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Hi.My name is dave andrews.Today i'm going to show you how to import windows registry files.Before we go into this, it's important that i note to you that you should be very careful when editing the windows registry.Always create backups.Let's begin.To import a registry file which i have here, registry key, go to start.We're going to go to run and type in regedit.For registry editor.And press ok.This pulls up the windows registry.The registry is information about your computer that microsoft stores in the background.It's.

Sort of a data base of values and information about your computer.To import a key file, lets go to file and select import.We're going to choose the registry key file that i have.And select open.It's going to then tell you that the information has been successfully entered into the registry.To verify that it's there, i'm going to expand the software tab and there is the andrews key that was included in my registry key file.It's that easy to import data into the registry.My name is dave andrews.I've just showed you.

Slow Computer Removing Junk Temp Files

Hi, this is jacob with pctechguide and this is the third installment of our tutorial series of, why is your computer so slow and in the description below, you're going to notice that we have the youtube channel and what we're doing here in this tutorial series is we're going through several different ways of speeding up your computer.We're covering a way to do it in each and every tutorial and in this particular tutorial, we're going to take a look at your hard disk space and freeing up some junk temp tiles and some options that.

You have for it.Ultimately, for a lot of people this isn't going to help speed up their computer but like i said in my previous tutorial, just because it's not going to help you per se, it doesn't mean that this isn't your issue because there just isn't any one issue of why your computer's slow.It's usually a multitude of issues, so that's why we're going through several different tutorial tutorials here just showing you quick ways of how to speed it up.So in this particular case, we're looking at at our c drive and our c drive is where.

All of our programs are basically installed by default and because of this, you're going to want at least 20 of that drive free and we're going to see in this particular case that i do not have 20 of my hard drive free.So what i can do is i can actually go through here and i can manually delete files.I can go to the startup menu and uninstall files or in this case is what i'm going to primarily do.And i'll show you in another tutorial.

How to uninstall files and some tips there.But in this one, i'm just going to type in, 'clean disk' and it's what's going to pop up here and i don't know if you can quite see it but it says, 'disk cleanup' on the very top.I'm going to go ahead and click it and this is going to go ahead and go through a disk cleanup.And another option that you have out there and we link to an article on.In the description too, below, to our website, to pctechguide, covering the written tutorial of this and.

It also shows you a few registry cleaners that are free.Now i'm not saying to go out and buy the registry cleaner or anything like that, but there is a few free ones out there that do a pretty good job of junk cleanup files and one in particular is going to be ccleaner.Now ccleaner is a free registry cleaner.I hate calling it a registry cleaner and most registry cleaners really aren't even registry cleaners out there.There are free ones but this one offers yeah.We'll just download it real quick and you can take a.

Look at it.So i'm going to save it and install it real quick.My language is english.Now right here, i would make sure you look at this just to see what else they want to install on your computer because they usually do want to install other things on your system.Yeah, we're good.I'm not going to check for updates because i'm just going to uninstall this right when i'm done anyways.Now, this software might be bundled with other software programs like yahoo toolbars or ask toolbars so just keep that in mind that you might have to uninstall.

The other ones.I'm going to go ahead and hit the analyze button.Everything over here is checked right now and i'm just using the cleaner option.That's all i'd recommend you use this tool for really is just the cleaner option.So i'm going to go ahead and hit analyze and then we'll take a look at this while that one's running.Well i guess it didn't take long, did it so 3.79 seconds.So if we look here, this is the windows one.So this one came up with 962 megabytes and it's going to show.I.

Can check whatever i want to delete.If i want to delete the temporary internet files, which i don't, i like my cookies, i do want to delete the recycling bin.Hey, offline webpages, sure, why not and basically service pack files, there are none there.This one could be big for a lot of people.You could have gigs upon gigs in that one.So the rest of this just kind of looks like junk so i'm going to go ahead and say, okay, delete the files.What this is going to do is it's going to clean up a little bit of.

Those system files, those temp files on your system that just are of no use to you whatsoever so i'll let that finish.Now that one's done, let's see if we can refresh this and nope, it hasn't affected it yet so let me go ahead and reanalyze this right now.So it's at 1.5 gigs basically, hit the analyze button, it's going to go through it again real quick and it's still saying it's at 1.5 gigs and the reason is, is there's different files in here that this will find than just using the windows tool.

So some of these are overlapping but not necessarily in all cases so we're going to see that out of this right here, we have empty recycling bin.Well there actually shouldn't be anything in the recycle bin any more so maybe by reanalyzing, it actually didn't recheck, my guess is it didn't.So to decide what you want to delete, you can go through and say, okay, you know what i want to keep my cookies.Let's go ahead and reanalyze.Cookies don't take up that much space anyways as you can see so there's different things that you can delete.

