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Ubuntu 1404 VS Windows 8 Counter Strike Global Offensive with a GTX 680

Hey guys! penguin recordings here, and today i'm going to be showcasing a benchmark tutorial for counter strike global offensive running on ubuntu 14.04 versus running it on on windows 8.So, i'm going to go first into the settings and you'll see i have everything maxed out.1920 by 1080p fullscreen.Anddddd, let's see, uh, global shadow quality is set too high.Modeltexture is high.Affect detail is high.Shader detail is very high.Multicore rendering is enabled.Multisampling is eight times msaa.Fxaa is also enabled, i don't know why, but i'm just doing it for the fun of it.The for the benefit.

Vertical sync is disabled, and motion blur is enabled.So, i'm going to be using glx osd on ubuntu to record to showcase the frames per second screen, and msi afterburner on windows 8.Instead of the traditional valve uh, frame counter inside because the frame counter is very small and it's hard to see on the screen so, on the left hand side is ubuntu 14.04 and on the right hand side is windows 8.Now, to take note right off the bat it is known that csgo on linux has less performance than windows.

So why is this tutorial about i just wanna see how much less is it.Is it drastically less or a only a bit less.So, when we were in the main menu just now we were seeing both sides of operating systems soaring at above a hundred frames per second.Not 120 though which is a shame.120hz monitors will feel some sort of delay onscreen.So, windows 8 is taking quite a while to load the game here.While, on ubuntu 14.04 it loaded up actually a bit too fast.I was as a bit shocked when i saw that in the tutorial.

So, now they are synchronized you can see that both games have frames above 200 just now.Dropped down to 180, 190 on ubuntu.We are seeing ubuntu on 180190, while windows is at 240250, 270 so, that's a good 50 to 60 frames per second difference just now.Still looking at quite a big difference here.That just now was almost a hundred frames per second difference, where windows went to 240 while ubuntu was at 160170 one thing to note is that both operating systems are able to keep the game running.

Above 120 frames per second.What does this mean it means it's overkill.If you're running a 120 hertz monitor, you're going to be perfectly fine.There shouldn't be any screen tearing, if vsync is enabled.You should also be able to vsync it at 60 frames per second consistently both under ubuntu 14.04 and windows 8.However, if you're running a 144hz monitor, then you may see fluctuations on ubuntu's side compared to windows 8.We are seeing, yeah, we are seeing about 5060 frames per second difference here and.

There almost up to 100.Probably up to a 100 difference sometimes, but rarely.Ubuntu's side is idling anywhere between 160170.150 just now.Yep, 140.1' with a nice 327 131 okie 131 best to keep down low seems to be a bit hectic here even with his went down just now but still wanted to stay at 250 second shutdown 191 winces at 1' shot so it does get graphically intensive for both systems however good to death experience a greater drop when we were looking through the what do you call it.

Looking for the guns still see if it second up quite a bit on with the site on windows as well but doesn't go as low as ubuntu this is probably why i construct go to last month ernest may be there were some serious performance issues initially the engine it's like they are 15 out though it really does feel smooth when you play this though if you're the kind of person who ok yet gimme 30 frames per second this game is more than enough already on the road to.

No problem there may be looking for real performance 6120 with is still good day is just that if you're going to 124 hurt placard or putting the future the cycling is still eating their i wouldn't come this is a loss but also in congress has a perfect win because it's not prime brain comments then again back in chains in future when the updated some more data through looking very high tech this could also be an issue with invidious driver on the net the valve engine i'm still waiting on you a driver from nvidia we are still seek assistance.

The about 130 140 kinda went to as low as it goes i haven't seen drop below 100 although i am here inside it hide in the state please let me know windows is dropping one 80 ninety up back again the judge the drops and increase is a very high on windows doesn't seem to inclement nice he goes from 180 stood up to $72.50 that we can see screen camera happily so ending this on 210 50 versus two hundred heat on ninety thats pretty large get but in retrospect since both are hot but the 125 per second it is.

Practically negligible down we going to mimi's they both have same frames per second so that is it for this basement tutorial guys basically what i can conclude here is that the limits part is still i'm not frame for frame profound performance when compared with windows but it is able to garner above 120 phrase second at least with and tutorial hardware and invidia drivers this could drastically be different for a man dnt tell users i had no idea how it is for you guys share your experiences in the comments below so other people can see and i can.

See it as it has been you guys i know my i gameplay is not that good i just think it's easy but i'm not a professional miss games just for fun how this tutorial is a bit informative and maybe the future can take a look again when they've released the sauce engine to his see how that goes when that comes out hopefully this tutorial is useful to you i hope you enjoyed watching please leave your comments below we got us a white if you'd like to say and thanks for watching guys.

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