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How To Upgrade Any Windows Phone 81 To Windows Phone 10

Hey , this is latest windows phone 10 on my hand, and after you finished watching.You will get to know how to upgrade to windows 10, like this.Watch the tutorial upgrade your phone to windows 10.Good luck.Hello, there.Welcome back to my brand new tutorial.Today i will show you how to upgrade your windows 8.1 phone to the latest windows 10.And you can see on my hand it's a lumia 525 and it's running on windows phone 8.1.Let's upgrade it to windows 10.I will conform you the version.

Let's go to settings.And let's go to about device.Here is it, about device.You can see here.The phone informations.Name, windows phone, model nokia lumia 525.Software windows phone 8.1.You can upgrade any windows 8 or 8.1 using this method.Such as your nokia lumia's, microsoft lumia's, htc windows phone, samsung windows phone, et cetera.All brands of windows phone comfortable with this upgrade.So this an official upgrade, let's do it.And the first step you gonna wanna do to go to the wifi network and connect your own wifi network.I suggest to do with this a wifi.

Network, because we need more bandwidth for time saving.Basically while upgrading the mobile data is not working.Ok, so, i suggest you to do it with a wifi network.So, you can see here.My wifi network is already connected to my device funny bear it sounds funny.Now let's got the second step.The second step is install a app called windows insider.I will given a link below in the description, just click that, and install that app.You will go directly to the microsoft store.I will do it manually.Go to the store.

And search for, windows insider.Search for that, and click the first search result, the pink icon, this icon, the pink one, the first one, windows insider.By microsoft corporation.And i will read the description of this app.Windows insider application provides registered insiders the ability to receive prerelease os updates on their on their phones directly form microsoft.For more information about registering and becoming a windows insider visit insider.Windows.If necessary you can do it you can visit insider.Windows.So, let's continue, let's install it.Just click install button.It's downloading the.

App it's about 1 mb, just 1 mb.You can easily upgrade your windows phone device by just following my step by step tutorial.Just keep watching.Ok, it's finished.It's installed.Now let's click view app, and let's open the app.The app is launching now.Yeah!!!, here is it.Welcome, this app setup your phone to receive prerelease software and services from microsoft.Prerelease software and service may not work as expected, potential problems include not being able to place calls, including emergency calls, increased data charges, and damage that causes your phone to stop working permanently.Remember to back up your data.

Frequently.So, be aware of this information.If you want it let's continue, don't risk your device.I have personally, i don't have a recommendation.If you wanna do so, you can do it.Or if you wanna stay out of it, you can stay out of it.Ok, anyway, i done with my several windows phone devices and i don't have any problems.If you install the windows 10.Basically it's a technical preview, you may experience some bugs.And after they release the original full version, you can update.Just update your technical preview to that.

No problems with that.You can just continue with me or you can stay out of it.Anyway, if you wanna continue just click get preview build.My windows phone text's are getting out of the frame.Because, i large the text size.Because, i wanna show you what happening here.Ok, just click get preview build.Just click it.And you can see this.Enroll.Insider slow, insider fast.We got two options to get the latest windows 10, insider slow and insider fast.I will read you each one.Insider slow, windows 10 technical preview.You'll get.

Prerelease windows 10.But you'll get them a little after insider who select to receive fast updates.This could mean that more solution is are available issue.That is insider slow and the insider fast, windows 10 technical preview.You will get prerelease build of windows 10 ahead of every one else.This means you will see things sooner but there maybe fewer solution available for issues.I will describe this simply.If you select the insider slow, insider fast selected people get it first and the microsoft analyse there data and fix the bugs and then they will release the update for insider slow,.

And if you select insider slow, you will get more bug fixed version.And insider fast.If microsoft created some builds and they will directly send them to you without fixing bugs.And they will analyse your report for fixing bugs.That's the difference between insider slow and insider fast.So, for the faster result, i'm going for insider fast.That's your choice if you wanna go with, insider slow or insider fast.I wanna get it first.Ok, i don't care about bugs.Let's click insider fast, then click the arrow button down here.

Just.Just read this, and it's a conformation.Asking for conformation,.If you don't wanna continue click reject, if you wanna continue click accept.Just click accept because i wanna do this tutorial.Ok, congratulation, showing a massage.Your phone is ready to get updates form the following preview version, insider fast.Let's do one thing.It's restarting, it is restarting, my device, because it's started the process.It show the windows log.And it's restarted.Now let's checkout the updates.Go to settings.And the go to phone updates.Look for phone updates.It's here, phone updates.Just click that, and.Let's.

Check for updates.It's checking for updates.It's downloading the updates.It's start downloading you can see that.Downloading updates 0.Let's wait.Ok, let's see.This is the allnew windows 10.I will show you the version.It's.You can see the all new menu.We can expend the menu.It a main feature on windows 10.Let's click all settings.And i will show you the current version of the device.You can see the differences settings.It's more compact.Ok, let's look for the, about device.Possible to expend.

You see.Now click all settings.Let's go to about device.About device information let's see that.System, about.You can see the device information now.Device information, model nokia lumia 525.Software version, windows 10 insider.See this is windows 10 all new windows 10.So we are successfully installed the windows 10.Restart required for updates.Ok, let's restart the phone.So, i will do that in quick!!.So, you see the menu, it's little bit messed up.So, let's clean it.Let's add a wallpaper.And let's customize it!!.Now you see, it's.

Now you see.It's all customized.You can see the start menu.It's transparent.You can see the wallpaper, through tiles.It's really great.You can see the menu it's also transparent.And if we go to the settings, we can see the new settings.We can expend the settings menu.You can see the all settings.It's more compact.It's really looking good.We can easily axis the menu settings.So, this is the all new windows 10.If you like my tutorial, give me thumbs ups.If you wanna watch more subscribe to my channel.

How To Speed Up Windows 8 Or 81 Free And Easy

How to speed up windows 8 or 81 free and easy,Brought to you byrasmurtech how to speed up windows 10 swatchvkk6oolahd9y buy techofmind merch to. How to speed up windows 81 and make fast startup boot run max performance increase ram and cpu,How to speed up windows 81 and make fast startup boot run max performance increase ram and cpu another method youtubef3piflfguv8 enable old. How to speed up your computer windows 81 update 1 speed up your laptop free easy,See how to speed up your computer and get improved internet performance too see how to speed up your pc and how to speed up your laptop just by these.

How to speed up your computer windows 8 free easy,Quickly see how to speed up your pc internet too increase your computer speed by doing these 3 things you can see how to speed up your laptop computer. How to optimize or improve windows 81 for gaming,All of the steps are in the tutorial. How to format your computer windows 8 windows 81 and windows 10,Siteezy learn how to restore your laptop to its factory settings to remove viruses and speed up your computer in this easy stepbystep tutorial we.

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Windows 10 Upgrade From Windows 81 Upgrade Windows 81 To Windows 10 Beginners Start To Finish

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Windows 81 Vs UltraCopier Vs Teracopy Vs SuperCopier4 Vs ExtremeCopy Vs FastCopy

Windows 81 vs ultracopier vs teracopy vs supercopier4 vs extremecopy vs fastcopy,Windows 81 vs ultracopier vs teracopy vs supercopier4 vs extremecopy vs fastcopy when you have copying large no of files on windows as your main. Windows 8 tutorial how to cleanuphave more space on your computer hard driveeasyno download,Hard drive space quickly runs out as you use your computer why because of all the junk files your computer secretly saved those files also make your. Deleting temp files in windows 8,This is just part of the microsoft windows 8 course windows 8 is the biggest change to microsofts operating system in almost twenty years and in total training.

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