And you can look at this and say, all right.I want to delete this stuff but not this stuff.And just over here, you can just uncheck what you do not want it to delete and once you're done with that, go ahead and just hit the 'run cleaner' button.I would recommend you just briefly just take a look over everything just to see okay, this is where a lot of my files are using so you can tell that i am a firefox user predominantly over a chrome user and that i use internet explorer more than i use chrome, as well.

So now that i'm done with that, i unid my.Personally i want my history, i want my cookies, i want my recently typed urls, my last downloaded locations, so i'm just going to go ahead and hit the cleaner now and it's going to go ahead and clean these files from my system and it shouldn't take too, too long.Now that that's done, we're going to see that i refreshed over here.Have a little bit more free space there and this is something too that i should probably point out, just.

For ccleaners, for applications, you can actually just uncheck it for any particular application.So let's say i want to keep everything for firefox, just do that, uncheck it all and you'll be good to go there.In the next tutorial, we're going to be covering startup manager and uninstalling programs which is probably where you're going to actually get the biggest boost.So be sure and click on the channel url and take a look at the other tutorials and we'll just walk you through several more ways of speeding up your computer.

Registry Cleaners How To Clean Your PC

Registry cleaners how to clean your pc,Visittopregfix to find out about the best rated registry cleaners and free scan avoid scams some free registry cleaners are actually spyware. How to delete software registry keys from system registry on windows,This is a tutorial on how to clean your registry keys from your system registry cleaning registry keys helps avoiding errors like fake serial key invalid keys.

Free registry cleaner fix windows 8 81 windows 10 registry errors,Note the free registry cleaner being used in this tutorial can be downloaded from the web addressregistryrecycler. Mac tip clean up your mac with disk utility cool trick,Tinyurl6nxvjyx linkget a free trial version clean my mac clean mac mac cleanup mac clean free mac cleaner mac clean up.

Ccleaner clean up junk files and invalid registry entries free download,Download ccleaner easily from a virusfree source through this link p0r9nn this software is completely free to use we tested several programs in.

Free windows pc registry cleaner simple and free yes free,Sorry for temporary poor quality video for anyone wanting a good free registry cleaner and i mean free without the worry of scams. Registry mechanic 1000134,What does it do with registry mechanic you can safely clean repair and optimize your windows registry with a few simple mouse clicks problems with the.

How to make registry cleaner for windows 7,In this tutorial you are going to learn how to download and install windows 7 registry cleaner dont forget to check out our site howtechtv for more free. Repair windows 10 using automatic repair,Repair windows 10 using automatic repair if your having computer problems like reboot loop or corrupt windows files using automatic repair to repair.

How to speed up tweak windows 10,2016 note hey guys im sure many of you are excited about windows 10 however i am going to have to unfortunately ask all of you to refrain asking me any. Mark thrasher on avg pc tuneup 2011 avg registry cleaner,Superfan mark thrasher talks about the virtues of avg pc tuneup 2011 avgwwenavgpctuneupcmpidseoyt and he recommends the.

Ccleaner pro download business technician 5005050 serials,This is the file enjoy my brothers smegaconzhm4zgzcteiotkjaujbji6b5lolvhzb3cuxurijwovxtd9dgoocy for further uploads please subscribe so. Remove junk files to clean up your computer,For more ways to clean up computer filesdeletecomputerhistorywhatisthebestregistrycleaner if you are experiencing slow computer.

Manual Registry Cleaning Windows 7

Manual registry cleaning windows 7,Tired of having excess registry issues that registry fixing programs miss then you have no choice but to manually do it. Jetclean clean up and optimize your system and registry download tutorial previews,Downloadcnetjetclean300018512475627788 jetclean is a lightweight yet powerful system utility at only 274mb its capable of eliminating. Hacking the windows registry,Info level beginner presenter eli the computer guy date created january 23 2012 length of class 23 minutes tracks hacking computer security integrity.

Aro 2012 license key crack advanced registry optimizer 2012 serial number full free download,Aro 2012 license key serial number code free mediafire87816dwwmmf9fjl aro 2012 offers great flexibility with the option to manually and. Ccleaner pro 520 licence key,Ccleaner pro 520 licence key tutorial link syoutubedwzgx8tkvkg ccleaner pro 520 licence key. How to speed up your pc tutorial hd 1080p,Hello and welcome to speeding up your pc tutorial lol leauge of legends to play this amazing game and join our community please use this link here.

Pnk dont let me get me,Pnks official music tutorial for dont let me get me to listen to pnk on spotify smarturlitpspotiqidplmgm as featured on greatest hitsso far. Slow computer removing junk temp files,Removing junk temp files from your computer is easy fast and best of all free to do there are a number of free tools out there to help you fully remove junk temp. Review regcure pro no1 converting registry cleaner,Get instant access to 1cxhtss review regcure pro no1 converting registry cleaner in this tutorial you will learn is regcure 1.

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