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Need For Speed Carbon Introduction Stage PC Version

Hi! i'm emmanuelle vaugier.The moves that you and your crew do in the game are meant to stay in the game.In the real world, drive safe, obey the laws of the road and always wear your seat belt.Didn't expect you to show your face again.Things have changed around here.This place is a battleground now.Tuners.Muscles.Exotics.Crews fight for territory in the city, and it all gets settled in the canyon..But you'd never survive.Start it up.Don't disappoint.Look, between the heat and the crews you need to walk away.Take my car, go, get out of here!.

Hey, guess who's back sit down! how you've been it's time to settle a little score from rockport, ya' think i don't remember asking for your help, crock.What makes you think you can bounty hunt in silverton without my approval it's cross.And this guy is from out of town.Been a long time, kid.What's his bounty 150k.David, take care of this guy.So, that's what you've been up to.Nikki.This should be interesting.How dare you show your face here! whoa whoa whoa, hey, control yourself whoa whoa, hey, control yourself let go of me!.

I still don't know what happened that night you took off, but i do know you're into me now for some serious cash.Things have been getting a little too close for comfort around here with all these crews battling for new territory.I think i could use someone with your skills to help me out.The way i see things, i've bailed you out of a serious jam twice now.Time for you to return the favor.Nikki, what do you say you show your old friend the ropes you've got to be joking, right.

You got a better idea then let's get him started.Right away.Don't disappoint.Not again.Thanks for waiting up.Yeah, yeah, sure nikki.Hey uh, who's the 3rd wheel doesn't matter.Darius made all these cars available to you.Pick one, whichever one you want.Hey uh, if there's three, do i get one i mean i don't care which one, although i am partial to the one with the sweet rims.Why don't you just make sure the tanks are filled that's great.I'm the monkey! pick one.And let's get this over with.

Now come on, i got no time for this.Nikki's good.Just.Listen to her.And i'll stick around and i'll help out, make sure she's not too hard on ya'.Ok, come on, let's just get this over with.So, crews are a big part of building a rep in this city.You can bring a wingman into a lot of the races and believe me, you're gonna' want to.There's basically 3 different skills you're gonna' see.Some drivers are blockers, others are drafters and there's scouts.Right now i'll be your wingman just to show ya'.Neville's gonna' help out, be your competition for a few laps.

First, you need to know how to tell your wingman when it's time to work.They'll just race until you tell them to do more.Try it now.That's it.You got it! remember, it works the same for blockers and drafters, but scouts are working for you pretty much all the time.Ok! blockers are like cruise missiles on the road.They don't mind to smash their rides to knock your competition off the track.Let me show you.Alright.Let me know when you want me to block neville.

Hey! mind my paint! that's it! see how that block worked drafters they're speed demons.Two cars traveling in a line go faster than one.So you gotta' get behind them and stay there for a few seconds.You'll get a boost of speed and when you pull out of the draft, you'll slingshot up ahead.Okay! just say when and we'll draft.That's it! the last of the three types are scouts and scouts are like having eyes everywhere.As soon as the race starts, they will find every back alley, side street or any kind of route that saves you time.

Let's give it a try, see if you can keep up.You wanna' keep in mind that your wingman will only work for a limited time.Once they're drained, they'll stop helping out, but they will stay with you and build backup until they're ready to do their thing again.And wingmen are like nos.Use them too early in the race, they won't be ready when you need the most.Okay! now you got the basics, now take it out on the streets.There! that's all you need to get started.I'm done wasting my time on you.Later, neville.

Well, guess it's just you and me.Let's go find some trouble.So you've been gone a while.You got in rockport, huh man, a lot has changed since you took off.There are tons of crews in this town, everywhere man, crazy! look out, cops! watch this.Who's the coffee grinder, baby i got your back.I'll lose the heat, stay on the pedal! darius gave you this safe house.You can use it to fix your car or chill out when the heat's on.You need a wingman and it looks like i'm in.Let me show you inside.

Need For Speed PC Review Test

Need for speed pc review test,Jetzt auch fr pc pc games testet need for speed und verrt im tutorialreview alles zu framerate lenkraduntersttzung manueller schaltung und. New need for speed pc version test in 60 fps gamepressure,60 frames per second steering wheel support after horrible troubles of rivals everything is a feature now want more tutorials subscribe. Need for speed review test zum release driftknig der rennspiele,Kehrt electronic arts mit dem need for speedreboot zurck in die erfolgsspur unser testtutorial klrt alle wichtigen fragen zu fahrgefhl tuningoptionen.

