geek Review By Chanux

Dialog 4g wifi router review unboxing and speed test price in sinhala geek review by chanux,Dialog 4g router review and speed test sinhala by chanux sinhalen dialog 4g coverage customer care 4g settings prepaid elakiri dialog 4g usage hotline speed. Asus rtac87u gigabit internet speed test pc mobile in romania,A quick pc and mobile internet speed test in romania wireless router asus rtac87u 5 ghz ac2400 contract rdsrcs 1000 mbps gigabit internet. Speedtest wifi ac 5ghz movistar fibra 300mb router asus rtac1200g,Router sasusesnetworkingrt adaptador pc sasusesnetworkingpc el router est conectado directamente al ont.

How to test a windows network connection to a router,My list of 80 free downloads mmcnxq this tutorial is brought to you by pcmichiana this tutorial will show how to troubleshoot and test if. Wireless 80211 ac vs powerline real world test,Which is best for your home wireless ac or powerline which is better for speed and at what distances buy powerline canada. How to speed up your internet macwindows,Facebook sfacebooktechnologycrazy twitter stwittertechnologycrazy websitetechnologycrazy hey there viewers.

Speedtest router wifi portatile 3g tim,Test eseguito a la spezia alle ore 1530il test e abbastanza positivo percheio massimo di mega in download 6m e l upload e superiore a una rete adsl.

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Tplink tlwr1042nd unboxing quick speed test,Tplink tlwr1042nd 300mbps wireless n gigabit router premier wireless access points n300 router unboxing set up and quick speed test on my laptop. Speedtest with 3 cable modems on linux router,This is a speedtest tutorial showing how a triple cable modem multiple internet gateway router arrangement running on a linux based pc can increase. Netgear nighthawk ac1900 router review best router for gaming,If you arent getting the wifi speeds that you are paying for maybe its time to upgrade to the netgear nighthawk ac1900 router yes this router does have.

O2vdsl 50mbit speedtest oktober 2014,Betreiber o2 ehemals alice wlan router o2 box 6431 firmware version 10125b dslwebdeo2router speedtest. Google fiber speed test,Just had google fiber installed and its blazing fast setup google network box apple airport router ethernet wired to desktop pc windows 8 for more info. Speed test 24ghz 5ghz router wireless tplink touch p5 ac1900,Unboxing router wireless tplink touch p5 ac1900 syoutubexeew4i5tvhs specificaii tehnice router wireless tplink touch p5 ac1900.

Airtel 4g hotspot portable wifi router unboxing review,Unboxing and the speed review of airtel 4g using airtel 4g hotspot portable wifi router airtel had recently introduced a portable wifi 4g hotspot router that. Double your wifi speed by upgrading to 80211ac router speed test,I want to share how i doubled my internet wifi speed by switching to a 80211ac apple time capsule router with no increase in my monthly internet bill. How to control internet speed for other mobile or pc hindi,Please watch moto g 3rd gen 2015 unlock bootloader install twrp recovery and root swatchvbman9ciupwm.

MIkrotik Router Ping Speed Test Tools

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Solving wifi issues wifi tips and tricks,We have so many connected devices in our homes these days that wifi can sometimes become congested and unreliable here are my best tips to assure a. Asus dualband wirelessn 600 router rtn56u review speed test,Amazongpproductb0049yqvherefohauidetailpageo00s00ieutf8psc1 so far i have no problem my speeds have increased from.

Geek review slt 4g wifi router full sinhala review sri lanka best fast internet,Sri lanka telecom slt 4g wifi router full sinhala review speed test packages free offer sri lanka slt 4g router price slt wifi router settings slt wifi router offer slt. 10 hacks for faster online gaming connection wifi,Playing games online requires your connection to be at its best and here are 10 hacks tips for maximizing your potential internet speed wired or wifi on the. Wyse sx0 acts as router speedtest testing,Running speedtest testing for 3g broadband flash app runs on my desktop pcethernet connection to the router 3g broadband is my internet connection.

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