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Make Your PC Run Faster Deleting Cookies Running A Speedtest And Tune Up Utilities in Windows 7

Hi,welcome to techyv channel,your solution provider.I am sophia.I am here to help you with your technical problems.Today's tutorial will be very interesting and informative.Since i will be teaching a lot of useful stuffs, for computer maintainance and preventing from slowing down.First i will teach you how to delete cookies in google chrome.It is very important to delete these cookies from time to time to optimize your web surfing experience.So the first thing that we have to do is to open the google chrome browser which i.

Already did.Then go to customize and control which is usually located in the operate corner of your browser.Then click on history.Under history you can see all the websites you have visited.To delete cookies, just click on clear all browsing data and from that you can choose the action to be performed simply by checking on this boxes.So, if i wanted my browsing history to be cleared and then a check on this to clear my download history or to empty my cache, to clear saved passwords or to clear.

Saved autofill from data, clear data from hosted apps and deauthorize content licenses.I usually clear all my browsing history and delete cookies as often i can.After choosing your action select the start time here where you want chrome to began its clearing.So you have to choose whether you want to delete from the past day or or from the past week or from the last 4 weeks or from the beginning of time.I usuall choose beginning of time.Then proceed and finish by clicking on clear browsing data.

It will automatically clear everything.So you just click on that and it's done.So the second tutorial that i will be teaching is ,how to use these tuneup utilities 2013 software.Running this software for maintenance is very important because it helps a lot in boosting your computer speed.It repairs registry.It extends your laptops battery life.So we see that, we have a lot of options here, such as of this optimise computer, pc optimization, mode from economy, standard to turbo.Or the optimizations status.But that what i am going to teach is about this one click maintenance.

Feature, which is very easy and just click on this one the maintain system and it will automatically run its maintainence.Lets just wait a couple of minutes for its done.I usually do this once in every week, to make sure that my computer would never slowdown.So just wait for few minutes.Since i always run this tuneup utilities maintainence, there are very minimal problems.As you can see in my clean registry, there is no problem found in the defragment registry.I have a problem with my broken shortcuts.It has 34.

Problems found.I have here 8 items found here.When the analysis is complete, just click on the run maintainence and it will automatically clear the problems.Here you can see all in green.After the optimization is complete, you can close this box.So that's very easy.So the last but definitely not the least tutorial is running a free speed test to know your internet speed.So what i'm going to do is to open my browser and go to speed test as you can see here,this is our speed test website.

How To Increase Your Internet Speed Google Chrome Speed Test

How to increase your internet speed google chrome speed test,In this tutorial see how to increase internet speed quickly learn how to increase your internet speed and experience a increase in your computer speed so you. How to increase your internet speed open dns free easy,In this tutorial tutorial see how to increase internet speed by using open dns service instantly learn how to increase your internet speed and experience an. Free internet speed test speedtestpk,Speedtestpk is a broadband speed analysis tool that allows anyone to test their internet connection with speedtestpk you can test internet speed.

Free internet with psiphon 3 on pc with speed test,Psiphon 3 its for pc make without load and stay connected with psiphon 3 use the speedtest. Typing tutorial keyboard basics,A free online typing tutorial with tips to help speed up your efficiency when using the computer keyboard typing course on lynda 1ohuixa how. How to check my internet speed online for free quickly easily2016,How to check my internet speed online for free quickly easily2016 here.

Nperf speed test nouvelle application windows phone 4g free,Degroupnews a test pour vous la toute nouvelle application nperf version windows phone pour plus dinformations sur lapplication.

Best free internet speed test online see how fast your broadband connection is here free,In this tutorial im gonna show you where the best free internet speed test online is and how you can use it to test your own broadband out to see how fast your. Speedtest free mobile vs sosh h iphone 5,Screens dbits 24 mga imagenoelshackfichiers2013061360452166photo1002130018401png.

Free Virus Online Scanner Speedtest Online YAC Products

Free virus online scanner speedtest online yac products,Yac recently released two new featured productsfree virus online scanner speedtest online lets check how to use them with easefind these free tools on. Free speed test ping test speedtest4free,Download the free speed test and ping test application frombadosoftspeedtest4free test your internet connection speed and ping. Free typing game typing speed test 70 wpm 100 accuracy,Free typing game typing speed test 70 wpm 100 accuracy swatchvoisbyzxtb5o online speed test typing speed test online.

How to check internet speed test without any software for free2016,Checking internet speed test online without any software for free 2016 updatedplease subscribe. Utility warehouse broadband reviews speed test problems,Utility warehouse broadband reviews why i changed from it utilitywarehousereviewsite get your free gift uwclub broadband reviews of service. Strong free vpn speed test usa ip address,Netflix strong vpn speed test usa ip addressfreevpncc sharemy collection of free vpn usa proxy servicesshour.

How to check your internet speed test,This tutorial shows you how you can check your internet connection speed on your cellphone using the ookla speed test application internet speed test software. Internet speed metermonitor for windows 788110 free,Download internet speed meter here 32bit downloadcnetnetspeedmonitor32bit30002085475592518 64bit. Free download internet speed checker softwarehow can i check my internet speed,Download internet speeed checker software hdrjcw accurately test your internet connection speed with this powerful broadband run a.


Reliance jio 4g lte network speed test at ahmedabad free preview offer,This test is done on pc via usb tethering. How to speed up any internet connection on windows 10 pc really easy,This tutorial shows you how to boost your internet connection for free on windows 10 pc without using any software you can also use this methods on your. Fifa 15 speed test fastest players in fifa,Need cheap and safe coinsmmorog use code awesome get 6 discount cheap gamescodes here.

How to record your desktop with obs 20162017freebest settings for your pcfixes black screen,Download sobsproject settings sobsprojectestimator speed testspeedtest converter for internet. Ssd vs hard drive torture test,Ssds and hard drives hdds always get compared to each other the same way a fresh operating system with the latest drivers running in an ideal environment.

How to get 1 gbps high speed internet connection for free,Know how to get 1 gbps high speed internet for free its faster than copy paste 1gbs internet heres how to get this 1gigabit speed internet in your. Labs computer lamezia terme speedtest con 2 linee adsl 20mega unite di infostrada parte 2,2 adsl 20 mega di infostrada unite per raddoppiare la velocit no mult wan balancer o altro ma vero e proprio fasciamento multi wan vero e proprio. Check out your internet speed in pc for free in hd in less than a minute,Here is the tutorial to check your internet speedwatch it and enjoy and please dont forget to like subscribe and comment below.

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