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How to Speed up Internet with latest tweaks increase download speed 2014

Hi guys welcome to vidiolikes and today i am going to show you how you can perform some realistic tweaks to optimize your internet speed.Now let me tell you guys do not expect any drastic or dramatic change in your internet speed bcaus it ain't going to happen.Tutorials and tutorials on getting your internet speed to increase in multiplied factors doesnt really happen that way.Because the only way i know to drastically increase on your internet speed is to catch hold of your service provider and go for a higher package.But the tweaks.

I am going to show you here is hopefully going to have some effect to optimize your internet speed.So lets get started.Open the run console by hitting windowsr on your keyboard.Now i am going regedit and click ok.The registry editor for windows opens up.On the left side panel i will go to hkeylocalmachine.Under hkeylocalmachine i will select the submenu software.Under software i will select microsoft.Under microsoft i will select windows and under windows select current version.Now double click on current version.Do a right mouse.

Click on the blank portion of the window and i get a new tab here and i create from the list a dword 32bit value.Now i rename the registry as maxconnectionperserver.Please note that every word will start with an uppercase.Now i right click on the registry and select modify.Now in this window hexadecimal should be selected and i put the value here as 16 and click on ok.Now i am going to create another dword 32bit value and this i rename the registry as maxconnectionper10server.Now i right click on the created registry.

And go to modify choose hexadecimal and put the value as 16 once again.Click on ok and thats done.Now close the window.Now i will go for another tweak.I will open run console once again and this time i am going to type gpedit.Msc where g and p are in uppercase and click on ok.The local group policy editor window opens up.Under the local group policy editor i go to the computer configuration and i select administrative templates.Double click the administrative template to open the right panel.In the right panel we go to network and double click to open.Under.

Network we come down to qos packet scheduler.We double click to open qos packet scheduler and then we open limit reservable bandwidth.This window open up.Now here we select disable.So what i am doing here is i am taking off the limit on my bandwidth.Now click on ok and exit.Its preferable to restart your system applying these tweaks.I am not going to do that now.So let me go to speed test and check the speed again.If you remember my last download speed was.Click on test again and here we go.So guys now i am clocking a download speed.

Of which is a marked improvemnt from my last download speed.So that it guys.Lets now move on to the third tweak.Open the run console in admin mode copy this line netsh interface tcp set global autotuningdisabled from the description below paste in run console and hit enter.It would prompt ok and ask to restart ur computer.Do so.So thats it guys.Hope these tweaks would work for you.If you have any query please put it in comments and i would be glad to answer them.If you like my tutorials put in your likes and do please.

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How to speed up my computer windows 7 8 81 speed up to 200,Fix slow running computer boost your computer speed up to 200 here is easy and quick fix for slow running computers these tips are easy to perform even a. Speed up optimize your internet connection without any program pc 2016,Today i am going to show you guys how to increase your internet speed without any software also tutorials will be loaded faster. How to speed up your computerpclaptop windows 10 tips tweaks faster gaming free easy,A tutorial on how to speed up windows 10 plus faster gaming faster gamer your faster laptop computer equals faster gaming that equals faster.

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How To Speed Up Windows 7

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