Lets test need for speed pc geile grafik schlechte schauspieler hd 60fps,Willst du mehr need for speed sehen dann lasst fleiig kommentare und likes da denn somit weis ich was ihr wollt. Need for speed rivals test review fr pc xbox one ps4 ps3 xbox 360 gameplay,Gnstig sicher bei mmoga per email mmogalh1o wie sich das erste need for speed fr ps4 und xbox one schlgt und ob das rennspiel auch auf. Need for speed most wanted testtutorial zur pcversion von gamestar,Need for speed most wanted bei amazonde kaufen amzntotrp1sh wir zeigen im pctesttutorial neue spielszenen aus der windowsversion gehen.

Need for speed 2015 le test en toc,Test fr review fr de need for speed par monsieur toc gameplay fr bas sur une version commerciale ps4 merci de partager cette vido autant que.

Vidotest need for speed most wanted gameplay pc ultra gtx680,Reboot du need for speed most wanted de 2005 qui tait dit par ea ce dernier nous ressort une nouvelle version avec bien sur le mme principe que son. Need for speed ersteindruck kriegt ea endlich wieder die ps auf die strae,Need for speed gnstig und digital hier bei gamesrocketde kaufengamesrocketdedownloadneedforspeedref943 tobias veltin hat.

Need For Speed Pc 4K Maxed Out GTX 980 TI SLI FPS Performance Test

Need for speed pc 4k maxed out gtx 980 ti sli fps performance test,Need for speed 2016 pc gameplay at 4k maxed out on ultra settings im using two gtx 980 tis in sli and a skylake 6700k in this fps frame rate performance. Need for speed grafikvergleich pc vs ps4,Wie schlgt sich die pcversion von need for speed im grafikvergleich mit der playstation4version hat sich die zustzliche entwicklungszeit auf die. Need for speed 2015 pc fps test,Pc specs cpu i54690k stock cooled with a r1 ultimate gpu gtx 970 g1 gaming stock ram 8gb 1600mhz game settings res1080p.

Test need for speed 2015 full fr ps4 et xboxone ea acces le 01112015,Bonjour tous me suivre sur twitter stwittersegafredo70 vido test de 35 minutes environ sur le jeu need for speed 2015 version finale et full. Need for speed pc 1440p maxed out gtx 980 ti fps performance test,Need for speed 2016 pc gameplay at 1440p im using a gtx 980 ti and a skylake 6700k in this fps frame rate performance benchmark please like and. Need for speed 2015 pc fps test gtx 650 1gb sc legendado,Ultimo teste feito com minha placa de vdeo pra galera entusiasta neste assunto nos prximos vdeos s irei postar gameplays hein galera d me sugeriram.

Need for speed rivals un hot pursuit 2 vidotest gameplay xbox one,Dit par ea et dvelopp par ghost games need for speed rivals est un jeu de course sortit le 21 novembre 2013 sur xbox360 ps3 pc et xbox one ainsi. Need for speed 2015 recenzja wideo review onlygamespl test,Materia si podoba daj apk w gr y i subskrybuj g5vfkd przed wami recenzja need for speed najnowsza produkcja electronic arts. Need for speed world lamborghini reventn test drive 400 kmh,Gostou curti e adiciona nos favoritos para ajudar a divulgar blog ga28b facebook 2vaze twitter migreme8ibfc musica.

TRIAL Need For Speed Dz Gameplay Test PC

Trial need for speed dz gameplay test pc,Salem alikoum demo need for speed dz gameplay test pc pc config display packard bell 23 ips mobo gigabyte p55aud3 lga 1156 cpu. Need for speed 2015 tous les vhicules customisation xbox oneps4pc 60fps gameplay fr,On test le systme damlioration des performances et la personnalisation des vhicules sur le nouveau need for speed qui sortira le 5 novembre 2015. Need for speed 2015 bmw m4 customization test drive maxed,Need for speed sstoreplaystationnlbetidcusa0186600.

Ford mustang boss 302 1969 need for speed 2016 test drive gameplay pc hd 1080p60fps,Ford mustang boss 302 1969 need for speed 2016 test drive gameplay pc hd 1080p60fps pc specs cpu intel. Lets test need for speed most wanted 2012 deutsch fullhd,Fr mehr gamertv einfach mal in die beschreibung schauen publisher electronic arts entwickler criterion studios genre rennspiel release 31102012. Need for speed 2015 ps4 vs xbox one framerate test,With 60fps off the table ghost games got the performance profile just right for its last title need for speed rivals can it do the same for the 2015 reboot of the.

Pc powerplay test need for speed most wanted,Florian stangl einfach nur geil grafik und sound sind top das feintuning des fahrverhaltens ein schuss willkommener realismus und als krnung die. Czy pecetowa konwersja need for speed daje rad tvgrypl,60 fps i wsparcie dla kierownic czyli wielkie obietnice normalnych rzeczy oto nasz test wersji najnowszego nfsa na pc zajmujemy si optymalizacj. Need for speed 2015 gtx660ti test pc online b2p,Im taking a break now from mmo playing some nfs just got the game today and its so addictive it remembers a bit to the carbon map with some underground.

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